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How many guinea pigs live?

Do many or few guinea pigs live? If you answer this question briefly, then from 4 to 8 years. Is it a lot or a little? Judge for yourself: the parents buy a child an animal that does not go to school yet, and it dies and dies when the young man or girl is already concerned about completely different questions. Is it a piggy back here when a guy invites you for a date ?! So think about the fact that your child will not always be a child.

Guinea pigs, who are they?

The most, perhaps, strange animals in the world. These are not pigs, they are rodents. With a specific structure of teeth, living in burrows in the wild. They are not at all marine animals, they need water not for swimming — for drinking and only for drinking. And how much confusion the name “Guinean” introduces is a separate topic.

How many guinea pigs live?

It is an animal with an ancient, venerable history, dating back centuries. The ancient Indian peoples of the Andes, breeding guinea pigs as domestic animals, pursued several goals at once. It was:

• meat for food (it tastes like chicken or rabbit to taste);

• sacrificed exclusively domestic animal (so that the elements do not harm the fields);

• an animal whose disturbed behavior the ancient people knew in advance about the approaching storms and earthquakes;

• a funny animal, with which small children willingly played, without distracting adults from their adult affairs.

The ancient Indians loved their cori and even carved them in stone, like sacred animals (but, nevertheless, ate). Then the conquistadors brought the little animals to the Old World (to Europe), where they became the subject of fashion along with cats, dogs and parrots. And immediately began their unrestrained selection. What kind of breeds did not bring sophisticated human mind. Guinea pigs are:

• with short hair;

• with long hair;

• with hard wool;

• no wool at all;

• with wool, but in a small amount!

It is absolutely inconceivable to list all shades of coat colors, we will note only the most adorable and valued tortoise color. What is the value of the animal as a pet?

How many guinea pigs live?

This is a completely mild and friendly-quiet creature that does not create much trouble for the owners: it does not growl, does not bite, does not fight sofas and armchairs, and does not fall under the feet of the inhabitants of the house. Takes hands and gently itches. And what begins here! Gilt rubs his hands and gently hums — grunts (because of this, she and “pig) and, it seems, is about to“ melt ”from tenderness.

Small size and weight (the male weighs no more than 1.5 kg), a pleasant round body is very conducive to picking up the little animals in their arms and having a kind and affectionate conversation with them. But the guinea pigs should not be dropped: the damage caused by the fall can lead the rodent to premature death, so do not squeeze it too hard, and then it will not escape.

Guinea pigs in the house

The peculiar smell inherent in the described animal and its dwelling, is far from being pleasant to everyone. The long-haired guinea pig requires closer attention than a short-haired pig or born “hairless”.

How many guinea pigs live?

But the main motive to abandon the tender creature is the diet he needs. When «understating» in matters of nutrition or careless feeding, guinea pigs can hurt, and the disease is always unpleasant. Therefore, if you are not ready to care for a sick animal and see its suffering, it is better to immediately abandon its content in the house.

Guinea Pigs Content

What is the «content (list) of conditions» for the happiness of the animal and its owners? In other words, how much can a guinea pig live in your house? For a long life, the guinea pig should be:

• well-chosen;

• have comfortable “living conditions”;

• properly fed; • be able to multiply;

• competently «serviced» by the owner;

• in the case of an illness, to be treated correctly and the last — it’s the first — the condition: to be loved.

How many guinea pigs live?

If you are not able to provide the animal with all vital, or buy it «from the mind», it is better to stop right away! Irritation in connection with the need to care for him, as well as the protest of a family member against his acquisition — a reason to say “stop” to yourself. An animal is not fun for an hour. From now on it is completely in your power!

Should I buy a guinea pig?

It all starts with the purchase, purchase of the future «member» of the family. Immediately decide the question of who will be engaged in the animal when the child’s interest in it “cools”. Let him choose a new tenant for the house.

Children tend to choose sad-touching, “unfortunate” animals, prone to various troubles with them. The young one must be energetic, curious, adventurous and responsive to appeal to him, he must have shiny, «funny» eyes and shiny wool. Sluggish, fearful, rodents huddled in a corner should not be taken into the house.

