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Russian toy terrier dog. Description, features, care and price of the Russian toy terrier

Russian toy terrier is a descendant of English toy. Initially, his name was Manchester Terrier. Among the relatives he was the smallest and gradually separated into a separate breed. From the 17th century, it was cultivated for the extermination of rats. Only equally small dogs successfully entered their small manholes. At the time of Catherine the 2nd, they were brought to Russia.


Tooy took with them the hosts, who were hired to work as Siberian aristocrats as tutors. By the time Nicholas II was reigning, miniature terriers from England accounted for one third of the decorative breeds represented at domestic exhibitions. However, after the revolution, foreign dogs became a symbol of the decaying West. By the middle of the 20th century, toi appeared only at metropolitan exhibitions in the amount of 1, 2 dogs. This was the reason for the withdrawal of the Russian version.

Features and character of the Russian toy terrier

The Russian toy terrier owes its appearance to Maria Landau and Evgenia Zharova. They took to restore the English standard. Its representatives in the USSR were few. I had to look for and involve remotely resembling English bitches and males for breeding. As a result, the breed was transformed, becoming special and original.

In 1958, in the litter, driven by Zharova, a black and tan puppy was born with long tassels on his ears. The breeder saw the pet Russian toy in the pet. Through the efforts of Zharova, his long-haired variety, called Moscow, appeared. At the same time a smooth-haired terrier, similar to English, developed.


Differing in the nature of the coat, the varieties of Russian toyya coincide in size and structure. The height of dogs at the withers does not exceed 25 centimeters. Weigh pets from 1.5 to 2.7 kilograms. That is why the breed is classified as decorative, that is, used for games and walks, and not service.

Toyy do not hunt rats for a long time. Modern methods have emerged in the fight against them, and the number of rodents per capita in cities is incomparable with that of the 17th – 18th centuries.

Having lost service requests, the dog Russian toy terrier did not lose the hunting abilities. Representatives of the breed have a sharp ear, nose, ringing bark. These data allow some owners to put decorative quadrupeds in a pair of large watchdogs. Those can protect, and dwarfs to warn, the first to sense something was wrong and drove away the uninvited guests with a shrill yelp.

At small sizes, the Russian is proportional. The size of the legs, head, body harmoniously combined and give pets freedom of movement. The animals are great run, jump high. Frisky Russian toy terrier puppies grow into equally agile dogs.

They are playful so much that they shake from an excess of energy and emotions, like people of choleric temperament. Throw out reserves of energy and feelings for 100% Toyama rarely succeeds, so they shake in excitement. With the cold, as many people think, the phenomenon is not connected



You can often see a trembling toy terrier, a dog trembling appears from an excess of emotions and feelings, and not at all from the cold as it may seem

Toy Terrier freeze just agility. The almost complete absence of fat on the body compensates for mobility. The dog warmed up all the time, like during a run. Such vehemence is combined with peacefulness. The hero of the article is alien to aggression. Its absence, activity, intelligence and miniature make terrier-crumbs excellent family pets.

Breed standard

The standard provides for the breed of thin bones and lean muscles. The skin is tight to her. The opposite is sometimes found in long-haired Toy and is condemned by experts. However, both fluffy and sleek-haired varieties of dogs are subject, according to FCI requirements, to one standard.

The International Cynological Federation did not recognize the Russian dwarf terriers until the 21st century. Because of this, the breed remained within Russia for almost 70 years. The West made a compromise because of the decline in the number of English Toyevs. They are on the verge of extinction.

The Russian version proved its viability and gained popularity. This, by the way, is one of the reasons for the decrease in the number of English terriers. The niche should not be empty, they decided to FCI and «surrendered.»


By show standards, long-haired terrier hair should fit snugly

Domestic toyi should not be too dry and refined either. The beauty of the breed is precisely in the balance between grace, miniature and health. Alopecia is found in overly refined individuals, that is, partial baldness. This is a disqualifying vice. The general contour of the body of the hero of the article is square. If you lengthen the body or shorten the paws, the dog loses its stability, which leads to bone fractures when jumping.

The chest of the dogs is deep, ending at the level of the elbows. The height of the paws to them, by the way, is slightly more than the distance from the elbow to the withers. The forelegs are set in parallel, almost without tilting. The hind legs also look when viewed from the back of the animal.


