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Skye Terrier. Description, features, babysitting and the price of Skye Terrier

Probably almost every family lives a pet. Can be fun, call the dog, or already weary experience bulldog. Or affectionate and very stuck-up cat. By the way, the cats actually believe that only they are our masters, and not Vice versa.

And we live in their home, with their permission. Maybe a ferret, swift talkative turtle or fish. Recent years, we began to domesticate even snails. Whoever it was, the home is filled with more joy, fun, pleasant worries and troubles.

Kids need Pets so they learn to be responsible. In order to know what compassion is, if God forbid, the animals got sick. Especially in families with one child, he like anyone else need four-legged friend.


And pensioners, retired and alone. The children grew up and scattered, in all directions. And how I want someone to take care of. And here always come to the aid of our animals.

How many dogs serving in the service and help people. Dogs dogs and just need the person with low vision. Dogs, which serve on the border and customs, taught to sniff out contraband and other good stuff.

Dog rescuers saved dozens of lives. We are closely connected with our four-legged friends. And go with them through life hand in hand.

The breed characteristics and the nature of the Skye Terrier

The history of the breed the Skye Terrier is rooted in the distant sixteenth century. Legend has it that along with the sailors, on the island called Skye, located in Scotland, was their dog.

Staying there for a while, the dog walked with each other, the Spanish visitors, local Terriers and spaniels, and it turned out Skye Terriers.

The years went by, already Novo-bred dogs Skye Terrier, was brought back to Albion. The Queen, seeing such beautiful dogs, were delighted with their unique appearance.

Because of this, the Skye Terrier became so popular among the local aristocracy. In the mid-eight hundredths of years, even opened several nurseries for their breeding. In addition, these dogs were not bad hunters animals, living in burrows.

The years went by, breeders all supported the breeding of this breed. And thank about the dog breed the Skye Terrier came to the Asian continent and America. Well, in Russia they were already in the early sixties of the last century.


In two thousandths, the British breeders declared that the breed’s numbers of these dogs was significantly reduced. And called on the owners of Skye Terriers to be actively engaged in their reproduction. Indeed, over the years the number of puppies Skye Terrier began to increase.

The peculiarity of the breed is that these dogs are fairly large, but very muscular. Growth, they less than half the size of the body.

On the head are small ears, thick hair. Like two fountains, hanging on the sides. Nose, blackened shiny patch. Chic heavy bangs, overlapping the eye.

But, despite this, they have a great vision. And advice to novice breeders, information on the future, in any case, don’t cut the bangs over the eyes, dogs of this breed.

Kids-puppies Skye Terrier small and vulnerable, so don’t make them at home, if your children are still quite small. Unconscious and unable to hurt them.

To train your puppy to other people, to walk in the society need to start than before. So they are already in the early months saw not alone in this world.

In the future, such trips will help their moral development. Now a grown dog will not be too modest or evil.


Another trait that you need to know the person acquiring the dog breed. They are very active, friendly, and can not stand the lack of someone beside him.

Leaving them for a long time, alone with yourself, the animal may become unruly and aggressive. And the dog could have some time to spend in an empty house while the owners are absent.

Takes a long time to teach her that, starting with a few minutes. And every day time should be increased.

If you have a flat, finally settled this hairy miracle, remember, they do not accept neighborhood with other Pets, particularly rodents.

Because of their nature and genes, will long haunt the unfortunate animal, and eventually will destroy it. Also Skye Terriers, will fiercely defend his master from other people and animals.

Dogs, staying in holiday houses with free-range more active than living in apartments. Of all the people who live with them in the same area, he selects a single.

And considers his master. Choosing a person once and for all, he will be completely devoted to the end of life. In Scotland even erected monuments to dog breed the Skye Terrier, for devotion to his master after his death. They number more than five.


His attitude towards children cannot be called evil, but not friendly. Rather, he is patient in dealing with them, and you better not tease.

