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Skinny pig. Description, features, types and care of skin skin mumps

Bred in the laboratory, in Canada, and presented as a complete breed in the distant 1975, the bald guinea pig skinny, by the end of the 20th century conquered almost the entire world.


At that time, the animals were only albinos, and looked quite creepy. Work on the genome of the breed was continued in the laboratory of Charles Rivers, as a result of which pink animals, then brown-chocolate, and then all other shades saw the light.

Features and skinny mumps habitat

The word «skіnny» is a colloquial word form, literally meaning a bag of bones, however, skin mumps, as can be seen in her photo, are not at all thin, even quite the opposite.

The peculiarities of these animals, in addition to the exotic species, can be easily attributed to their voracity. These animals eat 5-6 times more than ordinary, wool representatives of this species.

This need for food is due to a very high level of heat transfer and the body’s energy consumption to maintain its own body temperature.

Another feature that pigs of skinny breed can boast is the complete hypoallergic nature of pets. Even asthmatics, choking on the slightest speck of dust, can contain this kind of domestic animals.


As for the moment that the rodents are bred artificially, and, accordingly, have an unstable psyche and poor health — this is only partially true. In fact, naked animals appeared long before scientists took up their hatching.

For example, in the mid-19th century, they were extremely popular in aristocratic circles, especially in England, during the heyday of fashionable subcultures associated with absinthe and opium among Bohemia and aristocracy.

Such pets were very expensive, not everyone, even a wealthy person could afford a naked pet. It was in those days that the nickname “skіnny” stuck to the animals, which later became the name of the breed.

The fact is that naked individuals are periodically born in the families of the most common guinea pigs. This is a kind of genetic mutation, a deviation. Bald animals are carriers of a special recessive gene.

That is what they attracted Canadian scientists. The purpose of the laboratory classes was to study this gene, and the breed was formed quite by chance, being a «side» result.

How far the scientists have advanced in their studies of recessive processes is not known, but charming pets have become firmly established in the hearts of many people and may well be in dispute even with hamsters and white rats.


As for the habitat — the animals live only in captivity, with it, only in love and care. They are very emotionally sensitive, and from the discontent of the owners or the cruelty to the treatment they can get sick much faster than from drafts or viruses.

The animals need their own house, which is better to stand in a terrarium, and not in an open cage. In this case, the pet will be happy to make a company in the games to the child, or simply “watch” the film in the hands of the owner.

With regard to cleanliness, that is, examples of how to completely spontaneous bowel movements, and a strong commitment to «do their own thing» in a pot or tray. What this moment depends on is not clear, it is possible that the training of the pet plays some role, and maybe the matter in the individual inclinations of the animals.

Skinny Pig Character and Lifestyle

Hairless pigs skinny — super social animals, very good-natured and affectionate. Very inquisitive, they can sit for hours in front of the hostess preparing dinner, watching her actions and taking a “smile” through the whole face, taking from her hands with her paws everything that the hostess gives in a burst of emotion, well, of course, immediately eating.

If there is a cat in the house, the skinny guinea pig can be found coiled under its warm side and peacefully looking dreams under a vibrating cat murmur. With dogs, fish and any other animals, naked animals just as easily and quickly find a common language.


As for lifestyle, the content of skinny guinea pigs is also convenient, and the fact that the animals quickly adapt to the rhythm and mode in which people live.

If a person sleeps during the day and works at night, for example, at the computer, then the pet will do the same. The only thing that is necessary is to get the animal from the terrarium when you return home.

If the pig sees the owner who has come, who ignores her joyful greetings, she can become upset and ill, however, sometimes in such situations a heart failure happens, “from grief”. Therefore, quite often these animals contain 2-4 individuals, so that they would not be bored alone.

Skinny Pig Eating

The main care for skin mumps is to feed the animal, and this is quite difficult. Although pets and love to eat, and absolutely omnivorous, like any guinea pig, the difficulty is.

It lies in the fact that to make a diet in which the pet will receive the necessary amount of the necessary food and will not overeat, since these little animals are very prone to both simple fullness and obesity.


In addition to obesity, how much skinny guinea pigs live depends on food. Even if the pet is an absolute companion and with great pleasure absorbs instant noodles, popcorn, french fries, pizza and washes it with the master’s soda. At what it looks great and feels great, this diet is not useful for the animal.

The main components of pet food should be:

  • cereals;
  • greenery;
  • vegetables;
  • dry hay;
  • fruits.

You can buy a ready-made mixture of grains for your skinny pig in any store — food for guinea pigs, hamsters or rats is ideal. According to the owners, containing bald pets with parrots, pigs with a big appetite eat and bird feed.


If you don’t want to buy ready-made mixes, then you can do without them, you just need to put a bowl with grains for your pet, and you can buy a tank with graduations, which will allow you to watch the animal choose what it is to eat. Among the favorite “dishes” skinny:

  • peas — pods, whole, green;
  • oats;
  • wheat;
  • rye;
  • corn — the animal can easily cope with a small ear, funny holding his paws;
  • apples;
  • cucumbers;
  • carrot;
  • pumpkin;
  • eggplants.

You do not need to give your pet foods high in starch and fruits that are too rich in sugar in large quantities.

Skinny Pig Species

As such, these animals do not have, they differ only in color, which today is extremely diverse — from coal-black with a bluish tint to gently creamy, with a touch of coffee with milk. Of course, albino and chocolate pigs, similar to little Hippo, are still popular.


In the photo guinea pig baldwin

In addition to skinny, there is another bare breed of guinea pigs — this is Baldwin, this species was registered only 12 years ago. The origin is similar to skinny, the only difference is that Baldwins are born with short hair and acquire their exotic naked appearance in a few months.

The sizes of animals are the same:

  • length from 30 to 55 cm, although there are larger animals;
  • weight from 600 g (for the smallest, 30 centimeters), up to 2 kg.

As for weight, these are indicators of pigs on the «right» diet, in comfortable home conditions, with the ability to constantly be supported, the animals can confidently step over the bar in a couple of pounds.


Pictured skinny guinea pig

The Balduins were isolated into a separate breed not only because of the initial presence of the fur, but also because of the tendency to form folds, often these animals are not like Hippo, but like miniature mastiffs.

However, not every individual is overgrown with folds, therefore, the desire to have not just a naked, but also a wrinkled pet is a kind of lottery. Taking a grown-up rodent with a “necessary” exterior is also a lottery, the animals of both bare breeds are monogamous and it’s not a fact that they will open their heart to the new owner and survive the betrayal of the previous owners.

Reproduction and lifespan of skinny mumps

The reproduction of skinny gilts is no different from the reproduction of simple guinea pigs. Females become capable of reproducing offspring at 6 months, and males at 4-5 months.

After the birth of small pigs, the female should rest for at least six months, since the immunity of naked animals is still somewhat lower than that of their furry cousins, especially those living in the wild.

The number of babies can be different, as a rule it is from 2 to 5 small skinnies. These animals, unlike hamsters, were not seen in eating offspring, on the contrary, they are extremely caring and loving parents.


The average price for a small skin pig muck is from $ 35 to $ 80, so the conditions on their breeding cannot be done, as a rule, they do it solely for the love of this type of pet.

When you plant a naked little animal, you need to remember that how many skinny mumps live directly depends on their living conditions, nutrition and, most importantly, on the attitude of a person towards them.

On average, the life of these animals ranges from 5 to 10 years, however, in California lives a wonderful, very large representative of this breed, celebrated a 12-year anniversary, which once again proves the importance of the relationship of a person to his pet.

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