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Canadian Sphynx cat. Description, care and price of the Canadian Sphynx

Breed description Canadian Sphynx

Sphynx — the most unusual, but still unusually cute breed of cats. Many people are wondering, saying: «What a strange cat, shaved or what? But why? Where is wool? ”And so on.


But few people know that this feature is given by nature to the Sphinx. But it’s all about the gene mutations that happened back in the 60s, so they inherited such ancestry from their ancestors.

Canadian Sphynx kittens are not only born bald, but also adapt to live all their lives. By the way, the age of these animals is up to 15 years. Cat Sphynx is distinguished by its love for the owner.

But the Canadian Sphynx cat — with its intelligence and activity. Knitting of the Canadian Sphynx should take place only with a representative of the same cat family and only purebred.

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Otherwise, during childbirth, the girl may experience difficulties. As for the Don Sphynx, they are inherent intelligence. Mutation of this species occurred at the end of the 80s. Most of these cats are unpleasant, and seem disgusting. But there are no ugly animals! They are all, let’s say, an amateur. Always for you, your pet will be your favorite.

Sphynx is one of the most affectionate representatives of the cat family. Loyalty and endurance, envy any other breed. As we have heard or know from experience, that cats are very impatient, impudent and willing to rule the world!

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But you would know how this description does not fit the sphinx. This cat will never dare to wake his master until he wakes up himself. He never dares to ask for food from the table or boldly jump on his hands during a family dinner.

Sphynxes do not like loneliness. They always need to be the center of attention. If you close it in the room during the arrival of guests, you can not expect that he will talk to you during the week.

Although sometimes this method is used for punishment. These bald friends are distinguished by their curiosity, so they need to be looked after. They are not afraid of anything, and for the sake of their interest, they are ready to risk their lives.

Canadian Sphynx cat. Description, care and price of the Canadian Sphynx-4herefore, leaving windows or balconies open is extremely dangerous. Sphinxes are loyal and loving cats. They idolize and love their master. By the way, from the whole family they will choose their own pet, and they will only understand and obey him.

If you really want to have a cat, but the allergy to wool prevents you, you can safely start a Canadian sphinx. Sphinx is a great alternative that you can think of. These cats have no woolen cover at all, maximum — light down. The Canadian Sphynx gets along well with children, it is in principle incapable of showing aggression, and at the same time responds well to training.

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Description of the Canadian Sphynx breed (standard requirements)

Whatever the requirements for the appearance of cats of a given breed, their characters will always differ among themselves. The body of the Sphinx corresponds to the average size, often it is muscular and strong.

The chest of these cats is quite wide and strong. The forelimbs stretch as if from the very middle of the chest, they are set wide enough. The shape of the paws is oval, and the fingers are long. The tail of sphinxes is thin and long, sometimes even a brush on the tip of the tail is seen. Sphynx ears are wide enough, without any wool and brushes on them.

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The skin of this species of the cat family is bald, there is a light down. On the neck and face, the skin is mostly wrinkled. Colors of Sphynx can be varied. There are no standard restrictions here. The most common ones are white, two-color or three-color.

Other monochromatic colors are much less common. As for the Don Sphynx, in contrast to the Canadian — these cats are quite large. Velvet skin. On the face in the Sphinx, pronounced cheekbones and clear features of an attractive face.

Care and maintenance of the Canadian Sphynx

Before you buy this animal, you should understand the whole essence of sphinxes. These are animals that are highly stressed. And if at first the cat will not learn a new home and play, it is quite normal.

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Sphinxes, especially Canadian ones are very thermophilic. Therefore, do not open the windows, especially in the cold, put your pet on, be sure to buy him a house or bed, and take him to your arms for the night.

Thus, the cat will not only get warm, but will get used to you more quickly, as we have already said that these animals simply do not tolerate loneliness.

As for any living creature, dishes should be separate for each type of food. This refers to dry food, fresh food and some water. Water is definitely worth changing every day! Not in any way from the tap. Fresh foods in the diet should be included only with 4 months. There may already be a small amount of boiled beef, raw minced chicken, and some fresh vegetables. Everyone needs vitamins! After some time, you can enter dairy products. Cottage cheese should not be fat.

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You also need to monitor the hygiene of the animal, once a week you need to clean the ears. It is also worth bathing no more than 1 time in 2 weeks at a water temperature of 35-38, as the cat may slip, put something on the bottom. But the teeth need to be cleaned with baby paste or paste for cats.

Since the remnants of food can destroy the teeth of the animal. Sphynx eyes without eyelashes, they need to be washed every day so that the eyelids do not stick together from the sticky liquid that they emit. Well, and of course we monitor the safety of your pet. Remove all sharp and dangerous objects from places where he can stick his curious nose!

Price of the Canadian Sphynx and reviews of the owners

Of course, before you buy a pet, we all tend to read the reviews. Mistress of the Don Sphynx Maria S.V. reports — «Initially, I could not approach him, he seemed to me nasty.

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But when he began to show his love, and show how he himself needs it, he became a real member of the family. This is our second child, by the way, our son loves him. » Reviews of the Canadian Sphynx are taken on one of the Internet forums. And here’s what else people say about this breed: Irina F.L. from Moscow — “When his husband brought home, I was shocked and did not understand why, instead of a fluffy friend, he chose a bald cat.

Now, as I recall these words of mine, I don’t understand how I could say that. This is our native boy. He will always come up when something hurts, and at once lightens. Children love him very much, and he loves me the most, despite the fact that I was initially against. But the main thing in time to understand. Canadian Sphynx, its price ranges from 15,000 rubles to 25,000. But do not forget that vaccinations, food, a house and various treats for your pet are waiting for you ahead!

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