For energy, this dog comes a purposeful man, resolute, fearless. Only then the dog will be tender in testirovanii and training. There is another feature of this fuzzy outline of their face expressing a smile. Such a dog – ulybki.

Description of the breed the Skye Terrier (standard)

Looking at photos of Skye Terriers see all their beauty originality. This is necessary, body length three times the height of the dog. At 30 centimeters tall, more than a meter is the length of the dog from tip of nose to end of tail.


And gorgeous hair, hanging down to the floor. It consists of the lower soft, long fur and basic coats. Because the wool is rough, it does not get into lumps, no curls on the ends. But it grows to the desired standard length in only two years of a dog’s life.

According to the standard, an animal is quite low, with short legs and strong body. They are not small in size, well proportioned head. Very noticeable nose.

Their ears may be erect or may droop slightly. But the first is more fit according to the standard of the breed. Noticeably long neck transition from the head to the torso.


Their dorsal part is quite smooth and well developed chest. The front legs are noticeably stronger and longer hind legs. The tail is not very long, but always smooth. And never rises above the level of the back.

Their color standard can be white, black. Light Golden, grey, just plain. With the darkening on ears and limbs. The nose and face is always darker. And the valid light spot on the chest. Any other spots in the coloring, is considered as waste rock.

Care and maintenance of the Skye Terrier

An important fact is that dog breed Skye Terrier almost sick. They have a strong immunity because their ancestors came from those areas where weather conditions leave much to be desired. There are constantly damp, rainy, cold and the wind is blowing. And so fur they have so many.


Still, to the great joy of their owners, the life expectancy of these dogs reach up to two decades. But if they must care for, and most importantly, make a diet, then all the thirty years they can live. Then, when their relatives live half.

In hot climates, of course, a bit more complicated. An important point that everyone should know a dog breeder who has a dog of this breed — they are in any case can not be cut.

Otherwise, they can not withstand the heat and be subjected to the thermal effects of the sun. Also, twice a week they should be brushed with a special brush, are there in any pet store. And in the period of moulting comb more often that it does not cubellas, and to remove various impurities from it.

Because not proportional structure of their bodies, puppies Skye Terriers, up to half a year, you can’t walk up the stairs. If they have to overcome such obstacles, it is better to help your pet, and pick up the dog.


Well, like all dogs, they can not overfeed. The diet should be properly balanced so that the dog does not overeat and do not starve. A dog with excess weight is exposed to gastrointestinal diseases.

So is it the load on the heart. Most of their diet should be meat, fish, not fatty foods. Give them porridge and vegetables. Protein foods in the form of skim milk cheese and eggs to them is also necessary.

And vitamins, minerals, macro and micronutrients, buy and give to my dog. But if anyone have time to do all that, then just use food purchased is of good quality.

During the contact veterinary clinics, as purebred dogs have always been demanding in care. Order was taken all vaccines were routinely struggle with parasites. Otherwise they interfere with the growth and proper development of the animal.

Claws in dogs have a tendency to grow, and if they are not cut with special scissors, you can even grow into the paw pads than injuring them, bringing discomfort and soreness. But it is not always you need to do. If the dog often walks, the nails are worn down by themselves on the hard walking surface.


Bathing the dog should not more often than once a week, that’s enough. And comb the mane still wet. You can also use a Hairdryer, but not hot air.

The price and the reviews about Skye Terrier

To buy the Skye Terrier is better in the nursery engaged in cultivating them. There you will be sure that the dog is vaccinated, not subjected to genetic diseases.

Plus the professionals will always be able to advise how to properly care for them. The price of the Skye Terrier from the nursery varies from two hundred and fifty dollars and above.


Also do not forget about the breeders of these dogs. At home they create the best possible climate for development, and also with pleasure will teach how to make friends with the dog.

Reviews about them the best. Very, very faithful and loyal dog. Choosing and falling in love with his master, will be with him until the end.

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