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Agama. Agama’s habitat and lifestyle

Agama. Agama’s habitat and lifestyle

Bearded agamas are exotic animals. They came to us from the desert of Australia . Their home breeding is becoming more and more popular. Agama has a gorgeous color and is very unpretentious in the care.


On photo bearded agama

Description and features of the agama

The length of an exotic reptile ranges from 40 to 60 centimeters, together with the tail, the length of which is almost 40% of the whole body. A unique feature is that the color of her back can sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

This moment directly depends on the mood of the animal and the temperature regime. Younger individuals are brighter than those older. In a cold environment, the agama becomes darker, in a warm brightens. The color can also change the shell of the eyes, from brown to golden.

The entire body color of the agama is mostly grayish and brown tones. Also on it is a pattern of stripes and various spots. They have a beard in front of the neck, it becomes more noticeable when the throat is inflated and the throat folds forward.

Types of Agam

The reptile is of the following types:

  • Stepnaya
  • Caucasian
  • Water
  • Calotte ordinary
  • Coniferous
  • Turn around
  • Bearded
  • Roundheads
  • Mutable
  • Plain
  • Mali Spintail
  • Gonocephalus chamaelontius
  • Agama has strong enough paws that end with sharp claws. The activity of the lizard comes in the daytime.

On the photo is an agama sailing

Agama is the only member of the family of reptiles in which the dental system is located on the outer rim of the jaw. The bearded agama does not have the ability to throw off the tail.

If she is kept in domestic terrariums and still lost him, then it will not affect her life. Several individuals living in the same terrarium can bite off each other’s tails.

Agama’s habitat and lifestyle

Bearded agamas live mainly in arid deserts, rocky terrain. They like to climb high surfaces to inspect the area and soak in the sun. Practically all her life they live on the earth, but sometimes it can be trees, she also looks for coolness on them.

For the maintenance of such an animal house, the terrarium should be large enough. Also, it must be artificial branches and cliffs, so she had to climb.

An agama can hide in the holes of various animals. She is also able to dig a hole for herself or to hide in a crevice in the roots of a tree. They hide mostly at night for rest, as they are active during the day.


Water agama

This reptile is accustomed to one territory, it is unusual for it to wander from place to place. The habitats of the bearded agama never go to the coast. Reptiles are fearless enough, they prefer to defend rather than flee.

The manifestation of aggression is expressed by «snorting», active movement of the tail. In addition, it can sizzle and jump. The more she worries, the darker it becomes. But if you tame the lizard , it becomes very affectionate and friendly. Buy agama — means to make a good friend.

Reproduction and life expectancy of agama

Bearded agama oviparous lizard . They can produce offspring in the second year of life. Wild agamas make laying of large sizes — up to 24 eggs. After birth, babies begin active nutrition at 2-3 days of life. Before laying eggs, the reptile pulls out a burrow, and later bury the entrance to it. Small agamas appear in the world somewhere in three and a half months.


Caucasian Agama

As soon as wintering ends, the mating season begins. The male begins to attract a female. He does this by demonstrating the bright color of his neck. They stand on their feet a little and nod their heads. The females also nod in response and move their tails.

After the end of the flirting, the marriage prosecution begins. When the male manages to catch the female, he grabs it with his teeth, and they mate. After that, the female makes laying in a month and a half.

At home, females are transplanted into a separate terrarium, where she can dig a hole for herself. So that the female has succeeded, is plentifully covered with sand. Then the eggs are transferred to the incubator until the appearance of small agas.


Lookin brother stepnaya

The temperature in the incubator is about + 28̊ С, if it is warmer, babies will be born earlier. The higher the temperature, the more feminine will be born. For the year, the female can lead up to two times.

Agamas live from 7 to 9 years. Photos of the agama , the magnificent, and one of the most beautiful reptiles can be found in any source. Her rainbow color can not leave indifferent.

Food Agama

Agama is more a predator. Its diet includes insects (both invertebrates and small vertebrates). Food for babies by 20% consists of plant food (shoots, leaves, fruits of various plants).


Agama calotus ordinary

Homemade agamas eat crickets , worms (flour), cockroaches , etc. It is useful to rub various vegetables (fruits), such as cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, pears, bananas, lettuce leaves, etc. It’s enough to eat agama once every few days. The diet is better for her to diversify. After the lizard is fed, food should be removed from the terrarium.


Agama Maliyskiy şipohvost

Clean water should be placed in the drinker. It will be useful to add to the drinker and mineral water. The agamas living in the wild drink water from plants as well as flowing from them after the rain. So that the agama lizard does not hurt her from time to time (no more than once a month) you need to give special nutritional supplements. Diseases of Agam :

  • There are mites.
  • Obstruction of the stomach (intestine).
  • Various diseases on the skin.
  • Burns and injuries.
  • Respiratory tract infections.
  • Lack of calcium and vitamins.
  • Infection of the oral cavity.
  • Dehydration.Therefore, you need to watch carefully not only for food, vitamin complexes, but also for living conditions. Home agama can not be allowed on the floor, from this it can catch a cold.

Price of agama

Selling Agam is gaining more and more popularity. It is not worth buying it in online stores, even if there are pictures of the agents there .


Agama roundhead

Acquire them strongly recommended in specialty stores. Well, if there is an opportunity to get a consultation from a veterinarian before purchasing. If this is not possible, then you should pay attention:

  • There should be no wounds or injuries on the lizard. Even if she has scars, this can lead to problems in the future.
  • A healthy agama will have clear nostrils and clear eyes. If there is a liquid or foam formation around the mouth, these are the first signs of the disease.
  • A healthy lizard will be active and always on guard.
  • You can not buy an agama with missing limbs, they are not restored from it (however, the absence of a finger or the tip of the tail is considered the norm).
    The male has a difference from the female with a wider head and a thickened tail. It is very difficult to distinguish the sex of a small lizard (which has not reached puberty).

On the photo aga Gardun

Price agama high enough, and care requires close attention. But for true connoisseurs of lizards, this moment is not a hindrance. You can take a house agama in your hands (she loves when her neck is scratched), go for a walk around the house, for many she will replace other pets. The more they learn about it, the more happy owners will appear.

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