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Sokoke is a cat. Description, features, care and price of the sokoke cat

Probably in every second house there is a pet. Now they are bred so many, for every taste and color. Going to the pet store, eyes run up — fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, ferrets, and of course, as without them, dogs and kittens.


You can talk a lot about cats, they act as a home healer. Feeling a sore spot on the body of his master, be sure to put it on him and begin his therapy.

First, the purging of the nervous system, then warm with heat. Well, in the end will perform a massage claw — injecting. The main thing is to find understanding with your pet.


And the second important reason to get a kitten for your child. Indeed, in whom, if not in fluffy, your child will find a faithful friend, interlocutor, smaller brother or sister. The object for the care, attention and neighbor on the bed. Who, if not a kitten, will develop love and compassion for the world around him.

They also say that only cats can protect your home from negative influence from outside. Not for nothing is the custom, going into a new house, you need to let the cat in front, and where he will settle down for rest, there you have to put a bed. Then the dream will be the most healthy and strong.

Features of the breed and character

Sokoke cat in the past, wild forest dweller living in East Africa, Sokoke region. Pretty nimble creatures that lived in trees and fed on small rodents, birds and bugs.


In the seventies, the English woman saw her, and took her home with her offspring. In the eighties, the kittens migrated to the nursery of Denmark, and already in the nineties, the breed of these semi-wild cats was finally approved. This is a slender, flexible, long-legged animal, medium in size.

By nature, they are active, playful and freedom-loving. But, in spite of their independence, they are very loyal and attached to their master. In the neighborhood with other pets are peaceful.

Due to the fact that their hind legs are slightly longer than their forepaws, they are great lovers of climbing trees and rooftops, and they are good at it. Watching from the height of the bird’s flight for the rest of the household.

They feel comfortable in the water and at the same time good swimmers. The cat juice has a distinctive feature, the tassels on the tips of the ears, such a home mini-hypard.

Description of the sokoke type (standard requirements)

Representatives of the Sokoke cat breed are usually of medium size. Weight grows no more than five kilograms. Their large, slanted, almond-shaped eyes have shades from amber to green. It is simply impossible not to notice, and depending on the mood of the cat, the color of the eyes tends to change.


The head, compared to the body and muscular neck, seems small, with a long muzzle of a triangular shape and a straight nose. In the Sokok breed, the ears are rather large, upright, set high.

By standards, the distance between them should correspond to the width of the ear of the animal. The tail of a cat in the middle length, with a pointed and necessarily dark tip.

Looking at the photo, the juice is short — wool cat, with a shiny pile, without undercoat. Colors — from black to marble, from beige to chocolate, with different shades and spots in the form of snails, rosettes. Thanks to this color, they are well disguised in the wild.

Care and maintenance of the cat sokoke

Since these cats are quite active, so they need a lot of space to keep them. It would be great to let them go for a walk in the courtyard, where you can run and jump as much as you like, but under the supervision that you don’t accidentally run away. They are equally attached and love all their masters, there is no hobby only for one person.


Due to the short hair and the absence of undercoat, these pets practically do not shed. But still, once a week they need to be brushed. It is not necessary to bathe, unless they themselves wander into the home pond, where they are happy to swim.

In winter, due to the short length of the coat, they can freeze. Ears, too, need to pay attention, inspecting them and lubricating them with oil inside. According to their physiology, sokoke cats are not predisposed to genetic diseases.

Therefore, with good care, they live for more than ten years. The period of puberty comes early enough, by seven or eight months of life, but you should not pair them so early.


Diet should be varied. But be sure to daily use of meat, dairy products. Especially kittens Juice, for the full development of add to the food vegetable and fruit purees, they love it.

The presence in the products of vitamin E and taurine well contribute to the development of the cardiovascular system and digestion. And as from a young age to teach a kitten to eat, so in the future he will eat even home-cooked, even purchased food.


Twice a year, be sure to take your pet to a veterinary clinic for general prophylaxis of the body. Check for the presence of parasites, helminths, the condition of the skin, infections, nervous disorders.

Price and reviews about cat sokoke

Cats of this breed are very popular not only in Russia, so you can buy sokoke in nurseries, most of them are in Denmark. The price of a sokoke kitten is quite high, as the breed is rare, exotic and is in demand among connoisseurs and lovers of cats. Especially females are much more expensive. The average price category is from six ten to one hundred thousand rubles.

Reviews about the content of these cats are very good. Animals are active, friendly, get along well with the owners, their fellows. For children, just a find, play without fatigue. Not whimsical in care and nutrition. Do not throw wool around the house.


One drawback they have is the rarity of the breed and the correspondingly high price. But this bundle of joy is worth buying it. Having good health, he will live with you for many years, to share life hardships and experiences. Become a best friend and companion to your child throughout childhood.

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