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Bandog dog. Description, characteristics, care and price bandage

Our smaller brothers, without them. Every man gets his four-legged friend with a purpose. Someone to fill the lonely minutes, a pleasant bark. Someone is doing on the animal breeding business. Another option – need a good dog for home protection. Bandage, as it is impossible by the way, perfect for this role.


Also called the American Mastiff, bandogge, if the title is translated word for word, reads like a dog on a chain. Initially, the purpose of removal of his breed was involved in dog fights. But the result has been defeat after defeat, because dogs bandog simply refused to participate in them. The result is a great watchdog.

The breed characteristics and character bandage

His breed history is rooted in the distant ancient Britain. Even in the year one thousand three hundred years, they have been used to protect homes and livestock. After all, if necessary, the dog could try to help the herd collect. But the purity of the breed no one did, and eventually she began to appear.

And only in the seventies of the twentieth century, lived in America, the vet called him Swynford. Here he became interested in the restoration of the breed. The result was not long in coming.

He brought a bold, very obedient dogs. Which doesn’t contradict the host, not divided with him the palm, and knew his place. Easily amenable to training.

But if it was necessary, in case of attack, could repel even the dog, though the bandit. And despite its intimidating appearance, was devoted to the person for whom he fought. These dogs became known as Bandogs of Swynford.


Later, his example was followed by the Italian, Lucero and led his breed of dog by crossing Mastiff and Pitbull or Stafford. Even it was rumored that his dog is the best caretaker.

Also, in brought the breed Australian bandog. But they only served people as guards as companions and guide dogs. They were kept in cages, and at night they go to protect the territory.

By its nature, American Bandage very courageous and strong-willed dog with a balanced character. Very patient to all types of pain. They, the real horror in the eyes of those who would like to covet, on someone else’s property.

As in the case of theft, Bandag will not a warning growl or bark. He silently attacked the enemy and immobilize him. Dogs have a unique intuition clearly feel and understand the intentions of the person.

Despite his reticence, always time to react if a stranger agressiruet. But the behavior of the dog owner fully understand. When they are abused, and when I want to play with them.

Because these animals are very playful, whether it two months or two years. To the rest of the household, children or other Pets in the house, dogs are treated with great patience, and faithfully serving only one master.


In the breeding of dogs of these breeds, there are three main areas:

The main group — is called the one where the percentage of the American pit bull, American Stafford is thirty to seventy percent. Secondary – ratio of mastiffs and Neapolitan mastiffs, twenty – five to seventy-five percent.

Tertiary group, its few uses, is the percentage of American bulldog, cane Corso, bull Terrier, bullmastiff, Bordeaux dogs, barbula – from zero to seventy percent.

Description breed bandog (standard)

It is a powerful dog with a height at the withers is eight to ten centimeters. They weigh no more than seventy pounds males, bitches, forty-five or fifty. They have a very strong body, well muscled and broad chest . In sports, involved the stomach.

The dog’s face is large, round, with folds of skin on it. The nose is long, the snout is mostly black, but there may be various spots on it, depending on the color of the animal.

Eyes like two small buttons, slightly slanted, dark in colour. Dogs ears do not stand, hang down the sides. But since they was originally bred as a fighting breed, they are docked. And have remained until today. So, now they are in the shape of a triangle.


The tail is not very long, thin, narrowed at the end. It is almost always lowered to the bottom. When the dog is calm, the tail is lifted to the top. But in donut, as some breeds will never curl.

Dog breed bandog, short-haired, with rather hard bristles. Their standard colors can be black, white, grey, brown, fawn. Any other colors are considered a marriage of rock. Can be on paws and chest white spots. Paws the dog too, like a powerful horse, very strong.

Care and maintenance bandage

The most important thing, which is important in the maintenance of a dog, it needs a large area. It would be optimal to keep her in the yard of a country house, but not on a leash. If the dog lives in the apartment, also not a problem.

Only, every day, be sure to walk her at least an hour. And not just to pull on the leash. Bandage needed exercise. The same exercise for the mind is also important.

With a very competent training, you will educate yourself an irreplaceable assistant, a friend, a protector, even a babysitter for the children. But the owner of such a dog should also be strong of character. The animal feels how strong and courageous he is the breadwinner.


If you have decided to buy a puppy bandage, selecting in the nursery, be sure to inquire about his ancestors. Before you buy, some time come to the nursery and observe the demeanour of his parents. Whole children take from home as a positive traits and behaviors, and negative.

Begin to educate dogs, this breed must have a very early age. If you do not have enough experience, it is best to ask a knowledgeable dog handler, he and show and tell.

In any case, as a punishment for the baby, do not use physical force. The dog will remember for a lifetime offense, and perhaps in adulthood will suffer or the owner, his family or passers-by.

Since the dog is short-haired, the winter cold she can not stand. If in the summer, lived on the street, the winter need to transfer in insulated building.

Grooming does not require much effort. At least once a week, visivite your pet. For such purposes, you can apply a brush, a rubber glove, or just wet the hand thoroughly clean the lint dog.

This will prevent odor, and unnecessary trash on the floor and on the furniture. Bathe bandage, the extent of contamination, when the weather is bad. But in General, once a month to take a bath will be sufficient.

If your pet lives in an apartment, teach him, after a walk, to clean the foot. He quickly gets used to this procedure and will be happy to do it. As for the food dog, you need serious approach. Food should be balanced. You need to get all the nutrients necessary for healthy development.


Well suited purchased feed. But this is in case you have no time to prepare food four-legged friend. Although, buying a dog, everyone should understand that the animal will take not a small amount of your time.

For those who are preparing the dog, it is important to know: of these breeds of dogs are fed with meat, not fat. Good beef pulp. An adult dog, a day to eat half a kilogram, it is a mandatory norm.

The same dogs soups from cereals with addition of vegetables. It should not be runny, the consistency of thick cream. Otherwise, the sagging belly, the dog guaranteed. Boiled fish, cottage cheese and boiled eggs must be present in the diet.

Let’s pet bones, they are necessary for your teeth. Always put water in the dog and often it is change that is not polluted. If the dog does not eat his portion of dinner, remove the plate.

First and foremost, avoid intestinal poisoning, because food can go bad. And this, you train the animal to the diet. In any case, do not overfeed bandage. Overeating is bad for pet’s health, appearance, and fraught with obesity, heart and liver.

Mandatory hygienic procedures. They need to clean eyes, ears, teeth. Trim claws as needed special scissors. Time to visit the veterinary clinic. To combat parasites that the dog is properly and fully developed. And the same for all vaccinations.


Genetic diseases, bandago was not observed. But, nevertheless, their weaknesses – elbow and hip joints. For lack of physical activity, the inflammatory process is guaranteed. With age they have problems with vision. Here, too, will need to consult a doctor.

The price and the reviews obendorf

In Russia bandage, and not so rare breeds of dogs. Therefore, you can buy it without problems or in nurseries, or from private breeders. But be sure to inquire to have one, and the second was the right experience for the breeding of such species. The price bandage, from fifty thousand rubles and above. Not cheap, but the dog is worth it. And life will serve you faithfully.


Reading the forums of the owners of American and Australian bandago, reviews very good. People are happy with good purchase. But it is important – in time to properly educate the dog. And from the experience of breeders – the dog is not born evil, it makes her human.

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