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How to teach a kitten to the tray

There is an opinion among people that it iscate not children, but oneself. Scions take a lot from their parents. Among animals, the rule also applies. In order not to suffer, teaching the kitten to the tray, it is worth knowing how clean the mother of the baby is. It is the cat that first shows offspring where and how to go to the toilet.

It is important not only raising the mother, but also finding the kittens next to her. There are cases when babies are weaned from a parent because of her illness, death. Kittens «homeless» are accustomed to the tray worse. It is desirable that up to 3 months of age the animal was with the mother. After you can pick up a pet, in advance preparing for it your tray.


Tray selection

Given the rapid growth of cats, which are already 6-7 months old indistinguishable from adults, take large trays. On sale there are miniature. However, they are enough for just a couple of months. The waste is not justified.

The tray must be stable, of good plastic. Otherwise the design will crack, will turn over. We’ll have to collect the spilled filler. By the way will have a protective rim. Sometimes it comes bundled, but more often it is sold separately.


The rim is worn on the sides, preventing the filler from scattering. It can fly out of the tray not only when overturning, but also at the moments when the kitten sweeps up traces. Having gone to the toilet, the cats scratched their paws, trying to bury the stool.

Some trays are equipped with grids that fit over the filler. Rising on them, whiskeys keep their paws dry. However, claws can cling to the grids. Do not forget that the animal will try to bury the stool.

Painfully hooked on the lattice with claws, the kitten may be frightened by the tray. Therefore, it is better to overpay for high-quality filler. He will help in the question of how to teach a kitten to the tray.


Filler selection

Cats perceive smells differently than humans. Baleen noses are more sensitive. If the filler smells good from the point of view of the owner, the animal mixture may scare away.

Fragrance-free fillers have components that block the smell of cats. The granules sort of lock it up. Therefore, there is no need for flavors.

Fine dust from the filler deposited on the animal’s fur. Therefore, silica gel fillers are more convenient than mineral and wood ones. In addition, natural materials have less absorption and speed

How to teach a kitten to the tray

Silica gel with the use of one adult animal lasts for 1-2 weeks. The high price, according to experts, is the only reason for holding on the market positions of wooden and mineral fillers for trays. However, there is a reservation. Silica gel is not suitable for kittens.

Upon contact with the liquid, the crystals crackle. It scares or, on the contrary, amuses baleen. They perceive innovative material as a playing field, but not a toilet. Animals are lying in the filler, trying to eat. The composition of the granules is safe, but the material scatters around the house.

So, deciding how to teach a kitten to go to the tray, you need to choose natural fillers. However, mineral granules often stick to the fur of a small baleen. The structure of their fur coats is different from the cover of adult animals. Most mineral fillers are made on the basis of clay, and its sticky properties are known.

How to teach a kitten to the tray

Ideal for kittens is considered wood filler trays. The material is cheap, does not cause allergies, well closes the smell. Mineral granules often miss the «flavor» in the external environment. In addition, solid pebbles stuck between the pads of the feet of animals, delivering pain, discomfort. Young pet can also scare it away from the tray.

Wooden fillers for kittens produced in the form of small granules. For adult baleen particles are larger. The filler can be tried without breaking the teeth, without poisoning. Convenient and type of disposal. Silica gel and mineral granules should not be flushed down the toilet. Woody filler is possible, but by a bit.

Because of the love to swarm paws in something soft, the kittens seem to be drawn to the tray with the filler. It is more difficult to make a pet addicted to an empty container. Therefore, in the question of how to train a kitten to the tray quickly, the filler plays an important role.

How to teach a kitten to the tray

Kitten habituation sequence

To teach a kitten to a tray in an apartment or a private house, you need to find a good place. Having decided on the room where it is convenient to put a toilet for an animal, you need to lock it there. It remains to observe where the pet will hide. This nook is ideal for installing a tray.

Having established a cat’s toilet, it is necessary to observe the moments when the pet begins to look for a secluded corner. The mustache must be picked up, transferred to the tray. The probability that the pet immediately goes to the toilet, is small. Most likely the kitten will play with the filler, and it will be easier in another place. You need patience. Inevitably, a moment will come when an animal brought to the tray cannot be tolerated.

When the kitten goes into the tray, it remains to praise him, stroke, give a treat. Having caught the relationship, the pet will cease to relieve the need where necessary.


It is important to remember to praise the kitten when he does everything right

If you teach kittens to the tray by the age of 1 month mother-cat will have time, ideally. However, more often to inculcate mustached culture has their owners.

When petting needs past the tray, the animal is required to read off in a stern voice, without slapping and spouting. It is desirable to treat the place chosen by the mustache with “Antigadin” or another prophylactic agent. Its smell, elusive for people, will scare away the cat. In the end, the pet will have to go to the tray.

Another trick is to wet a piece of paper in a puddle made on the floor. It needs to be transferred to the cat toilet. The animal will follow the smell, having done its business the next time in the proper place.


If the smell of feces is felt not only by the kitten, but also by people, you can use activated charcoal. It has a porous, absorbent structure. It is enough to decompose tablets in problem areas. «Flavor» will disappear. If coal is found and eaten by animals, not scary. Do not harm the pills and children. For health, activated carbon is safe.

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