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Panda is an animal. Panda lifestyle and habitat

Probably there is no such animal, which was so easy to win the hearts of many people so quickly. It looks soft, characterized by clumsiness and associated with comfort, the panda is an animal that has long misled many scientists.


With their appearance, they are very similar to bears, the difference between them is only in the structure of the teeth and the presence of a rather long tail. Until recently, this beast was considered a big raccoon.

But simple peasants from China, who had long been eyeing pandas, still managed to convince the world that they come from a kind of bears. They really look like cubs with a black and white color, which is very difficult to confuse with someone else.


A white head with black circles around the eyes, black sleeves and a collar, black ears and a black tail play the role of a disguise, and maybe patronage. Despite the massiveness of the trunk, the limbs of the panda are small.

This is the most secretive animal that leads a reclusive life, so it is the least studied, and which animal no one can say for sure. Captive breeding is rare. Now this animal is listed in the Red Book. In China, panda is a national treasure.


Features and habitat of the panda

Bamboo forests, their dense thickets in China, the lands of the islands of Kalimantan and Indonesia attract the pandas because these places are suitable for the hermits and in such places there are no problems with food.

In winter, the panda can sometimes go half asleep, but most often behaves like in other times of the year. Sometimes, if you are lucky, this wonderful animal can be seen at the zoo, but this rarely happens because it is not so easy to buy an animal panda.


According to unofficial data, the panda price of the animal costs about $ 10,000. But, in order to take her out of the country, it is necessary to issue very many documents, otherwise imprisonment of five years or more is threatened.

Panda character and lifestyle

The panda is considered a painfully lazy bear. Lazy even to such an extent that she is too lazy to multiply. From this, their birth rate decreases, and the population decreases accordingly. Chinese animal lovers are trying to resolve this issue in order to establish the reproduction of pandas in captivity, and this has recently turned out to be a little.


These animals prefer loneliness. In the wild, pandas are very rare in pairs. Only during the mating season are they fallen in order to prolong their kin.

But it is often the case that a male panda simply does not find his female due to the fact that bamboo forests are cut down, and their mating period lasts only three days. The result is deplorable — pandas every year becomes less and less.

About how these animals behave in the wild is little known because of their reclusive lifestyle. Their life in captivity is about 25-30 years. The animal red panda is a relative of the ordinary panda. Nepal, India, China — the countries in which they mostly live. Animals differ in color and size.


In the photo is a red panda

The red panda is red and black in color and is slightly smaller. A little more cat with a fiery color, this animal attracts special attention. Temperate bamboo forests are what red pandas prefer.

They prefer to be nocturnal, and during the day they curl up and, covering themselves with their tails, sleep in their hollow. On the ground, and those and other animals move with difficulty, but in search of food and, having heard the danger, they very quickly move through the trees. For animals in a state of calm characterized by sounds resembling the chirping of birds.

A panda photo of an animal involuntarily makes a person blur in a smile, to such an extent this sweet and gentle creature. Photos with them are cheerful and realistic.



More than 13 hours a day goes to the panda in search of food. This animal feeds mainly on young bamboo shoots, but if they are not available, it does not refuse from its old stalks. On the day of the average panda can eat about 25 kg of bamboo.

Thanks to her strong and powerful teeth, she can use hard bamboo. This is not a very high-calorie food product, so the panda has to chew it almost constantly. For a long time everyone believed that bamboo was the only food of this animal.


But later they began to notice bones in the stomachs of dead pandas. It was concluded that the panda is a predator, sometimes it can even eat carrion. There are cases when there are specific problems with food, an animal eats grapevine, bark, leaves, stalks of trees, as well as some plant roots. The world of the animal panda is given to understand the few. They do not allow anyone into their close world, hide it from prying eyes and lead a reclusive life.


Reproduction and longevity

After the mating season, one or two small, blind and completely helpless panda cubs are born. Only a month later, their eyes open, and the animal can see. After 21 days after his birth, the baby gradually acquires a woolen coat, finally, its color becomes very similar to its relatives. His weight is very tiny — an average of 180 grams.


Closer to two months, the baby already weighs 4 kilograms, while the weight of an adult animal ranges from 17 to 160 kg. Literally before the birth, the female panda begins to seriously engage in the construction of the hollow tree.

Of the two babies, one often survives and stays with its mother for a year, due to its helplessness. To great joy, the animal small panda breeds well in captivity and live about 25-30 years.


In the photo panda

The specific lifespan of a panda in nature is unknown. Scientists say that it does not exceed the lifespan of a panda in captivity and is estimated at about 20 years.Big Panda is an interesting and not ordinary animal, which has its own character and prudence. Panda is very sedate and noble. Therefore, for the Chinese, it is a sacred symbol of the country.

Looking at her, it seems that all the secrets of the world are known to her, so the panda behaves arrogantly, calmly and with dignity. With its beauty and originality this animal attracts many people. You can admire them endlessly and with emotion.


The panda is currently on the verge of extinction. People need to make maximum efforts, to create conditions so that this does not happen. We can not allow this kind and intelligent animal to disappear from the face of the earth.

They need life in their environment and reproduction without interference from outside. Therefore, it is necessary to specifically address the issue of the state of bamboo forests, otherwise it may be late.

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