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Fish devil. Description, features, types and habitat of fish devil

Sexual dimorphism in all beauty. Fish a devil shows it. Man’s and female individuals of this deep-water creation, as if from the different worlds. Females reach 2-meter length and have an outgrowth lamp on the head.


Fish sea devil

It shines in the thickness of waters, involving production. Males of fish of a devil 4-centimeter, are deprived of the illuminant. It not the only interesting fact about deep-water creation.

Description and features of fish of a devil

Fish a devil on a photo seems silly. Many are pushed away by appearance of an animal, for what and compared it to the devil. Distinguish from standard fishes of a devil:

  1. Flat body. As if stepped on it from above.
  2. Big head. 2 thirds of an animal fall on it.
  3. As if the triangular, sharply narrowed to a tail body.
  4. Almost imperceptible branchiate cracks.
  5. The wide mouth which is swinging open in all circle of the head. The top jaw is more mobile than the lower. The last is pushed forward. At fish as if having a snack.
  6. The sharp and bent in a mouth teeth.
  7. Flexibility and mobility of maxillary bones. They are moved apart as at snakes, giving the chance to swallow production more largely than the hunter.
  8. Small, round and blizkoposazhenny eyes. They are reduced to a nose bridge, as at a flounder.
  9. Two-compound back fin. Its back part is at a tail and soft. The forward area of a fin is supplied with 6 rigid edges thorns. Three of them come on the head of fish. The forward beam will be shifted to a jaw and has a thickening. It is called esky, serves as the house for the shining bacteria.
  10. Existence of skeletal bones in chest fins. It partially gives them functions of feet. Devils move on fins on a bottom, creeping or peculiar jumping up. Abilities to float anglers are too not deprived. Still fins help to bury in soil, hiding from foreign eyes.

Caspian sea devil


All fishes devils of a glubokovodna, but in different degree. 18 meters are enough for one. Others get on depths into 2 — 3,5 kilometers. Territorially representatives of a sort occupy:

  • open spaces of the Atlantic Ocean
  • northern Northern, Barents and Baltic exhausting
  • waters of Japan, Korea and Far East Russia
  • depths of Silent and Indian oceans
  • waters of the Black Sea

Being ground fishes, sea devils «taste» a pure charm and so pure production. Therefore repellent appearance of animals is combined with excellent tastes. The liver and meat of underwater devils are considered as a delicacy.

Europeans, for example, so actively press it that in the 2017th in England forbade sales of a devil for the purpose of preservation of population of fishes.


Budegassa or chernobryukhy devil

All deep «devils» live in the seas. River devils don’t happen. It, if the speech about fishes. And here the novel «River Devil» is. The book is written by Diana Uaytsayd. The romance novel, narrates about the rich shipowner on the river Missouri.

Species of fish of a devil

The main classification of types of a sort is connected with places of their dwelling. Allocate 7 classes:

  1. European angler. It is opened for the first of fishes of devils in 1758. Reaches 2-meter length. Weight thus is equal to 30 kilograms. Coloring of representatives of a look brown, with reddish or greenish outflow. On the main background there are dark stains. Paunch of fish the white.
  2. Budegassa or chernobryukhy devil. The stomach dark is similar on European, but the head slightly already, and. Still fish a black devil more small than the European relative, grows only to meter length. The look in 1807 is open.
  3. American sea devil. It is open in 1837. In length fish doesn’t exceed 120 centimeters, weighs to 23 kilograms. Belly of fish dirty-white, and sides and back of brown tones.
  4. Cape look. The most flattened of all udilshchik. Still it has the smallest and short body. More than a meter the inhabitant of depths doesn’t grow. Fish is painted in the light brown. The mouth has outgrowths reminding seaweed. Actually, it is skin of a devil. Because of its form and an arrangement at a mouth of fish, the animal was nicknamed a bearded devil. The look, as well as American, in 1837 is open. On the lower jaw of fish 3 rows of teeth.
  5. Far East angler. It is open in 1902. In length fish reaches 1,5 meters. The Far East devil differs from relatives in the extended tail. Teeth on the lower jaw of representatives of a look settle down in 2 rows. Coloring of an animal the brown. There are light specks with a dark inking.
  6. South African look. It is open in 1903. Fish almost transparent, whitish. In length representatives of a look reach meter, and about 14 kilograms weigh.
  7. West Atlantic fishes devil. It is open in 1915. In length fish doesn’t exceed 60 centimeters. Color of covers of an animal the pinkish-brown. Skin outgrowths on the West Atlantic devil at least and they aren’t expressed.

Sea devil slope

Among sea devils is tiny, used in an akvariumistika, for example, the ashkey. Otherwise she is called the striped devil. Fish is painted with blue, white, black, violet strips.

At an aquarian devil especially decorative fins and minimum flattened body. To be fair we will notice that in the seas there is one more devil. So nicknamed one of slopes. They too concern fishes. The sea devil is open in 1792.


Head fins of fish are approached to a triangular form and directed forward, as if horns. Therefore there was an association with the devil. Such structure of fins is caused by their participation in process of the direction of food in a mouth of a slope.

Food of fish devil

All sea devils — predators. As an exception of fish rise to a water surface, hunting on a herring and a mackerel. Sometimes sea devils are enough the birds rocking on waves. But usually ground predators also hunt at a bottom, catching there:


Bearded devil

  • squids and other cephalopods
  • sandworts
  • slopes
  • to crash
  • flounder
  • eels s
  • mall sharks
  • Crustacea

Devils wait for the victims of fish, having hidden at the bottom. Light of «lamp» of a predator attracts inhabitants of depths. When the potential victims touch an eska, the devil sharply plows up a mouth. In its area the vacuum is formed, pressure changes.

Floating by literally tightens in a mouth of fish. 6 milliseconds are spent for everything about everything.

Reproduction and life expectancy

Sea devil — fish who merges with the partner literally of the word. The tiny male bites a female. That starts emitting the enzymes providing merging of two bodies. Blood vessels unite even. «Untouched» are only small eggs.


Casual photo of a sea devil who for some reason emerged on a surface

Some males can bite one female. So female individual receives the maximum reserve of sperm. Such mechanism provided to devils a survival for millions of years. The look is considered relic.

In details process of conception and a child-bearing at fishes of devils isn’t studied. Stirs a deep-water way of life of udilshchik. So animal call because of the «small lamps» shining on muzzles. They are shaken in water as if carries out floats and the tackle function similar to a usual rod.


American sea devil

Udilshchik start reproduction:

  1. At the end of winter if live in southern latitudes.
  2. In the middle of the spring or the beginning of summer if live in northern districts.
  3. At the end of summer if it is about a Japanese udilshchik.

Berries of the angler develop in a tape 50 — 90 centimeters wide. Length of a cloth reaches 12 meters. Thickness the tape is equal 0,5 centimeters and consists from:

  • the slime forming 6-faced compartments
  • the berries concluded on one piece in a compartment

Caviar tapes of fishes of devils freely drift in the thickness of water. Contain 1 — 3 million capsules with germs in one cloth.

Embryos are surrounded with fat. It doesn’t allow a laying to settle on a bottom. Mucous cells gradually collapse, and berries float already separately.


West Atlantic devil

The born whitebaits of an udilshchik not of a splusnuta from above, it is similar to adults. It is possible to consider cubs at a water surface where they live the first 17 weeks of life.

After animals fall by a bottom. There udilshchik should live 10 — 30 more years, depending on a species of fish.

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