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A black widow spider. The lifestyle and habitat of the black widow

There are in the wild a lot of really outlandish, sometimes pretty, sometimes cowardly, and sometimes very dangerous instances. The latter include a black widow spider.

These insects are unusual, possessing original appearance and suffering from cannibalism. This is the most poisonous and dangerous spiders in North America. Their bite is very dangerous, but fortunately does not always lead to death.

Description and features of black widow

From this, it would seem, at first glance harmless animal got such a vivid and frightening name? It’s all in the cunning of the female black widow spider. Received from your partner is necessary for procreation offspring she immediately eats it.


Scientists suggest that it does so because of a lack of protein that she required when oviposition. Anyway, it is such a sad picture always takes place in the laboratory, where the male cannot escape from the female.

In nature, sometimes males do manage to sneak up carefully, to fertilize the female and stay alive. Very interesting to watch the dance of the spouses of the male black widow. He tries to dance elegant dance of the spider to make it clear to the lady of his heart, that he is not eating and its mate.

Cannibalism haunts spider black widow from the beginning of life. Of the thousands of eggs laid by a female manages to survive only to a few. All the rest are eaten by themselves like in embryos.

Such a fierce name does not affect people. All of the descriptions of black widow spiders are known that is somewhat timid and shy creature. In fact, people to them are a threat more than they do for humans. They rarely bite people, and for self-defense.

Spider black widow photo – amazingly beautiful sight. In real life they look more attractive and beautiful. The insect body is painted in a rich black glossy color. On the back of a female visible red spot.

Sometimes a young female on the red spots visible white rim. Males in the beginning of my life have white or yellow-white body. Dark shades it acquires after a few molts. The adult male has a dark brown body with lighter sides.


The insect, like many spiders 8 legs. They are much longer than the body. If the body diameter is 1 cm, the legs of spiders up to 5 cm. spiders Have 8 eyes. They are placed 4 in 2 rows. The average pair of eyes primary function. Using side eye the insects may be light and moving objects.

In fact, even with such a large number of eyes black widow can boast ideal eyesight. Their victim, the insect detects the vibration of the web in which one is not lucky enough to get. They weave very strong network. Of them it is sometimes difficult to get even the mice.

The bite of a black widow spider represents a great danger for elderly people and young children. This part of the population has a weakened immune system.

Only the timely introduced the antidote to prevent possible trouble. Therefore, after the bite of a poisonous spider black widow should not procrastinate, but it is better to call an ambulance.

But from observations it is known that these insects never attack first. This happens during the defense or in case of accidental contact. In those places where it is noticed a large concentration of these insects, they may even sneak into human habitation. Were cases when they bit a man, being in his shoes. Therefore, in such regions, caution needs to log people into the habit.


The adult male has no such a sharp temper, like the female, and poison had virtually none. But he is able to paralyze an insect trapped on its territory. Particularly aggressive insects be from April to October.

The lifestyle and habitat of a spider

This dangerous insect can be found in any place of the planet. Particularly common spider in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa. A black widow spider in Russia until recently were exclusively exotic insects.

He prefers hot and temperate environment. But more recently, these spiders were observed in a single instance in places along the Urals and in Rostov region. A black widow spider lives in dark places, in dense thickets, barns, basements, toilets, rodent holes, in the dense foliage of the grapes.

They are solitary nocturnal. The day the insects prefer to hide. In General, they always try to remain unnoticed. Once the black widow feels a grave danger it falls from the web and becomes immovable posture, his whole appearance making it clear that she’s not alive.


Without his strong web of the insect helpless and awkward. With the onset of cold weather the spiders are approaching a human dwelling. So the photo of the black widow needs to show his young children who have an increased curiosity and can take their ignorance and negligence the insect in his hands.

Feature spider the black widow is his hairy legs. The strongest and has lots of bristles. With their help, the spider tightens the network of the web over its victim. To recognize the webs of this insect is not difficult. It has a chaotic weave and are mostly placed horizontally.

Species of black widow spider

For each specific territory is characterized by some kind of black widow. In the CIS countries was seen two types of these insects – black widow and white widow.

Prairie widow or the black widow always black in color with red spots on the back and abdomen. Sometimes stains become yellow or orange shades. In most cases, this is the steppe inhabitants, hence their name.

Their wide distribution is becoming a threat for people who engage in manual agricultural work and the risk of being bitten by insects. The males of these spiders are usually smaller than females. Females, in turn, represent a great danger not only for humans but also for animals.

Strong webs of these insects usually is a little above the ground level. But there are these traps for victims and stems of plants, as well as among rocks, in caves.

Karakurt is considered to be the second most poisonous of all black widows. More active in the summer. Not to say that it shows increased activity and prefers the first to bite its victim. It usually occurs in him with the goal of self-preservation.


There is another brown widow. It is also a kind of these insects. The color of these spiders is dominated by the color brown, and the abdomen with orange color. Among all the black widows, brown is the safest. Its venom is absolutely terrible for people.

In frequent occasions black widow confused with red Capito. They’re the same black color and have a red mark on the back. These insects live in New Zealand. To distinguish insects at the web that kapito weave triangles.

Australian black widow, judging by the name it lives in Australia. The female insect is also larger than the male. Australians fear this spider. Its bite causes people incredible pain that is only in the case of the introduction of the antidote. The Western black widow is found on the American continent. She is black with a red spot. Males are pale yellow.


The diet of these insects is a little different from the menu, all other arachnids. Basically it includes insects, which by their negligence gets in the web. Their favorite delicacy are flies, gnats, mosquitoes, beetles and caterpillars.

It is interesting to observe how the spider is drawn with the victim. What «food» is already in place, the spider understands the vibration of the webs. He gets close to his victim and hind legs over her so that she just no longer able to escape.


Have the special of the widow fangs of yours, with which the spider injects its victim a special liquid, thinning of her body. From this, the victim dies. Another feature of the black widow is that she is a long time can limit yourself to food. Starving spiders can live for about a year.

Reproduction and life expectancy

Spiders become sexually Mature at 9 months of age. After the dance, the male he gently creeps up to the female and mates with her. Some males then die from the same female. Others manage to survive.

Fertilized spider lays eggs. They are stored in a special grayish balloon attached to the web. The ball stays with the female up until it will not appear in the offspring. From fertilization to the appearance of kids, on average it takes about a month.


At a quite tiny creatures already from such an early point is a struggle for existence in which the strong eat the weak spider. This struggle ends with the fact that to survive is far from over. From a large number of cocoon leave no more than 12 kids.

Newborn spiderlings are white. They have to undergo several molts in order for the color darkened and they have become visually similar to adults. Female black widow can live up to 5 years. In males, this situation is somewhat sadder. In frequent cases, they are killed by females during the first days of the onset of their puberty.

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