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Malayan bear. Way of life and habitat of a Malayan bear

The Malayan bear is recognized in the homeland as the alien, however, only one individual. In the 2016th year inhabitants of one of villages near Brunei beat clumsy sticks, having taken for the newcomer.

The bear was exhausted, without wool. On this background claws of an animal seemed even more. Having deprived of a bear of consciousness, Malayans caused novostiyshchik. Those brought with themselves the zoologist who identified «alien».


Malayan bear

In a vetklinik found out that infection with a tick together with an easy form of anemia and a skin infection became the reason of baldness of an animal. The bear was cured and released in a native habitat. Now the animal looks classically.

Description and features of a Malayan bear

In Latin the look is called as helarcos. The translation — «a solar bear». Justification of a name — a golden spot on a breast of an animal. The mark reminds a rising sun. The muzzle of a Malayan bear also is painted in the golden-beige. Other body almost black. Distinguish from other bears of Malayan:


  1. Diminutiveness. Animal height in withers doesn’t exceed 70 centimeters. Length of an animal reaches one and a half meters. Therefore on a photo the Malayan bear looks extended, slightly silly. The animal of at most 65 kilograms weighs.
  2. Sticky and long tongue. To them the animal extracts honey and gets into termitaries, regaling on their inhabitants.
  3. Sharper and large, than at other bears, canines. Them clumsy literally eat in bark, getting from under it insects.
  4. Small and weak-sighted eyes of blue color. The lack of sight is compensated by hearing and a scent. However, without seeing the coming nearer objects, the animal often attacks on them, noticing already on the way. Aggressive temper of a Malayan bear is connected with it. The weight of an animal small, but an animal can cause a loss the solid.
  5. Roundish small ears. They are widely put. Length of an auricle doesn’t exceed 6 centimeters, and is usually limited by four.
  6. The wide, truncated muzzle.
  7. Long, curve and sharp claws. Such it is more convenient to grab trunks at a lazaniye on them.
  8. Skin folds on a neck. It is the protection mechanism from the tigers attempting upon bears and leopards. They got used to grab the victims a neck. Leather of a Malayan bear of a cat can’t be bitten through. Besides, covers on a neck of the clumsy stretch. It allows a bear to turn the head and in reply to bite the offender.
  9. The curves among bears forepaws. It is adaptation to a lasagna on trees.
  10. Short wool. The animal doesn’t have need to let grow a fur coat in the conditions of tropics.
  11. Maximum degree of a tsefalization. So call isolation of the head and inclusion in it of segments which at other animals are in a body. In other words, at the Malayan clumsy the head department is most developed. It distinguishes an animal not only from bears, but also in general land predators.


In the homeland of an animal call Biruang. The name as «bear dog» is translated. Played a role of association with a small size of an animal. By the sizes it is comparable with a large dog. Same allows Malayans to keep biruang in the yards as security guards. As well as dogs, bears sit down on chains.

Way of life and habitat

Alive as the Malayan bear looks it is possible to contemplate on the island of Borneo. Territorially it is divided by India, Indonesia and Thailand. Here the main population is concentrated. It is less than bears in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, on the island of Sumatra. One animal came to the south China, into the Province of Yunnan once. As distinctive features of a way of life of Malayan bears consider:

  • tendency to spend the main part of time on trees
  • single way of life except for she-bears with posterity who keep together
  • lack of borders of a season of pairing that is connected with warm climate
  • the nocturnalism, in the afternoon an animal dozes in branches of trees
  • lack of the period of hibernation
  • tendency to equip on trees similarity of big nests from foliage and branches
  • love to tropical and subtropical districts

Getting to bondage, the Malayan bear or Biruang is easily trained. It is in many respects connected with the developed brain of an animal.


The Malayan bear sleeps

Species of a Malayan bear

Divide into subspecies of Malayan bears conditionally. There are 2 classifications. The first is based on the sizes clumsy:

  1. Continental individuals are larger.
  2. Island Malayan bears are most tiny.

The second classification is connected with coloring of animals:

  1. Is with a light spot on a breast. Such individuals prevail.
  2. There are bears without solar mark. Such — an exception to the rules. On all island of Borneo, for example, only one is found clumsy without spot. That was found in East Sabah.

Still there is a division on shchechny teeth. They are larger at continental individuals. Therefore classifications as if merge.


At a Malayan bear very long tongue

Food of an animal

As well as the majority of bears, Malayan it is omnivorous. Enter a daily diet of an animal:

  • termites;
  • ants;
  • wild bees and their larvae;
  • sprouts of palm trees;
  • lizards;
  • small birds;
  • small mammals;
  • bananas.

Eat Malayan clumsy and other fruits of tropics, but most of all love honey. Therefore representatives of a look are klinut still honey bears.


Malayan bear cubs

Reproduction and life expectancy

Before pairing the male of 2 weeks looks after a female. Only then the female individual condescends before contact. Between it and approach of pregnancy pass some days. 200 more days the she-bear bears posterity, giving birth to 1 — 3 offsprings. They:

  • are blind
  • at most 300 grams weigh
  • aren’t completely covered with wool

Where the Malayan bear lives, he becomes polovozrely to 3 — to 5 years. The animal will see off two of them with mother. Bear cubs eat its milk to 4-month age. Mother the posterity actively licks two months. Pressings by language stimulate urethral and digestive functions of bear cubs.


Female with a cub of a Malayan bear

In 2 — 3 months after the birth bear cubs are already capable to run, go on hunting with mother, being trained at it in wild life. If the Malayan bear contains in bondage, can live till 25 years. In habitat clumsy a look seldom overcome a 18-year mark.

The Malayan bear is included in the International Red List. The number of a look is promptly reduced, in particular, because of hunting. The local population considers bile and a liver of an animal as curative elixirs from all diseases. Besides, environment of dwelling clumsy, that is rainforests is destroyed.

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