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Regulus regulus bird. Regulus regulus lifestyle and habitat

Deputy Hummingbird in the northern hemisphere. The title given korolku. This ptah weighs no more than 7 grams, and rarely exceeds 9 centimeters in length. Often, it is 7 centimeters. In the northern hemisphere the birds are smaller and lighter not.


However, according to the legends, the beadlets are small and remote. They say how once the birds argued, who can fly closer to the sun. It seemed that the eagle was the leader. However, at the last moment a kinglet fluttered out from under his wing, soaring above the predator.

Description and features of the beetle yellow-headed

In addition to legends, the proud name of a bird is based on its coloring. There is a bright yellow stripe on his head, resembling a regal headdress. Spectacular and «mantle» ptah. The gray-beige plumage of the head turns into olive.

On the abdomen there are grayish-brown shades. The wings are variegated, they have white and black flashes. Under the “crown” of Ptah, by the way, there is also a black spot.


Regulus regulus is as small as hummingbirds

The yellow-headed bead is compact, resembles a ball. The feather of the bird is soft. This and the size of the blood orange do make it look like a toy. She has round dark beady eyes, a neat black beak spout.

Lifestyle & Habitat

Yellow-headed King — a nimble, mobile bird. Feathered all the time flies from branch to branch, holding in the tops of the crowns. At this distance, a miniature bird is not visible to the human eye. Therefore, to see the blood orange is good luck.

Singly, birdies are rare. Collectibles — collectivists, stick together. As a rule, yellow-headed trees are eaten by fir-trees, therefore they are more often found in coniferous forests. Here the birds, like monkeys, can hang on the branches with their heads down, spin and spin.


If the birds are not visible, recognize their presence is obtained by the sounds. Kings do peep. The sound of singing ptah is like «qi-qi-qi.» Sometimes, there are only two syllables.

Listen to the voice of the yellowclad

The range of the kingfly’s voice is so high that it is often not picked up by older people. Their hearing aids are “tuned” worse than those of young people. Therefore, the elderly in spruce forests have to rely only on vision, if you want to find a yellow-headed bird.

The population of Kings is divided into sedentary and nomadic. The latter fly from place to place in search of food. Settled Kings are «tied» to the occupied place. However, even nomadic individuals do not fly beyond the distribution of the common spruce or its Asian subspecies.

In Russia, a photo of a yellow bead can be made in the Crimea, on the shores of the Black Sea, on the Kola Peninsula, in Karelia, in the mountains of the Caucasus and Altai. There are kings and on Sakhalin with the Kuril Islands.


Types of Yellowcrow

Korolkovye — the whole family. All the birds in it belong to the group of passerines. Korol’kov in it 7 species. Yellowhead is one of them. In Russia, there is another one — the redhead. It is listed in the Red Book. The rest of the kings nest in Europe, Asia, Central America.

The weight of the yellowcrow is not an exception in the family. Miniature all the birds included in it. There are individuals weighing only 5 grams.

Bird food

What eats the yellow-headed kinglet is easy to understand, remembering his kinship with the sparrow. Like him, the hero of the article is omnivorous. Ptah can eat small black flies, small seeds and grains, likes edible herbs, berries.


For plant food, the hero of the article goes into the cold when it becomes difficult to catch insects. In the summer, birds refuse fruits, seeds and herbs.

Kings do not know how to grind food, swallowing whole. On the day of one bird you need to eat 2 times your own weight. Such is the fee for a small size. In a tiny body, metabolism is accelerated, and the stomach is so small that food entering it in one meal is nothing compared to the needs of an active blood orange.

Reproduction and longevity

Yellow-headed birds breed in the spring. At this time, the males fluff up their “golden crown”, luring females and demonstrating superiority over other individuals of the stronger sex. Ptahi become aggressive, can fight.


After mating, the females demolish up to 10 eggs. Given the size of the wrenches, it is like a bead. Females make their nest for them, gathering twigs, grass, pieces of bark, and cones in the forest. Among them, eggs are 2 weeks. Then the chicks hatch and another 3 weeks stand on the wing. After the blood orange dots go into adult life, and parents are preparing for the second laying.

During the life of the representatives of the species give offspring 3-5 times, reaching puberty before the year. The age of the blood beetle lasts up to 3 years. Some birds live only 2 years. In the cages of private houses and zoos kings live up to 4-5 years. Those who are addicted to pets, prefer to start birds, whose age is longer.

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