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Black horse. Description, types, care and price of a black horse

Black horse color — a phenomenon, oddly enough, quite rare. They are distinguished by black hair, dark skin and brown eyes. At all times, the great kings and illustrious commanders preferred to ride on the blacks. Behind them always trail of various kinds of myths and legends.


Features and description of black horse

According to historical documents, the well-known Bucephalus, the faithful horse of Alexander the Great, was precisely the black. As a 10-year-old boy, Alexander was the only one who could ride the obstinate 11-year-old horse, which he was offered to buy to his royal father. Seeing this, the king of Macedonia uttered the words that became prophetic: «My son, Macedonia is too small for you, look for the kingdom of its own accord.»


The horse black suit in many nations was considered unhappy. Suffice it to recall the «Apocalypse» of John the Theologian, where a horseman sat on a black horse, carrying hunger and death. Among the Slavs and nomads of Central Asia, on the contrary, the black horse was associated with power and authority. A gift in the form of such a stallion meant great respect and recognition.

Types of black horses

The black suit has several varieties:

classical black;

brown in the sun;




In the photo is a black horse

So, the classic version is distinguished by a blue-black hairline and dark eyes.

The horse of the black classic suit is not prone to molting and always has a completely black color. Horses of herd that are daily grazing through the rays of the scorching sun tend to change their black color to brown.

Such chameleons are difficult to identify by appearance. To make sure that the horse is black, they cut a small patch of wool and look at the color of the skin and hair at the base. If they are black — everything is in order, the crow just lightly tanned. With stable maintenance, the animal will quickly molt and restore a rich black color.


Ash-black horses can sometimes be confused with the owners of the classic color, although if you look closely, especially in the sun, you can notice the characteristic chestnut tide. This is due to the presence of the genes of isabella, linden and nightingale suits.


Ash-black horse on the photo

The most rare and at the same time most impressive variety of blacks is the silver-black horse, in which the body is painted in a deep black color, and the mane and tail are milky-white, as if they were purposely painted with hydroperit. Horses with a silver-gray color and in apples, but with a dark head are more common.

The gene responsible for the inheritance of black coloration is dominant. From the black horse, the offspring will also be black. The exception is if the mare is dominated by the red suit gene, in this case, the probability of black foals is 70 out of 100 cases. From black stallions and mares, in most cases foals of the same suit are born, in rare cases, bay.


On the photo is a silver-black horse

When breeding bay and black, the offspring will also be variegated. There are instances of the appearance of black foals from poor parents, but they are quite rare. Newborn foals are almost never black at once. Their fur has a so-called mousy shade — a mixture of gray, ashen and brown. Over time, they molt and reveal their true black color to the light.

The black suit is most often found in such breeds as: Percheron, Ostfrizian, Shire, Fell. And, of course, it is impossible not to mention the friezes, which is the only color option. There are other breeds of black horses, but they are quite rare.


Care and maintenance of black horses

Black horse like a black car. The slightest dust reduces all presentable to no. Therefore, such animals require careful grooming: washing with special shampoos, combing and the like. Regular cleansing, together with the right diet, makes the black hair shiny and well-groomed.

Special attention should be paid to the hooves of the animal. At the end of the ride, the hoofs are cleaned and blackened with a special ointment based on lamb fat, honey, wax, rosin, turpentine and soot (for color). This composition prevents cracking of the hoof and reduces dryness.


Otherwise, the content of the black does not differ from other stripes. Everybody needs clean, regularly ventilated stables, fresh water, balanced food and walks in the fresh air.

Feeding black horses

The ration of the horse consists of high-quality fresh hay, no smell of mustiness, pure oats, and bran. In the summer heat oats sprinkle with salted water. If during some warm season, for some reason, the animal has no grazing, freshly cut grass is added to its diet. Fortified supplements in the correct dosage are also necessary for good health and development of the pet.


A favorite treat of any horse is carrots and apples. When you first meet with an animal, you can quickly arrange it to yourself, having these simple products with you.

Price of black horses and owner reviews

The cost of a black horse directly depends on the breed, pedigree and external data of the animal. In most cases, the price is negotiated individually. For example, a frieze can cost from 400,000 to 1,500,000 rubles, and this is far from the limit.

In Turkmen, horses of a black color were considered evil, hot, obstinate and difficult to train. However, a lot depends on the breed, for example, Frisian horses differ in docile and good temper. The owners of horses of black color note the energetic and at the same time strict character of their pets. Many say in one voice that the black one can be called “the horse of one master”


Often they are very strongly attached to a particular person and are difficult to tolerate separation from him, becoming irritable and uncontrollable. As the artists say: “black paint is the queen of the palette”. Black horses at all times surrounded by a veil of mystery and something supernatural.

How many people have so many opinions, however, looking at a photo of a black horse, they mostly converge — black as pitch, a proud handsome horse with a flowing mane and muscles playing — one of the most beautiful creatures of Nature.


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