Preferably, if the limbs from the hock slightly lagged. At 100% straight paws — evidence of overly sloping croup or the dog’s timidity. In some toevi there is a prancing gait with an active ejection of the front paws up. Such a step, with all the other ideal parameters, is worthy of an “excellent” mark, but does not allow it to be put up to titles.

To colors Toyev standard is also indulgent. In the list of desirable 11 colors from black and tan to cream. 6 more colors are undesirable, but black and black-clam are admissible, for example. The last coloring suggests a reddish background with a coal spot in the shape of a saddle on the back.

Care and maintenance of Russian toy terrier

In the house is a long-haired Russian toy terrier — manipulator. Frisky doggies notice and skillfully use the weaknesses of the owners. If the owner feels guilty by raising his voice on his four-legged friend, the pet provokes a person in order to “run into” delicacies, games, and affection. If the owner once did not drive the Toyya out of bed, the animal will be “registered” there forever.


Terrier’s hunting past left him the habits of a leader. An active dog tries to enter the door first of all the breeder, considers it normal to ride in his arms and sleep in his bed. This happens in violation of the rules of education terrier. Toyama from puppyhood give basic commands. They contribute to the obedience of the animal. Pet rides are taught to carry instead of hands.

. In the house, the little animal is allocated a bed on the floor, not letting it go to chairs and beds. The owners enter the door first, stopping the dog’s attempts to slip forward. At the same time, the force in relation to the toy-terriers is not acceptable. Frames denote solid notes with notes to the voice.

In terms of physics, the care of the hero of the article consists in cleaning the ears, teeth, eyes and clipping claws. The latter are trimmed as they grow. Ears are cleaned once a month, processing the visible part of the sink. Selection in the corners of the large and round eyes of a pet is cleaned with a cotton pad moistened with warm water.

Periodic cleansing of the anal glands is added to the standard program for the majority of dogs in toyya. They overflow, delivering discomfort to the animal and being a source of unpleasant odor. To help the terrier to empty, you can click on the bottom and from the sides of the anus. Press down simultaneously with thumb and forefinger.


Food of the Russian toy terrier

The digestive system of the Russian toy terrier is smooth-haired, as well as the long-haired, strong. Dogs easily digest food, homemade food and even demolish their mixing. Dog sizes are small portions. But it is difficult to overfeed.

Because of their mobility and emotionality, four-legged friends squander all the energy they receive, hardly gaining fat mass. This applies even to couch potatoes accustomed to the tray. For dwarfs, the expanses of an apartment or a cottage are enough for running, jumping, and active games.


Diseases of the Russian toy terrier

Because of the emotionality and choleric temperament, the hero of the article is prone to neuralgia. It includes hydrocephalus. This is the accumulation of fluid in the brain. The dog begins to stumble on objects, spinning aimlessly, experiencing pain. The skull with hydrocephalus increases.

Neuralgia also includes portosystemic anostomosis. Ceases to be cleansed blood. Abnormal vessel in the liver can not cope with the load. The dog becomes lethargic, refuses to eat, can suffer from cramps. In severe cases, the toyis fall into a coma.



The fine-boned, fragile structure of representatives of the Russian breed, together with their mobility, is the cause of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Sprains and fractures are common. From genetic diseases in dwarf terrier possible aseptic necrosis. It occurs on the head of the femur, leading to the bending of the paws, limping. The disease begins to develop in six months, but it can manifest itself as an adult.

Common with toy terriers and eye problems. They are genetically determined, “pouring” into conjunctivitis, cataracts and keratitis. The latter is an inflammation of the shell of the eye, making the pupils sensitive to light. Conjunctivitis leads to increased tearfulness. Cataract — age-related death of eye tissue, leading to blindness.

In the digestive system of toyev, the pancreas is vulnerable. With active overfeeding, it can become inflamed. The diagnosis of pancreatitis. It is treated with a strict diet and medication. If the dog is sick, he refuses to eat and goes to the toilet, you need to contact a veterinarian. Another symptom of pancreatitis is pain when you press on the stomach.


The price of a Russian toy terrier

How much will a Russian toy terrier cost? The price of puppies starts from 7,000 rubles. So much asked for the pet class. Individuals belonging to it are not allowed to breed, that is, they belong to a tribal marriage, or have no documents. Puppies of an exhibition class with pedigree are sold for at least 10,000 rubles. However, dogs are partly seasonal goods.

In the summer, demand is falling. In order for puppies not to stay at home, as adults, breeders lower the price. If you are lucky, you can buy a breed friend for 5000-7000 rubles.

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