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Bottlenose dolphin its lifestyle and habitat

People and dolphins. Where the relationship between these two living inhabitants of the planet Earth? Many believe that the development of people, nothing and no one in the whole world. But this erroneous view was challenged long ago by scientists, who confirmed that dolphins are the most beautiful, intelligent and mysterious. Convolutions in their brains even more than people.

They are unable to speak. In their lexicon of nearly 14 thousand words. The development of social relationships and self-awareness of these wonderful mammals at altitude.


Dolphin the bottlenose Dolphin is the most striking and common representative of these intelligent mammals. He is very well studied. Bottlenose – also known as the bottlenose Dolphin.

They show an incredible friendliness to people, they can be easily tamed. In General, the relationship with the person for the dolphins are very sensitive and close. It was not a case where kitoobraznye saved, it would seem, hopeless situations, drowning people.

Wizards the depths of the sea. They have always attracted special attention. Even a simple photo of a Dolphin bottlenose Afalina cause people incredible enthusiasm and yet at peace. He probably was created in order to sow gentleness, peace and kindness around you.

Description and features of Dolphin is the bottlenose Dolphin

Not to say that Bottlenose dolphins are small. Some individuals reach 2-2.5 m in length and weigh up to 300 kg. But this is not the limit for their parameters. In the UK, for example, are much larger.

Those cetaceans that live close to the shores, there are significant differences from bottlenose dolphins living in the open sea. They have not the structure of the skull and other indicators of hemoglobin. Dolphins are slender and mobile, have a flexible body.


The color of the back they have a dark blue on the belly, he goes into bright white or beige color. Rare to find those who have the sides of the visible patterns. They are not as pronounced and not too noticeable and with the frequency change.

Striking their fins. They decorate their back, chest and tail. It is not only a beautiful decoration. They play the role of the heat exchanger. It affects the lives of dolphins. Was not one sad occasion of the death of the mammal from overheating.

Interesting facts about Dolphin the bottlenose Dolphin has information about their relationships with people. They quickly become attached to the person and therefore easy to train. Tamed Dolphin, released into the open sea, always comes back.

Even if he likes freedom more than captivity, from time to time he would visit the man. Desire contact and a close relationship of these two beings have always caused admiration and affection. It was seen as an animal imitates his trainer.

More interesting is the fact that cetaceans can operate its two hemispheres alternately. As for their eyesight, it is not up to par. But they have perfect hearing, thanks to him, dolphins Orient themselves in the sea.

They quickly swim. They can easily reach speeds up to 50 km/h and jump at a height of 5 m. the Organ of respiration they are light. The air they capture is not as the nose, and the blowhole. Thus it is possible to hold your breath under water not less than 15 minutes.


The skin of dolphins has good regeneration properties. Their wounds heal 8 times faster and more efficient than human. Bottlenose dolphins can easily bear the pain. Their body in such cases produces a drug resembling morphine.

Interesting that they can recognize the tastes, distinguish sweet and salty, sour and bitter. Who though time in life heard the sound of Afalina bottlenose Dolphin will never be able to forget them. This language is unusual and very interesting.

It is necessary to communicate with them a short time to understand what is the sound of dolphins bottlenose Dolphin. They whistle and chirp when they need to communicate something to his fellow.

Ultrasonic communication is also triggered them, when they need to understand the situation, identify potential interference, as well as during hunting. These sonar sounds of the dolphins people have learned to use in the treatment. Each Dolphin receives at birth a certain sound name. It remembers it forever. If earlier it was only the scientists, it is now considered a proven fact.

An interesting study was conducted more than once. The birth of the baby Dolphin is a kind of specific sound. In consequence, when the recording of this sound was scrolled, this «call» came just the baby. Not once scientists have checked their identity. They easily could recognize themselves in the mirror. It served as the main proof.

Lifestyle and environment

These interesting creatures prefer to lead a sedentary life. They gather in small flocks, live, breed, and hunt. For hunting choose daytime. Sleep at night on the surface of the water. And in the afternoon swim and play with each other. While hunting they can stay in the group or do it alone.


Dolphin bottlenose Dolphin lives near the Islands of Greenland, in the Norwegian, Baltic, Red, Mediterranean, Caribbean seas, the Gulf of Mexico near New Zealand, Japan and Argentina.

They are comfortable in warm waters, cold they also are not afraid. Sometimes their settled way of life may be replaced by the nomadic. Due to the variability of dolphins, they often can change the pack. Usually in the pack leads the main Dolphin, with large parameters.

In nature, there are 4 types of dolphins bottlenose Dolphin:

Far East;
The black sea;

The Black sea includes about 7000 species of black sea Dolphin-Afalina. Every year them becomes ever less. The blame for environmental problems, the constant increase in navigable paths.


And of course, poaching has not been canceled. Rather, this lesson has long been considered a criminal, but many can not to deal with it. To somehow save the situation and not to lead to the extinction of these wonderful creatures Dolphin bottlenose Dolphin was listed in the Red book.

Food Dolphin bottlenose Dolphin

Main menu these cetaceans are fish, squid, shrimp, crustaceans. It depends on the habitat of dolphins. In some places they prefer the flounder, in others there is a large concentration of anchovy, it dolphins m overlap. Lately, a favorite food of dolphins is considered haarder.


To find food Dolphin can dive in some areas to 150 m in depth, in other regions even further. For a normal health adult required per day 15 kg of fish products.

Reproduction and life expectancy

Dolphin-like man, is a viviparous mammals. It is interesting to observe them in the mating season. At this time, the male adjusts all of its power to please the female.

He sings her love songs, trying to jump as high as possible. But he has not one rival. From a large selection of the female eventually selects one, and they retire together, indulge in such attention and affection.


As a result of this love idyll in a year, the light appears their baby, with a size of about 1 m. the Appearance of a 10-pound newborn occurs in water, there is several females.

See the baby above the water in 10 minutes. He POPs up to carry out a first breath. He is trying to help present around.

Early in his life, at least a month the kid had a meter not far behind from its mother eats for about 6 months her milk. Then mother gradually enters into the diet of adult food. Playful little dolphins.

They love to have fun, jump, dive and play. So, during the game, they acquire skill in life, gradually learn to hunt and avoid trouble. The life expectancy of the bottlenose Dolphin in the wild is about 25 years.

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