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Tai dong cat description. Features, care and price of cat tay dong

One of the rarest breeds of cats divorced in the late eighties in Russia. In the mid-nineties, the breed was approved, and American breeders bought a couple of kittens and took them out for further breeding.

Tai dong cat description. Features, care and price of cat tay dong

In Russia, on the contrary, this species was not paid attention, and they began to practically disappear. Only in the middle of two thousandths, Ekaterinburg breeders bought kittens and actively engaged in strengthening the breed, giving them a second life.

Features of the breed and character of the cat Thai Don

Tai is a don dwarf breed, an older cat looks like a semi-annual kitten of an ordinary baleen. The average weight of an adult pet reaches two kilograms, but in especially rare and expensive species they do not exceed one kilogram.

They come with short and long hair, thick undercoat. Their peculiarity is that the Tai-Dong cat is rather silent, and if it makes some sound, it looks more like a barking dog. Also, they give birth to little kittens.

By their nature, tai-dong cats are quite active, playful, bold, friendly to their owners. They are hard to scare than. When acquiring such a pet, be sure to provide your home with slides, cable carts, and scraps.


Otherwise, the cat will gladly use the furniture and curtains for entertainment. Also, get them a pair of toys that they will carry in their mouths all day, regardless of the size of the item.

These tricks are very tame, therefore, that would climb on the hands to the owner, they will lie on their backs under their feet until they are picked up. And already seated in your arms, ready to spend so a whole day. Love to kiss very much.

They are also smart and easy to learn. You can even, if you wish, teach how to bring small objects, like dogs. It is very important that they do not have the habit of marking their territory.

Description of Tai Dong breed (standard requirement)

The colors are very similar to the Siamese, blonde bodies with darkening on the face, ears, legs and tail. Slanted blue-eyed miniature charming women, with five centimeter short tails, in the form of a spiral or a brush, resembling a bubble, which makes them smaller.


Round faces, with well pronounced cheeks. Ears open, wide, beautifully rounded at the tips. But, despite their tiny size, they are fairly well formed, muscular. Their front paws are slightly shorter than the hind ones, because of this, when walking, the Scythian-Tai-Dong staggers a bit. Pads on the legs oval.

If the representatives of this species exceed their standard sizes, the body is more refined and narrow. Or the tail is longer than seven centimeters — it is considered a deviation from the breed.

Care and maintenance of tai dong cat

The most important factor in keeping cats of this breed is care, affection and attention. Although they are fearless, but acquiring, consider and with whom your pet will coexist.

If there is a dog or a small child in the house, then even an adult cat, due to its good nature and small size, will not be able to fight back. What could end in tears for this beautiful miniature miracle.


They really need the attention of their owner, so take the maximum amount of time. Talk to your baby, take it once more in your hands, teach them to walk on a leash.

As for nutrition, it must be balanced. Although these cats are small, but in view of their activity, they consume a lot of energy. Therefore, the diet should be clearly drawn up depending on the age of the pet, the time of year.

And the obligatory presence of the right amount of vitamins. Genetically, they are predisposed to any food, whether homemade, or purchased feed. Utensils for feeding must be washed, and consist of three saucers — for dry food, for wet food and clean water.

Since the fur of these cats is quite thick, and they are very clean animals, they constantly lick themselves, cleaning them of dirt, while swallowing their hair.

To avoid this, always in time to comb out your pet, especially during the period of molting, with a special brush. But note, frequent licking, there may be signs of excitement, for some reason, a cat.


Constant bathing is also useless to them, it is advisable to do this procedure once a month, and then for cats who spend time on the street. Redeem only pets as they are polluted.

To teach the cat to the toilet need from an early age. They are smart enough, so it’s not difficult to quickly teach a pet. The main thing is to choose the right filler and keep the tray clean. They also recommend purchasing toilet trays in a ratio: there should be one more of them than animals in the house.

Well, do not forget to pay attention to the safety of your pet. They are too curious, they can climb the highest cabinets and shelves, then fall down unsuccessfully from them. Install special slides.

The most dangerous are the electrical wires, hide them as much as possible, because when the kitten, seeing such a find, immediately starts to crack the cable, testing its strength.


Representatives of this breed are owners of good health, with proper care for them, nutrition and proper attention, you will spend together very long and happy years.

Price and reviews about cat Tai Don

Since these are cats of a rare exotic breed, then the price of a Scythian-Tai-Dona, respectively, is not small. It also depends on where you want to buy an animal, and what sex, because girls are more expensive. If you buy with hands and without pedigree, then you can meet the 50,000 rubles.

It is better to buy a Scythian-tay-don in a specialized, certified nursery, of which there are quite a few. Price category from seven ten thousand rubles to three hundred.

But there, they will provide you with the relevant documents. It will be possible to view the genetic line of the father and mother of the animal being purchased. They will give recommendations on proper maintenance and care.


Reviews of owners containing such cats are only positive. They are easily trained, very affectionate, quiet, which is important, especially during puberty.

Sociable, always attentively listen to their interlocutor. One minus — few kittens in the litter. Get these funny crumbs, and they will repay you with their respect, dedication, care.


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