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Angora hamster. Description, features, care and price of the Angora hamster

The house is filled with additional joy, warmth and comfort, when some fluffy settles in it. It does not matter, it is a huge dog or a small mouse. The main thing is that someone needs you, waiting, and happy to meet. There is someone to take care of, protect and maintain.

angora-hamster-description-features-care-and-price-of-the-angora-hamster-1Children twice as much pleasure in the face of pets, they see loyal and loyal friends. And already from a very young age, they understand all the responsibility for someone’s life, health.

That a pet is not just fun, but care, timely feeding, careful and warm attitude. Our pets, like the rest of the family, need love, attention and understanding.

One of the more common domestic animals is small and very tender hamsters. In nature, they number more than two hundred species. There are also those created over time, in the process of genetic mutations — the Angora hamsters. They are also called royal hamsters.

In the wild, he had virtually no chance of survival, due to the long fur and bright colors that would not merge with the grass and the environment. But the man domesticated such rodents. Giving the opportunity to fully grow, grow and multiply.

Description and features of the Angora hamster

The Angora Syrian hamster is very popular in keeping the house. He takes up little space, and all he needs to be happy is a small cage, a drinking bowl, a feeding trough, a house, and, like, without a drum for long night walks.

As can be seen in the photo, the Angora hamsters from other individuals, is distinguished by the presence of long hair. But in females and males it is of different sizes, the first ones wear a fur coat up to two centimeters in length.

angora-hamster-description-features-care-and-price-of-the-angora-hamster-6Males, as often happens in wildlife, are more chic, their fur reaches sizes of up to five centimeters. Therefore, caring for them is a bit special.

Colors, these shaggy lumps, also very different. There are golden, silvery, black and white, cream. Some are decorated with black stripes on the sides, giving beauty to their appearance.

Every breeder of this miracle should know that such hamsters are bred exclusively in captivity, therefore bringing a lump of happiness to the house, you need to create the best possible conditions for them to live. Because in the case of escaping from the cage, he has no chance to continue life.

Maintenance and care for the Angora hamster at home

The content of the Angora hamster is different from the content of its relative — the Syrian, thanks to the royal fur coat. As for the cage, it should be slightly larger than normal.

It should not be installed on the sunny side, hamsters do not like it and in a place where there are no drafts and cold so that it is warm, light and cozy. Also there should not be any foreign objects, flower pots or your favorite curtain, especially electric wires.

The hamster will chew on it with pleasure. It is important that the cage be with small grids, otherwise your pet will run away. The bedding is suitable only for wood pellets. If you put simple chips, it will become entangled in wool.

The house in which the pet will sleep with pleasure and rest shall also not be small. In addition to hanging out in it, the hamster will gladly get a bunch of non-eaten foods there. Knowing such a secret, do not forget about it when cleaning the cage, otherwise you will have an unpleasant smell.

Be sure to purchase a pleasure wheel in your home, or else it is called a drum. Hamsters vital need active walks. Otherwise, there may be obesity of the heart, which will lead to the death of the pet. It should be no less than twenty centimeters in diameter so that the fur coat is not confused in it.

Angora hamsters are nocturnal animals, therefore setting the cage is necessary and this feature to take into account, it will not be boring at night. But in the afternoon, when the fluffy sleeps, it is not advisable to disturb him. In a sleepy state, he can painfully bite.

angora-hamster-description-features-care-and-price-of-the-angora-hamster-5The hamster loves to sleep anywhere, putting a napkin in the cage or a little hay, he quickly equips himself a mink — a nest. Do not recommend to put pieces of wool, it is entangled in wool, and the newspaper also do not use.

Caring for angora hamsters, though different, but even a child with such a handle. His long shaggy fur coat needs to be cleaned, in no case, do not bathe your pet.

He can easily catch a cold and get sick. From time to time, as the dirt gets stuck in the pile of something, use a special brush to brush it out.

