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How many dogs live

Healthy food and fresh air. So explained the longevity of his pet owner Blui. That was the name of the Australian shepherd, who passed away at the 30th year of life with an average age of dogs at 11-15 years. The 20 who live have been considered lucky


Australian Shepherd Blui, lived 29 years

Blui — record holder, which is recorded in the Guinness book. He was born a dog in 1910, and died in 1939. From the first to the last days, Blui guarded the herds. The shepherd’s host didn’t feed them with delicacies, giving meats, water, cereals and vegetables.

However, experts tend to link the longevity of Blui with genetics. There are breeds that tend to remain in service longer than others. Australian Shepherds are one of them. The rest of the list is in the start chapter.

Breed long-livers

In the list of centenarians there are no large dogs. The tallest representative of the list is that very Australian Shepherd. About the same height of collie. This is a Scottish breed, also shepherd .

Broad masses know the dog on the film «Lassie». Representatives of the breed are harmoniously folded, long-haired, with a pointed muzzle and a long, fluffy tail.


Breed collie

For short-lived long-livers include:

1. The beagle. From English the name of the breed translates as «hound.» Speech, respectively, about the hunting dogs. They were bred in England to persecute burrow animals. In the modern world, the great nose of a bigley is more often used at customs.

Dogs track agricultural products and drugs in baggage. How many breed dogs live ? Many reach the 16th anniversary.


2. Pug. The wrinkled forehead of this dog is as if speckled with hieroglyphs. This hints at the origin of the breed. Pugs were bred in China and kept at the imperial court. In the 16th century, pugs were brought to France with a fleet of Turks.

From there, representatives of the breed spread throughout the world. Pugs live an average of 15 years.


3. Welsh Corgi . He is called a shepherd dog in miniature. The height of the dog at the withers does not exceed 30 centimeters. A small increase is not an obstacle to catching small game. This is the original destination of the Korg.

After they were used for grazing. In modern times, corgi are decorative dogs. They live, as a rule, at least 12 years. Many leave on the 16th year.


4. Yorkshire Terrier. Now 100% decorative breed was once a hunting. Yorkshire terriers exterminated rats. More representatives of the breed used for pasture middle game from the burrows.

If now the Yorkshire are elite doggies, in the 18th century there were dogs of the peasants. They were forbidden to keep large hunting grounds in order to eliminate poaching on the lands of the nobility. How many small dogs live ? Some swap the 3rd decade. But most Yorkshire terriers live for about 13 years.


5. That poodle . Among dogs, representatives of the breed are the best circus artists. In times of rebirth, toychiki also entertained model. Poodles danced before them on their hind legs. Bear service as then, and now could up to 20 years.


The list can be continued with the Pomeranian Spitz, which easily reaches the age of 14-16 years. Miniature and Lhasa Apso. Breed Tibetan with a thousand-year history, arose outside the targeted selective selection.

In the thin air of Tibet Apso live about 20 years. Locals believe that the souls of the most holy ones move to dogs


Breed lhasa apso

Among the long-livers are also listed Shih Tzu. The name of the breed is translated as «lion». Shih tzu has a magnificent mane. Bred the breed in Tibet, too. Afterwards, the Shih Tzu was kept at the court of the Ming dynasty. Even then, we knew how many breed dogs lived on average — 18 years.

Records set and Jack Russell Terriers. They live 20 years. However, the records relate not only to the duration of the dog’s century. With a growth of 30 centimeters, the crouches jump in height from their place to 1.5 meters.


Rounding out the list of centenarians dachshunds and Pekingese. The latter are derived in Manchuria. You notice that in the list of long-livers many Chinese breeds. There is no scientific explanation for this. However, the Pekingese related mystical facts.

The Chinese kept the dogs at the temples, considering a hybrid of a lion and a monkey. The animal turned out small, but fearless. Therefore, the Pekingese laid the function to drive away evil spirits. Service dogs carried up to 20 years.


The average life of dogs

Representatives of most breeds live 10-12 years. One year «goes» for 7 human. Such is the statistics of purebred dogs. Mongols at home live about a third longer than tribal dogs.

This is associated with tough selection in the natural environment. Having a flimsy health, dogs do not survive on the streets. Weak puppies are not cared for. Taking a mongrel from the street, people get the strongest of the strongest. Hence the long life span.


Homeless mongrel

Pets are often refined. With external compliance with the standard and the absence of mental problems, dogs are allowed to breed even with poor health. Here come to the aid of veterinarians.

However, globally, a gene pool of such care does not benefit the population. Therefore, how many dogs live at home depends not only on the breed, but also on its absence.

Finding out how many poochs live on the street, it is not necessary to talk about records. Health is spent on overcoming the harsh environmental conditions. As a result, the same 10-12 years are obtained, or even less, because the factor of sudden mortality is significant, for example, under the machines.

