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Cat litter and its types

Currently, the modern market provides a huge range of selection of cat litter. They are classified according to different criteria and have different pricing policies. Then the question arises, how not to get lost in such a variety. Manufacturers distinguish several main types:


Aggregate filler

The title is the essence of the filler. The fact is that when moisture gets into it, that is, cat’s urine, dense lumps are formed. Subsequently, they are easy to remove from the tray, while filling up a new portion. Thus, the bulk of the filler always remains dry.

It helps to reliably trap odor. The undoubted plus of a lumpy filler is that it is ideal for cats who love to dig. The clay structure of the filler feels very much like pets. You can often hear that this is the best cat litter. Reviews on it are extremely positive.


On the photo is clumpy cat litter

But komkuyuschiysya cat litter has some drawbacks:

— suitable only for those who have one pet. If there are more cats, lumps will accumulate in the blink of an eye;

— Avoid getting into the toilet. Clay can clog pipes.

Approximate price of crumpled filler is 100 rubles.

Silica gel filler

This is the most modern type of filler. It represents a multitude of translucent crystals. Recently, silica gel litter for cat litter is gaining enormous popularity, and there is a good reason for this. He has only positive qualities, negative sides are insignificant. The following positive qualities of the presented type of filler can be distinguished:


In the photo, silica gel cat litter

— instantly absorbs moisture;

— has a solid structure, so it does not crumble into small parts;

— reliably locks the smell from the inside;

— does not require frequent replacement, can hold out until 1 month.

But despite the large list of positive properties, many people are confused by the price of cat silica gel filler . However, it is worth considering the fact that it should be changed much less frequently than other species.

As a result, costs may be the same. If you make the calculations, you can make sure that the same lumpy filler will take more money than the silica gel filler for cat litter . Reviews on it are only positive. Perhaps the only drawback of silica gel filler — the presence of an unusual shape, which is not perceived by all cats. The average price for this type of 200 rubles.

Woody filler

Woody cat litter is a time-tested product. It represents oblong particles, which are made by pressing wood sawdust among themselves. Moisture is securely locked inside the pellets. A nice bonus — near the tray will always smell of wood.


On the photo wood filler for cat litter

The presented type of filler has many advantages:

  • — suitable for cats of any age and parameters;
  • — made of natural material;
  • — does not cause allergies in pets;
  • — Available at an affordable price.

Some buyers believe this is the best cat litter.

In addition, wood filler has a list of disadvantages:

  • — wetted filler breaks down into small particles. The result — the filler will spread throughout the house;
  • — requires frequent replacement. It can not be kept in the tray for more than 5 days.
  • — There is a chance that your pet will not like the filler. And objective reasons for this may not be. The average price for a product is 50 rubles.

Mineral filler

It is made in the form of small granules. Visually, they resemble stones. Mineral filler has the following positive qualities:


In the photo mineral filler for cat litter

— environmental friendliness; 
— suitable for cats of any age;
— has an acceptable pricing policy.

It should be said that this type has significant drawbacks. It can be in the tray no more than a week, then a replacement is required. The trouble is that when it is completely wet, this filler becomes the peddler of the smell of feline urine. You can buy cat litter for 70-100 rubles.

Zeolite Mineral Filler

From the name it is clear that it is made from minerals, but these are unusual minerals that are of volcanic origin. A unique feature of the filler is that the granules quickly absorb the liquid, but leave it not on the surface, but inside the granule itself. This delays completely unpleasant odors.


In the photo, zeolite mineral cat litter

It can serve for a long time if one trick is applied. Pour this filler into the tray with a layer of no more than 5 centimeters. Then it can be enough for a period of one week. At this cat litter prices range from 150 to 200 rubles.

Corn filler

Few people know, but there is such a filler. It is the same as the three previous ones made exclusively from natural products. She has a list of the following positive qualities:


In the photo is corn litter for cat litter.

— neutralizes the smell of cat urine;
— absorbs moisture without residue;
— has a low price.

The only disadvantage of this type of filler is its lightness. Because of this, it will spread rapidly throughout the house. The price starts from 90 rubles.

Which cat litter to choose?

The modern market at the moment provides a wide range of cat litter. But here lies the danger. A person who has just appeared a pet, it will be difficult to understand all kinds.


Try to try the maximum number of those fillers that are presented above. Based on the personal preferences and preferences of your pet, you can make a choice and stay true to one brand and one filler. The most important thing — do not neglect the comfort and health of your kitten, choose what is closer to him even if you have to spend a little money.

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