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American Akita dog. Description, features, care and price of American Akita

Peculiarities of the breed and character of the American Akita

The American Akita is a new breed of dog derived from the Japanese species — Akita Inu. It differs in larger sizes, various colors and soft wool.



Dogs of this breed will not suit every breeder. They have a rather complicated and stubborn character. American akits are independent and they have very well developed leadership skills.

You need to spend a lot of time, effort and patience to tame them. But, but as a result, you get the most devoted and sacrificial friend. Often they are used as service dogs or guide dogs.

Akita does not need to learn to protect the house and family — it is in her blood. But it attacks only in the case of a real threat. The dog is not inclined to self-mutilation, but the hunting instinct can work towards cats or small breeds of dogs. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep them together.


American Akita are very silent and bark only «on the case.» But very funny snort, grumble and snort. It is impossible to leave such a dog without attention. Akita is an extremely social animal, and loneliness can lead to a stressful state and an inadequate reaction.

His breed, this breed, expresses very restrained. She will not jump and squeal with delight at the sight of the owner, the maximum that can be expected from them is a lick in hand.

Raising an American Akita is a long and complicated process, so before you buy such a dog, you need to weigh everything well. The owner will need to find an individual approach to the animal and prove its superiority over it. At the same time it is unacceptable to use violence. American Akita are very touchy and vindictive, and on occasion they can take revenge.

They recognize only one chapter in the family, and consider themselves second in importance. At the same time with great tenderness and affection are absolutely all households. They enjoy playing with children, allowing themselves to be caught in the tail and ears.


But, as with any big dog, do not leave the kids alone with the Akita. With strangers, she is careful, does not attack, but will not give herself to stroke herself the first time.

The training of puppies of the American Akita must begin as soon as possible. Although the American Akita does not often like to repeat the same training visits, but joint activity quickly brings it closer to its owner.

You should know that when training Akita is slow, so do not wait for quick results from it. They remember teams for a long time, but this will not prevent them from working clearly in a real situation.

Description of American Akita

The breed standard requirements and characteristics of the American Akita are as follows. The dog itself must be outwardly large with heavy bones.


The muzzle should be voluminous and wide. Seen from above, you can see an obtuse triangle. The ears themselves must stand firmly on cartilage and be not very big. When folded should reach the upper eyelid of the eye.

Eye color — dark brown, light shades are rejected. The jaws are well developed, square in shape, with a slight dewlap. Black nose, slight pigmentation may be tolerated.

Provided that the dog is white color. The lips should be black and the tongue pink. Ideally, the bite of the animal is scissor-like; it is rarely allowed to be straight.

Externally, the neck looks muscular, thick and fairly short. At the shoulders it expands and gently flows into the body. The loin and chest are well developed, the back is almost straight and the belly is taut. The ratio of height to body length in males should be 9:10, and in females — 9:11.

The tail of the American Akita should be fluffy, and clearly wrapped in ¾ and more in the ring. The front and hind legs are symmetrically developed, of the same length with membranes between the fingers. Should be sent forward.


The dog can have any color, it is allowed to have a mask and different colors of undercoat and outer coat. The main thing is that it is double, thick and soft. The longest hair length should be on the tail, and the shortest on the ears and face. The standard appearance of an American Akita can be seen in the photo.

Care and maintenance of American Akita

When planting a dog of American Akita breed, please note that this is not an apartment pet. Ideally, it is suitable street content. Frequent, long and daily walks can be a compromise, and in summer the dog will be able to live long in the country.

An open-air cage on the street should be built not on the ground, but on a concrete foundation. Otherwise, the pet will dig a tunnel and run away at the first opportunity. It is better to cook the corral from solid metal rods, and raise the floor of wooden boards by 10 cm.

Puppies up to 9 months, taking into account the peculiarity of the breed, should not be bored with long walks, until the bone system is fully formed. You also need to protect from contact games with large breeds of dogs. This will help avoid unnecessary injuries and sprains.


American Akita are very clean, and caring for their hair is reduced to combing once a week, and monthly washing with a special shampoo. Twice a year, these dogs have a serious seasonal molt, it does not last long, but it is necessary to brush the wool daily.

The claws on the feet of the Akit, who live on the street, grind themselves. If this is not enough, then you should use a claw cutter, or simply walk once a week on asphalt or concrete.

Given the anatomical structure of the ears of this breed, they are constantly aired and are not prone to diseases. Brushing as needed with cotton swabs is usually sufficient.

It is necessary to teach the dog to regularly brush your teeth, this will help prevent diseases of the oral cavity and caries. Each owner must responsibly approach the health of their pet: according to the schedule, carry out vaccination and regularly give money from worms. Remedies for fleas and ticks should be chosen carefully. Akites are prone to allergic reactions.


American Akita price and owner reviews

The price of American Akita depends on the pedigree, gender and place of purchase. A puppy of this breed will cost 25-100 thousand rubles. It is better and more reliable to take an American Akita in specialized nurseries. Workers in such places know the peculiarities of the nature and anatomy of these dogs and, therefore, properly feed and care for them.

Like a puppy, you can reserve on the sites of different kennels. Take home, it will be possible only after he turns 8 weeks. As a rule, all dogs by this time have passed the procedure of articulating and branding. Along with Akita, a veterinary passport and a puppy metric should be issued.

Lily, Moscow, 28 years old. “I always had only Newfoundlands. But when we saw an Akita on the street, my husband and I just fell in love with her. Having read information on the Internet, we decided that we could handle it and bought it.


He is now a year old, and I can confidently say that I can completely trust him with the protection of his family and home. Feeling the slightest aggression in our direction, he rushes to the defense, like a lion. Commands are performed only by mood, when exactly he wants. The care is very simple and does not smell at all. ”

Vladimir, Serpukhov, 30 years old. “I do not advise starting American Akita to people who did not have dogs before. My Kira, already 3 in a row. Before that, there were also large breeds, so I was ready to train and care for her. She is brave and clever, does not require much attention and is neat as a cat. But, extremely stubborn and very aggressively disposed towards other dogs. ”

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