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Landseer dog. Description, features, care and price of the Landseer breed

Landseer. Dog by artist

Not every dog ​​deserves the brush of a painter. Landseer is depicted on the canvases as “a worthy member of the humane society”, and the name of the breed retained the name of the artist. The dog has earned the recognition of experts for reliability, peace-loving disposition and poise.



Features of the breed and character

Landseer, originally from Switzerland, Germany, gained fame in England in the 18th century due to its excellent performance. The ancestors of the modern breed swam beautifully, helping fishermen drag the nets out of the river.

The passion for water has survived to this day. The Landseer dog does not let in puddles, adores the shores of rivers, lakes, which requires constant grooming. The origins of the breed are associated with the Newfoundlands.

But after the Landsires were officially recognized in the middle of the 20th century by the International Federation of Canine experts, their paths diverged. Features black and white dogs — in exceptional kindness and peacefulness. The most flattering epithets endow the character of pets: bold, calm, loyal.


Large size dogs should not be scared. A balanced temperament, lack of aggressiveness, ability to maintain composure in different situations make the dog a worthy companion. Outwardly graceful, harmoniously built Landseer is able to show sociability with restraint and peacefully.

The families of pets love the playfulness, the ability to feel the mood of the owner, get along with young children and look after them. Dogs show dedication if the owner needs protection.

They accurately identify unkind intentions, threats or acts of violence. Able to make an independent decision in the face of danger. Landseer has repeatedly pulled out the drowning and helped in the fire. Not by chance, they work as lifeguards.


Cruelty and rudeness should not be shown in raising a puppy dog With caress and patience you can achieve significant success, while the dog will sincerely love the owner, will be a faithful assistant.

A feature of the breed is abundant saliva at high temperature. Landseer do not like hot seasons, prefer cool days for good health.

Breed standard

The dog’s color is easily recognizable: dark spots with a symmetrical arrangement are scattered on a white basis. The shape of large spots on the back to the croup resembles a poncho or saddle. The head is dominated by black color, only the white groove in the center divides the color in half.


Landseer have black and white color

Sometimes there is a small rash on the legs, and the face is covered with slightly risen frost. In the case of finding the dog for a long time in the sun, the dark color gets a reddish-brownish tint.

According to the standard, the breed is harmonious: developed muscles and strong bones, elongated hair, head of rounded outlines. The shape of the ears, the massiveness give the similarity with a small bear.

The dog’s musculature is well developed, the skin is not wrinkled. Belly tucked up. Growth Landseer 68-80 cm, weight — 50-60 kg. Changes in key indicators are attributed to the deficiencies of the breed. The eyes are small, oval or round. Color is brown, with a nutty shade. A wide nose is necessarily black. Kind good-natured, calm.

Coat abundant, with a thick undercoat. Feels like hair harsh and oily. Wool does not get wet, with brushing in different directions, returns to the direction of hair growth.


Wool glitters, lies a mane in the neck, feathering on the front legs and panties — on the back. Parting is formed on the back along the spine line. The tail is moderately long, thick. In the calm state of the dog is lowered down, in the active — in the form of a sickle at the level of the back.

Legs are straight, parallel, strong. Hind limbs set wider than the front. Paws with hard pads. Between the fingers of the swimming membrane. Dog slowness, calmness, measuredness are characteristic.

In the slow movement characteristic gait waddle. The dog is distinguished by its endurance and devotion to its owner. Individuals of the male sex are larger, female — smaller in size, easier in addition.


Landseer is not afraid of water, but on the contrary, they love it very much


At puppy age, the Landseer breed dog requires a lot of food. The adult dog, despite its large size, eats significantly less. Food should be controlled, limited in volume from overeating. In the diet should not be certain foods that lead to indigestion or poisoning:

  • fat,
  • pork;
  • semolina;
  • boiled potatoes.

Smoked or spicy foods, chicken bones can harm the body. Splinters damage the intestines, cause colic. Sweets not only hurt the teeth, but also the mucous membrane of the eyes is inflamed.

At the heart of the Landsir diet is protein products. In babies it is dairy food, adult dogs — meat. Recommend low-fat meats, broths, cereals, additives from boiled vegetables, fruits, fish. As a treat, sometimes a cartilage is given that does not damage the teeth and stomach.


On the photo Landseer puppies

Food must be fresh, meals on schedule. If in a bowl there is not enough food, the portion should be reduced next time. In the diet of food should be varied, enriched with minerals and vitamins.

Feeding dry mixes is associated with an increase in the drinking regime. Water should be accessible and clean. The type of food should be the same: natural food or dry balanced food. You can not mix them.

Possible diseases

Landseer is a breed of dog with a predisposition to cardiovascular diseases. With age, pets have problems with joints. Each is individual, needs preventive examinations and vaccinations.


In general, dogs have reliable immunity. Physical activity on walks, healthy food, regime moments strengthen the health of pets. The average life expectancy is 10-12 years.


In our country, a rare breed is not so easy to find. You can buy a Landseer puppy by prior request from professional breeders. The cost depends on the yard factors: gender, age, quality puppy. The average price of Landseer is 35,000 — 40,000 rubles.

Buying a four-legged pet imposes obligations on the owner, but gives in return the sincere dedication of a wonderful dog with which all family members will make friends.

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