How many guinea pigs live?

Do not be afraid of «rapid» breathing of the animal, 100-150 breathing movements per minute — this is the norm. But breathing should not be, neither hoarse, nor hoarse, and in no case, nor «coughing.» Body temperature from 37 to 39 ° C — this is not «heat», for a rodent it is also normal, as well as a pulse of 300 beats per minute.

The length of the body is less than 20 cm, the “failed” sides indicate health problems, it is better to refuse such an individual. The purchased animal should not have lice, lisperous, purulent crusts from the discharge from the ears, nose or eyes, traces of diarrhea around the anus; at the same time determine the sex of the «child».

Rules for the care of a rodent

Any animal needs a couple, alone it will not “stretch” for a long time, but if you bought a male and a female, let it not be a surprise for you to have offspring 60-70 days after the first “acquaintance”.

How many guinea pigs live?

In the future, estrus in the female will be repeated in 14-18 days. You should not be too condescending to frequent matings: the mother’s body wears out faster from frequent farrows. But to demand abstinence from the male is also not the best solution to limit childbearing.

Guinea pigs, like rats and other rodents, are very fertile: if the farrow brings 1 to 5 cubs, it is repeated every 2 months, it is easy to calculate the possible offspring in a year. Is it worth it to get more than one pair of pigs, it depends on you. Note that newborn pigs themselves will be able to multiply and multiply after 40 to 60 days (depending on gender).

Consider the question of where the newly born offspring will be located and where to place the males so that overcrowding does not lead to a deterioration in the health of your pets. When transporting home, try to do it quickly, but so that the piggy is as calm as possible: do not shake, do not turn over, do not sharply tilt the box and let the hay inside, if the road is far.

How many guinea pigs live?

If the mumps after transportation does not eat 2 — 3 days, it is stressful, leave it alone. We can say the following about “living conditions”: the cage-cage must be clean, warm (but not hot), and so that the mumps do not “share the living space” with hamsters, rats and other living creatures.

If a maliciously-minded dog or cat lives in the house, make sure they get along. If this does not happen, there is another reason to abandon the animal, because it will be regularly frightened or take damage, and his life will not be too long.

Proper nutrition

Proper feeding is one of the main conditions for a long rodent life. The front teeth should be methodically wiped-ground with roughage, so hay, hay, and again hay!

How many guinea pigs live?

Hay should be uninterrupted year-round, it can not be replaced! Hay should not contain poisonous plants, otherwise diarrhea will be as the mildest version of this «feeding.» To better grind the incisors, periodically give sprigs and solid food (carrots, beets, apples). Do not forget that you are dealing with a rodent that eats little by little, but around the clock. Feed should be plenty, as in the wild, and of good quality.

Juicy food is also a source of vitamin “C” (the animal’s body does not produce it itself). And no cereals, boiled vegetables, raw or fried meat: guinea pigs — «vegetarians» and «raw foodists».

How many guinea pigs live?

A very important condition of life: a guinea pig must eat its own litter! Do not interfere with this in any way: litter is the only “digestible” source of B vitamins and K vitamin for these not very fastidious creatures. Never «tempt» the animal with its favorite delicacies: obesity is one of the reasons for its short life.

• In addition to food, animals need water for life, and it should be clean, without pieces of carrot floating in it, melon crusts and other food. For swimming, water is not necessary for the pig, if you are smeared in the ground for a walk, carefully wash it in warm water, without frightening or leaving it with wet wool — use a hair dryer.

• A very crucial moment: in case of illness, never enter penicillin in guinea pigs! For them, it is a deadly poison!

How many guinea pigs live?

• When kept in captivity, a guinea pig with long matted hair cannot cope on its own, as well as with overgrown claws. Help her cope with these little of her problems.

• And do not leave your pet — pig alone for a walk: such a meek creature can easily become an object of attack from cats, dogs, impudent crows, and simply be stolen by people who have attacked the «unowned good» by people with not quite clear conscience! You want to be friends with your pet and not to part with it as long as possible? Make for this all that is only in your power! Believe me: your animal is not just a leather bag stuffed with hay! In it beats a small, but still feeling heart!

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