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Grass for cats. Why grass for cats? Growing grass for cats

Why do cats eat grass?

It is no secret that the representatives of the cat family belong to the order of predators, and by nature are such. These creatures are gifted with divine grace and, making graceful jumps during an attack, can easily overtake their prey.


Soft paws since ancient times allowed wild cats to sneak up silently to their prey. And every day from century to century, they carefully washed only so that unnecessary odors do not interfere with a successful hunt.

And the home representatives of this family, who adore with a crash to eat fish and meat dishes, are not an exception to the rule. Do not even try to feed your mustache pet only cereals, potatoes or corn. It is unlikely that a cat will be grateful for that to its owner! And even more, in this case, she can seriously get sick.

All the more incomprehensible: why the predator cat eats grass ? However, these cute creatures do it with pleasure. Who of the owners of domestic cats and cats did not see a similar picture in the blessed warm months, traveling with a four-legged pet in nature, or watching animals walking on green lawns from the window of a city apartment?

Especially often this occurs in spring or early summer, when young shoots are juicy and full of the smell of freshness. Completely well-fed, in no need of anything, domestic pets, finding themselves in their summer cottage, carefully sniffing each plant, begin to leisurely bite down blades of grass with a conscious mind.


And, saturated with the juice of the green flora, chewing a little of the vegetable gruel, spit out the unwanted leftovers. What is it, lack of vitamins or search for medicinal plants with intuitive wisdom dictated by unerring instinct?

Even scientists, arguing about such oddities of the tailed creatures, cannot accurately answer the question: what exactly makes the  perform such “rituals”? But it is clear: cats have a need for > acid contained in fresh greens, as it is necessary for their vital activity.

It is believed that the grass for catsis a kind of catalyst, a natural remedy that baleen cunning take from stomach obstruction in order to improve the digestion in it of bones and leftover animal food.

And again, the solution to the dilemma lies in the predatory nature of these creatures. After eating >birds and  , swallow not only the nutrient parts of the prey, but along with it, other inedible components, including feathers and wool. And after the animal’s body rejects them. They regurgitate villi and hairballs, and medicinal herbs for cats stimulate this process.

Even well-groomed and pampered domestic cats , whose menu is ideally matched by their owners, have a need for regurgitation of wool. After all, everyone knows that cats are rare cleaners, and make their daily toilet rough tongues.


In this case, the hairs during the “washing” of the fur coat fall into the cat’s stomach . And precisely in order to free from inedible elements after washing, cats eat healthy plants. This is forced by instinct.

What kind of grass do cats eat?

If something makes small predators temporarily become vegetarians and eat greens, it means they feel the need. And pets need help finding what they are looking for. This is especially useful for cats and cats who live in stuffy and cramped apartments, devoid of the pleasure of communicating with nature, smell and taste greens, and get real vitamins. Grass for a cat at home can be a way out of this impasse.

Moreover, the wayward representatives of the cat kind, driven to despair by such a shortage and not getting what they consider themselves entitled to claim, are able to decide voluntarily to take what they want.

And then farewell, cherished by the owners, so beautiful and valuable indoor plants! No one can stop the four-legged, self-willed stubborn people from nibbling their leaves thoroughly, because cats climb where they want, and do what they want. As a result of the “cat riot”, young landings at the dacha can also suffer. It should be clarified here that shaggy shrews eat nothing at all, but only certain herbs. So, what kind of grass do cats like ? For example, they very often use the thief.


At first glance, their choice is poorly understood, because it is the most common, incredibly tenacious weed with bright green, and most importantly, sharp and coarse leaves. But it is worth to be surprised at the natural instincts of cats, because for animals, sow thistles are of particular value, like a real medicinal plant.

Moreover, to clean the stomach, cats tend to look for hard herbs. Taking into account the above, cereals are very suitable for them. And the best option is probably oats. It is an accessible and popular culture, as well as grass loved by cats

However, the animal instinct, unmistakable at first glance, can give a miss and cause new troubles. Often, eating greenery without the permission of the owners, baleen robbers get serious poisoning, leading to swelling of the mucous membrane and other painful incidents.

Therefore, the owners need to know: what herbs can cats , and which can not. All onion plants growing on household plots, lilies of the valley, tulips, violets, daffodils, calendula can be harmful for them ; filling the wastelands, henbane and the nightshade. The dangerous representatives of the flora also include: croton, azalea, primrose, oleander, and others.

Growing grass for cats

Often, the owners of suburban areas planted specifically for their baleen and tailed pet flower beds, where they grow barley, wheat and oats, which arouses genuine interest and gratitude of four-legged pets. Eating greens, they become active, playful and happy with life. And the most common, but miraculous grass for cats becomes the cause of everything .

Reviews show that such a flora satisfies all the needs of cats in an affordable, but at the same time fresh, tasty herbal medicine made from herbaceous fibers and the need for pets in valuable vitamins. This useful substance does not contain chemicals and emits, pleasant for animals< , the smell of greenery.


It is also possible to grow suitable flora at home by planting it on a windowsill in a container or simply in a pot. It is enough, deciding to plant grass for cats, buy a pet bag at a pet shop weighing 50 g, which contains oats or other suitable seeds, and plant grains that are better to germinate beforehand, wrapped in a damp cloth, in a convenient container.

Very affordable and similar to oats is grass for cats «Skakun». Such seeds are sold in small sachets. They sprout beautifully, and grow quickly and together. And pets, eating such a herbal medicine, to other indoor flowers lose all interest. And the process of planting this grass does not contain any tricks.

Here it is very important to tamp the ground well so that the cat, which will eat green plantings in the future, cannot pull them out by the roots. Grass seeds for cats are placed at a depth of no more than 2 cm.

Sprouts will need moisture, so regular watering is necessary. And so that the water does not evaporate, the container is covered with polyethylene. When the planting is old enough, you can already use the flora for its intended purpose.

To feed the cat with green medicine , you just need to choose a convenient place for a pot with a plant. You can post it at your own discretion, but it is better where the pet takes food. And then the agile animal itself will do everything that is necessary.

In online stores where you can immediately see in the photo how plants will look like, which is convenient, a large selection of universal blends is offered. This herb for cats has a very low price

For example, a bag of “Alpine Meadows” costs about 20 rubles. There are ready-made kits that include not only seeds, but also land for planting. It remains only to perform all that is described in the instructions on the package, and also do not forget to water the seedlings.

And the  in the apartment will increase the mood of your pet, ensuring him a great state of health. And the absence of harmful substances in such a flora is fully guaranteed.


An interesting way is to grow grass for cats without land, and it is called hydroponics. It is extremely convenient for city apartments, because it guarantees the absence of excess dirt.

And for the implementation of our plans, you will need only: a pair of plastic plates, a bag, cotton wool, gauze and, of course, suitable grass seed for cats.
How to plant plants without land ? Simple enough. In one of the plastic vessels, small holes are made, which are necessary for draining excess water

Then put this plate on top of another, and its bottom is covered with a layer of cotton wool. Then water is poured inside, the seeds are poured out, and the container is covered with gauze and packed in a transparent bag. This cover is removed as soon as the grain germinates.

Especially vegetable food is necessary for a in winter. During this period, it not only cleanses the stomach of animals, but also replenishes the body’s reserves of useful and valuable vitamins and minerals.


It should also be warned that it is dangerous to buy seeds to feed the four-legged pets on the market. Of course, they are much cheaper, but they may well not be of the best quality and contain chemicals hazardous to animalhealth .

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