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Azure winged. Lifestyle and habitat of Azure winged

Blue bird of happiness is the main character of many legends, fairy tales, songs. Our ancestors said that if you see a bird of blue color, push its feather, then happiness will certainly be in everything and always.


But every adult person places the bird of happiness to mythical creatures. Wildlife lovers know that the blue bird of forty lives in the real world, that’s just human desires, as in a fairy tale, does not fulfill.

Features and habitat of blue magpie

The corvidae family prides itself on blue magpie, which looks like a typical magpie, only with short legs and a small beak. Blue Magpie description has a special, due to the shiny, iridescent feathers in the bright sun


Blue Magpie has the property to nest in a park or garden with almond trees, olive groves. In search of food birds are sent in small flocks. Birds nests are located on different trees. They make them with the help of brushwood, strengthening it with earth, and inside they cover it with moss.

Different nests from the usual forty open-top jacks. Birds are distinguished by their simplicity. They are happy to live on the territory of the zoo in special enclosures, although they do not breed as often as free in these conditions.

Blue Magpie, the photo of which can be found in books about birds and on websites on the Internet, becomes a person’s friend in captivity, is close to it without fear, and is often treated with food from hands. Buy blue magpie, you can use the media and information on various sites on the Internet.


The nature and lifestyle of the blue magpie

Hunters often observe in the established traps not valuable fur-bearing animal, and the bird is a gray-blue color. It is small with a long tail and a blackish spot on the head that looks like a hat.



There are completely empty traps, no bait left, and blue feathers and traces of the beast that a bird ate were left on white snow next to it. Such tricks are peculiar to blue birds.

Nothing can be hidden from their keen eyes. In the trap, the cooked bait is timely tracked down and destroyed. The bird deftly pulls down the spring, but often this trick ends up falling into the same trap. Thus, a rare bird becomes prey for predators.


In the photo Azure winged

For fishermen, the azure magpie does not always appear, like in a fairy tale, for good and luck. The fisherman will not have time to decompose the caught fish, like a bird, hitting the prey, snatches the catch larger and more tasty, instantly disappearing.

Why magpies attack pigeons today is a pressing issue. Scientists and lovers of the living world explain this fact by the coincidence in time of the appearance of chicks in these two species of birds. The magpies feed their babies with animal food, therefore aggression towards other birds during this period is exacerbated.


In the summer, the bird is quite rare. It settles down in deserted places with which deaf inundated forests enter. Colonies of birds from two to six pairs settle in willow trees, near water bodies, hiding behind an alluvial float. It happens that a bird’s dwelling is a separate tree or a large, abandoned hollow.

Eating blue magpie

In the use of food birds are omnivorous. Most often used seeds of plants. Almond is the favorite dish of the bird, and therefore meeting with it is most likely in the garden with almond trees.

Small rodents, carrion, mammals, amphibians, invertebrates become victims of blue beauties and beauties. Birds do not refuse berries. Like the usual forty, the blue species has the skills of theft.

Stealing fish from a fisherman, deftly pulling the bait from traps is not a problem for her. If a person knows that a blue magpie dwells next to his dwelling, it is not difficult to buy food for her and at the same time please the bird.


In winter, for blue forty, food becomes discarded bread, pieces of meat and fish. People often install bird feeders in the cold season. They are treated with special attention, because the blue magpie is listed in the Red Book.

In search of food, flocks of 20-30 birds wander from place to place. There are cases when pets eat one by one. But such travels are rare. Blue Forty voice has a resonant, sonorous, which leads to falling into human bondage.

Reproduction and life expectancy of blue magpie

The nests of blue birds are built from the brushwood, ground and covered with moss. Each pair nest on a separate tree. Two nests nearby is very rare. The diameter of the house is up to 30 centimeters, the depth is no more than 8 centimeters.


Azure winged nest

According to the number, the clutch is made up of 6-8 eggs of various shapes and sizes, at most it is 9 eggs of brown color. Some of them have an elongated shape, others have a bloated appearance.

Lay and incubate the eggs of the female every other day. There was no traceable time on incubation, but on average they are 14-15 days. During the period of incubation of eggs, the male is responsible for feeding, feeding his half.


Azure winged chicks

Chicks very quickly become independent and leave their parents. In freedom, the life span of a blue magpie is up to ten years.

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