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How to wash a cat. Is it possible to wash the cat? How to wash a cat

Cats love to drink running water and refuse stagnant. Therefore, whiskeys often jump on the shells, shoving tongues under the taps. Jump a cat can and the bath, and in her own. However, this is the minority of animals. Most baleen are afraid to swim. Hence the question of the owners: — » Is it possible to wash the cat , especially if it resists?»


Is it possible to wash a cat

Cats are considered clean. Whiskers have rough tongues. On closer examination, they are covered with setae. For them, when licking, fallen hairs, particles of dirt, and fluff cling. They accumulate on the coat of the animal and the B vitamins. Licking pollution, cats will get them. Vitamins category support the mental health of a predator.

If you often wash the cat , it will lose a valuable resource. Vitamin complexes with the presence of compounds of group B will have to be given to the pet. Therefore, it is recommended to bathe animals only with heavy pollution.

With greater frequency, you can wash cats who love water. Those are found. Especially a lot of fans to swim among animals, accustomed to this since childhood. Then do not have to wrestle with how to wash the cat .


Kittens consider water treatment a game. For an adult animal who did not know swimming, it becomes a stressful situation.

How to wash a cat

So, it is necessary to accustom to bathing a cat since the childhood. The point of the report is 3 weeks after the change of milk teeth. Before her, the animal’s body is too vulnerable.

My kitten is not completely needed right away. Begin with paws. When washing them, you need to follow the rules that apply to full bathing:

  1. To avoid drafts close the windows.
  2. Prepare shampoo and towel.
  3. Remove excess items from the bath.
  4. Adjust the jet head and temperature in advance. The indicator should be about 35 degrees.
  5. Put an extra towel on the bottom of the bath. The soft base under the paws soothes the cats, in contrast to the slippery glaze.
  6. Pour some water, approximately to the level of the pet’s chest.
  7. To drip eye drops into the ears and eyes of an animal. This will help avoid the irritating effects of detergents.
  8. Ears additionally plug cotton.
  9. To lower a cat in a bath, holding for a scruff. So the predator will not be able to scratch.
  10. Apply a little detergent on your palms.
  11. In circular motions rub the makeup into the pet’s fur. In this case, it is desirable to gently talk with the animal, soothing.
  12. You can rinse with water from the bath, but it is better to use a medium-pressure shower. The stream is directed from the head of the animal.
  13. Get the cat out of the bathroom.
  14. Wipe with a towel.
  15. Drying can be natural or hair dryer, the latter is used if the cat is not afraid of the device.

My long-haired animals, their coat, as it were squeezed in foamed shampoo. Can not rub. This leads to the formation of mats.


The actual question is whether to wash the cats entirely. The answer is only in the event of a flea infection. Shampooing is bad for all cats. Many people “give away” the procedures with pleasure, even purrs.

Therefore, usually the head of the animal is left dry. However, fleas are evenly distributed throughout the body. Removing parasites, the animal should be washed entirely. It is convenient to use a sponge.

How to wash a cat

There are alternative answers to the question of whether cats are washed . In pet stores sell dry shampoos. They are issued in the form:

  • spelling
  • powders
  • mousses
  • froth

Water is not required for their use. The components of the shampoo, like a sponge, absorb pollution. The remains of the mixture are combed out.


With dry shampoo, as well as the usual, washed cat can receive additional care:

  1. Prevention of education koltunov.
  2. Antiparasitic action.
  3. Glitter fur.

If you wash the cat with soap , you can harm its skin. The composition of the tool is alkali. It adversely affects the health of the skin, can lead to:

  • to allergic reactions
  • dryness
  • dandruff

Dry washing is ideal for cats who are afraid of water and weak. With a decrease in immunity, standard bathing will “undermine” the body’s defenses even more.


The median option between normal and dry washing is wiping the pet with wet wipes. The water in them holds propylene glycol. It is a hygroscopic gel with a sweetish taste and a characteristic aroma. The substance is not toxic.

To propylene glycol in wet wipes added:

  1. Detergents
  2. Caring plant extracts.
  3. To ensure that cats are satisfied with the product, harmless aromatic fragrances are added, for example, valerian extract.

There is no alcohol harmful to the fur and skin of cats. The products are manufactured in general use and specialized:

  • for wiping skin folds
  • foot care
  • designed to wipe the eyes, do not irritate the mucous membranes
  • for teeth, with anti-stone components
  • intended for cleaning the ears
  • for intimate hygiene cats


There are conventional shampoos for cats, used in conjunction with water. However, they are not so ordinary. Acid-base balance means different from the index of cosmetics for people. Ph of human skin is about 6. The rate of cats is 3-3.5 units less.

This is the answer to the question of whether it is possible to wash a cat with shampoo for humans. It is better to do the opposite — to clean a person’s hair with a pet store. For human hair and skin cosmetics will be gentle. If you buy a pet in some Pantine:

  1. Animal skin dries out.
  2. The hair of the predator will be stiff.
  3. Cat’s coat will lose its pomp and shine.

The acid-alkaline balance of human soap, like shampoos, does not suit cats. However, it should be borne in mind that the components of some human means are not suitable for parasites, for example, fleas. Therefore, as an exception, you can wash the cat with tar soap .


Once every few months it is used as a prophylactic agent, or it is used 2-4 times in a row in case of a settlement in the pet’s fur. How much to wash the cat is decided depending on the degree of contamination, the attitude of the pet to the water and the purpose of the procedure. So, getting rid of parasites, it is recommended to treat wool with shampoo for at least 5 minutes.

How often to wash the cat

Speaking about how often to wash the cat , veterinarians are advised to bathe the baleen at most once every 2 months. Given the cleanliness of animals, you can go to the scheme «once in 3-4 months.» However, there are unplanned bathing. Break the scheme:

  • preparing a pet for the show
  • finding parasites on the cat
  • after getting a pet in a puddle of mud, mud, thickets of burdock

Special soap for cats , or shampoos, napkins, are used more often for long-haired animals. Shorthair wash less often. With the care of short hairs the baleen do an excellent job themselves.


If you wash the animal more than once a month, even by special means, the health of the cat’s skin is disturbed. Moreover, the complete absence of water procedures harms the predator only in the case of wool coagulation. Under mats, the skin begins to sing, inflamed. However, here you need not so much washing as haircut.

Finish the article on a poetic note. Questions about cats arise because whiskers are loved by people. The owners are worried about the well-being of their pets, so they will find out the information.


As proof of their love, people dedicated thousands of pictures, songs, poems to cats. Of the latter, Sergei Mikhalkov’s lines come to mind: —

“Glad gray titmouses:

In the cold freezing birds.

Snow fell — frost fell,

The cat is washing its nose with snow . ”

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