Breeds with a minimum lifespan

As mentioned and follows from the list of long-livers, dogs of large breeds leave early . This is partly due to the size of the heart. For miniature breeds, it has a working capacity, while for large rocks it works for wear and tear, not corresponding to body weight.

In addition, large pets are more difficult to ensure an adequate level of activity, especially in the apartment. Body weight puts pressure on the skeleton, leading to arthritis and arthrosis. Unbalanced nutrition is a reason for the development of rickets. He, for example, is often found in the Great Danes, Mastiffs.


Breed mastiff

The shortest among the dogs of the century:

1. Bulldogs. They are divided into several varieties. The British and French Bulldogs live an average of 9 years. Others are limited to 7 years. Life is interrupted, mainly due to heart disease and cancer.

They are genetically determined. For breeding bulldogs used closely related crossbreeding. Hence the poor health. In humans, this was observed in royal families.


2. St. Bernards. They rarely live longer than 10 years. The average is 8 years old. During this time, St. Bernard have time to go down in history. In Paris, for example, stands a monument to Barry.

He lived in the 19th century at the monastery of St. Bernard. Barry worked as a lifeguard , protecting 40 people from death.


3. Basset. Due to the peculiar structure, the dog’s body is subjected to excessive loads, despite its average height. Like the bulldogs, the basset hounds are the result of closely related crossbreeding.

From here comes the disease characteristic of the representatives of the breed. Part of the ills due to the structure. Folded skin, for example, often disappears, is irritated. Loose eyelids basset can be wrapped ciliated near inside. An elongated spine affects arthritis.


4. Rottweilers. They suffer from massiveness in the heart and hind limbs. They account for the majority of breed sores. As a result, Rottweilers live 9-10 years.


5. Dobermans. They are energetic. Wanted long walks, sports, training. Not every owner gives the necessary in due measure. Dobermans begin to literally die of boredom, getting sick. For most dogs, age is limited to 11 years.


To the list, you can add a discussion on how much shepherd lives . Their 53 species. The age of each is individual. The shortest life of German shepherds. They rarely meet the 12th birthday.

In this case, often the Germans live only 5-7 years. Sheepdog Gunter managed to make a fortune during this period. Means pet owner bequeathed. Gunther became the richest dog in the world, as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records


The richest shepherd named Gunter

Among the sheepdogs there are breeds, the life of which largely depends on the ecology. Caucasians, for example, live in clean areas outside the cities for 3-4 years longer. In megacities, even in private farmsteads, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs rarely meet their 12th birthday.

Of the Chinese breeds in the list of those whose age is short, only crested are listed . Some live to be 15 years old, but most are limited to 10-12. It is necessary to exclude from the diet of the pet allergens, in particular, the liver of chickens. Crested tend to skin reactions. On their background, the lymph nodes are enlarged, which indicates an increased load on the internal organs. Crested teeth are also problematic, and Perthes disease often develops due to impaired blood supply.

Breeds of dogs with an average

life expectancy This list is «bitty.» The list includes both miniature and large dogs. Regarding the first, I recall, for example, how many toy-terriers live . Their age is often limited to 15 years, but less than 12 doggies delight the owners rarely.

The life span of a Chihuahua dog will also be 12-15 years. One of the representatives of the breed, by the way, is recognized as the smallest dog in the world. Name is the dog Milly. Her height is 9.5 centimeters. Lives quadruped in Puerto Rico


The smallest chihuahua milly

Among large dogs, the average life expectancy is different:

  • Afghan hound
  • Belgian Shepherd
  • Dog bull terrier
  • Buryat wolfhound
  • Dalmatian kurchaar

They all live 12-13 years. The exact figure depends on several conditions. About them — in the final chapter.

Factors affecting the lifespan of dogs

In addition to belonging to any breed, genetics of the genus affect the dog’s age. The smaller the dogs with disabilities in his health, the higher the probability of getting a long-lived pet.

Casual mention was made of the influence on the life of a dog of its physiology. Not only body weight affects health. Plays a role and its structure. Hounds and greyhounds, for example, have long paws. This affects the speed of running for prey and senile sores. With age limbs greyhounds become brittle, — the bones wear out.

An important role is played by the care of animals. In part, it depends on the breed. The general rules include the balance of nutrition, ensuring proper physical activity and pet hygiene.


Especially important is the proper care of the first 2-3 years of life, at the stage of formation of the organism. Vaccinations help protect your dog from a number of diseases. There is a mandatory schedule and a list of additional vaccines used at the request of the owners.

The final «note» in the health of the dog — the situation in the house, the relationship with the owners. In four-legged, too, there are depression, stress, depressed, as well as elevated, calm. Dogs react to violence in the family and in relation to themselves, to the indifference of the owners. Psycho-emotional «levers» trigger the development of certain diseases.

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