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Lakedra fish. Description, features, lifestyle and habitat

Lakedra is popularly referred to as yellowtail in the people. In fact, the tail of the fish is rather olive. However, there are individuals with ocher. The taste of fish does not depend on the nuances of color. Delicious reddish meat is close in taste and quality to tuna. After heat treatment of lakedra brightens. Fresh meat is found in sashimi, sushi.


Description and features of a Lakedra

Yellow-tailed Lakedra refers to the mackerel. Like other fishes of the family, the heroine of the article is sea, loves warm waters. Still, all of the horsebacks are ray-fringed. These include more than 20 thousand species of famous fish. This is about 95% of the total.

The individual characteristics of a Laceron include:

-maximum weight of 40 kilograms.

— body length up to 1.5 meters.

-standard for most individuals — a kilogram mass and a 30-centimeter length

— the body pulled and laterally compressed

— brown side band

— silver sides and abdomen

-green back with bluish tint

Externally, there is a similarity with tuna. However, the latter belong to the family of mackerel, and not mackerel.

Types of Lakedra

Called among the people as yellowtail, the Laceron is in fact a related species. That is, ichthyologists share these fish. Yellowtail smaller, rarely exceeds the length of a meter and weighs up to 11 pounds. The yellow tail has a rich color tail. At the lake, fin color is olive.


Yellowtail fish

Different shape of the head. Yellowtail lobasty, like a pink salmon, fish mouth is shifted to the bottom. In the case of a ductile, the mouth is in the middle, the line of the forehead is smoothed. It is correct to call the fish golden, not yellowtail. Ichthyologists insist on this.

The body of the viper is longer and thinner than that of the yellowtail. This allows the heroine of the article to swim faster. The Laceron grows faster too, because it lives a little more than the yellowtail, twice overtaking it in size and mass.

Both the yellowtail and the ladder itself are bred in artificial conditions. Fry are sorted by size, sitting in different ponds. So prevent cannibalism. Individuals of their own species can also serve as food for the heroine of the article.


Golden Lakedra

Fish grown in captivity are fed with minced meat from low-value breeds. Sometimes compound feed is used. It is made from fish meal. Such a diet is poor compared with the free.

Therefore, the meat nurtured lakedr and yellowtails are not as tasty and healthy as in the wild. At the same time, and «greenhouse» fish are highly valued. In the shops, 0.5 kilograms (tail section) are sold in approximately 3.5–5 thousand rubles

Lifestyle and Habitat

What kind of fish can be seen firsthand away from the coast. Yellowtail prefers open spaces. However, at dawn, the fish for a couple of hours comes to the islands and capes.

There, the Laceradra is looking for food, and her fishermen themselves. The process of catching the latter is called a Laceredring. A special term is associated with the difficulty of capturing the heroine of the article. Fish is not only cautious, but also rare. Geographically, the Laceron is a fish of East Asia. In particular, yellowtail is found in Korea and Japan.


Underwater fishing

In the Land of the Rising Sun, the heroine of the article is called Storms or Hamachi. In the summer, a yellowstone swims from the waters of Japan to the Russians, meeting in the Primorsky Territory and off the coast of Sakhalin. Lifestyle have a Laceedra Predatory groups migrate in search of food. What is included in the yellowtail menu is discussed in the next chapter.

Power supply

Fish of the lakeder can fight off from relatives, adjoining flocks of anchovies, a herring and sardines. Both the first and second — the food of the yellowtail. Lost in a flock, he simultaneously migrates and eats. It would seem that the narrow list of “dishes” is in fact extensive:

1. Sardine is a generalized concept for 3 fish of the herring family: sardinella, sardinop and sardine itself.

2. To anchovyu include 9 species of marine fish. More than half of them are typical of East Asian waters. Externally, anchovies look like herring, but differ in large mouths.

2. Celery — a concept that combines 7 species of fish. Among them — toothy, wolf, dobar. Everybody can become the food of a Laceron.

Hunting yellowtail method of the so-called boiler. A flock of Lacered surrounds potential prey by squeezing the ring. Therefore, where the lakeedra dwells, you can see in a panic herrings, anchovies and sardines jumping out of the water. The water at the same time boils. Hence the name — the boiler.


Trying to escape from the yellowtail, herring and sardines give his place the location of the fishermen. Those go to the side of the boiler, bending around it around the circumference. It is important to cast a suitable bait.

If the Laceron hunts herring, choose blue-pink. Under the scad, you need a bait with black dots, and under the anchovy, you need silver. Seeing an alien, yellowtail shudders that something was wrong.

Reproduction and longevity

The maximum lifespan of a Laceron is 12 years. By one and a half fish reaches sexual maturity and starts spawning. The process is batch. Therefore, spawning the heroine of the article is stretched for several months. Laceradra spawns in the warm season. Fry develop in the water column.


Cuban yellowtail

It feeds on fry of the same anchovy, herring, scad. Outwardly, young flippers are reduced copies of adult fish. If grown in captivity, individuals reach the sales mass by the year. In the wild, fish are considered to be trophy by age from 2 years. Such a pictured photo is most common.

How to cook a Lakedra

Most prefer to have a winter lacer on the table. Cooking recipe can be one. However, the dish of fish caught during the cold season is tastier. The secret is in the fat content of meat. By winter, the fish feeds mass. On the table you can submit:

1. Baked whitefish. Wash the fish under running water, removing scales and dirt. Then, the carcass is rubbed with a paper towel. A heated grill is placed in a heated up to 250 and transferred to a 180-degree oven. While it is warming for 10 minutes, the fish is marinated in a bag of lemon juice, salt, onion powder, and butter. Then, the ladder is taken out of the bag on a hot lattice, baking for 5 minutes on each side. Leek meat with lemon and wasabi.


Leek meat with lemon and wasabi

2. Fried Lacer. It is advisable to use a cast iron frying pan. It must be heated. In a separate plate is heated a little butter with spices. Usually take paprika and black pepper. In a mixture of oil dipped pieces of fish and put the tongs in the pan with tongs. Roast 6 minutes, 3 on each side.

3. Teriyaki. This is a dish of Japanese cuisine. Teriyaki — the name of the sauce under which the fillet is prepared. It needs 2 pieces. The fillet is marinated in a mixture of 3 large spoons of daci powder, 1 tablespoon of mirin. So much need soy sauce and sake. Keeping the fish in the sauce takes 30-40 minutes. Taking fillets from the marinade, sprinkle it with ground pepper, flour. A dish is fried in a pan over medium heat. Teriyaki remains are poured into the almost finished fish. Decorate the dish with green onions.

Europeans are more likely to make a smoked salsa. For a half cup of orange juice, take 6 large spoons of sugar and dark rum. Still need 3 tablespoons of soy sauce and a half juice of lime, rapeseed oil. Salt spends about a quarter of a teaspoon. This is for 4 large pieces of fishtail fillet.

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