And put the tank with sand, so the hamster will take a bath, while cleaning the fur. Sand can be bought at a pet store, and you can use the river, after having previously been heat treated to disinfect it.

Since hamsters are animals with a specific smell, their housing should be cleaned at least once a week. They are quite neat, so almost everyone prefers to go to the toilet in one place. Every day, cleaning this corner, you can be calm for your sense of smell.

Angora hamster food

Angora hamster eats dry and vegetable feed. Therefore, there should be two food plates in the cage. He is very thrifty, given this when feeding, do not impose too much food.

The diet is quite diverse. We will analyze more carefully what to feed the Angora hamster. In addition to cereals, it also needs grass. Herb sticks purchased in specialized stores, grass granules are well suited for feeding.

But that’s not all. A little greens, dill sprigs, dandelion or celery enter in his diet. Seeds, in small quantities, if nut, then only almonds.

They also need protein food — a handful of cottage cheese, not salty thick porridge, boiled egg white will well contribute to its development. Once a week, give a small piece of boiled chicken breast.

angora-hamster-description-features-care-and-price-of-the-angora-hamster-2Also indulge your pet with vegetables and fruits, cutting off a piece of pear, apple or banana. But not all of them are useful. You can not give mushrooms, cabbage and potatoes, onions with garlic, too, they are prohibited.

No citrus, or other exotic. Also in his diet should not be anything fried, salty, sweet, spices and dry pasta.

In the cage, be sure to attach the drinker, only with fresh water. It is necessary to change it every day and not to allow the dishes to become dirty and moldy. Be sure to put a piece of chalk, hamster and teeth sharpen and get vitamins.

Reproduction and longevity

Angora hamsters are solitary animals, even in wildlife they are separated from each other by a distance of one meter. And by placing two individuals in one cage, they can fight and be injured. Therefore, if you have two pets, give each your individual dwelling.

Buying hamsters of different sexes, for the purpose of their reproduction, the cells must also be different. Hamsters are kept at mating time, and then necessarily divided. Indeed, without having done so, the male can gnaw his offspring.

It is important for breeding, hamsters should not be from one brood, otherwise it will adversely affect the offspring of genetic abnormalities or very weak offspring.

The female reaches sexual maturity by four months, but not older than one year. Additions in the family will not have to wait long, after two weeks the babies are born.

angora-hamster-description-features-care-and-price-of-the-angora-hamster-3During pregnancy, the expectant mother should be given more protein foods and water. Babies are born bald, blind, pink. Already by two weeks of life, they begin to overgrow with hair and open eyes. At the age of one month, the babies are completely independent, you need to seed them in different cells, and separate the males and females separately in the offspring.

Many are interested in how much the Angora hamsters live. Life expectancy is on average two years. But with good care and nutrition, it can last up to three — four years.

Angora hamster price and owner reviews

The price of Angora hamsters, probably not the most expensive of all rodents for sale. For this furry miracle they ask from one hundred to three hundred rubles. Depending on age, and external data.

Buy Angora hamster possible absolutely in any pet store. They also sell a lot at home, and it will be cheaper at a cost, since they are very prolific.

As for the reviews of the owners of these mini kings, mostly all positive. There are no difficulties with care, children can easily cope with such a task. There are no problems with food either, food can be purchased at pet stores, it is not expensive, they eat little. Vegetables and fruits are also in every home.

What it takes to watch the lifestyle of these crumbs. Endless runs for several kilometers in the wheel. Warehousing for the cheeks of food, then hiding it in all corners. This is so much positive emotions, no matter you are an adult or a child.


One minus in them is, the animals are nocturnal. And in order not to interfere with each other, just set the cage in the right place and you will have no problems with sleep, neither your pet.

Even during pregnancy, the female is aggressive, consider this if there are small children in the house, and for adults in such a period it is better not to take the hamsters once again. Given these simple rules of cohabitation, you will be happy to spend time with your pets.

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