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Tiger cat. Description, features, types and price of tiger cat

Cats are the favorite pets in the world. Someone brings kittens from the street and cares for them. Someone buys interesting breeds and participates in exhibitions. Someone breeds many cats and devotes them his whole life. Anyway, almost all people on the planet are familiar with cats.


Description and features of a wild tiger cat

Ontsilla — tiger cat living in the wild. It is much larger than a domestic cat, but the smallest, among other wild cats. Oncillae most often have a yellow-gray hair with tiger stripes. These cats are not afraid of water and swim well, although not so often.

The wild tiger cat (oncilla) resembles a jaguar in miniature. Her coat is short and has characteristic stripes. These bands on the body consist of individual spots, closed in rings. They clearly go in rows and do not break into separate spots. The bands on the tail first simply go in lines from the spots, and then these lines connect to the end of the tail, forming rings.


On photo tiger cat ontsilla

Oncilla has several subspecies that are slightly different in color. It is quite rare, although it inhabits a lot in places. In the last century, it was hunted for its valuable fur. Its population is decreasing every year due to deforestation. Tiger cat of Australia is quite unpretentious. It eats various small animals, sometimes attacks domestic hens. In her bag she carries newborn babies, which can be more than ten.

Breeds of tiger-colored cats

In fact, tiger stripes (tiger tabby) are present in almost all cats, only in a few breeds are visible to the human eye. The toyger tiger cat is one of the youngest.


In the photo toy tiger cat

Translated from English, toyger is a toy tiger. Toyger is one of the most exotic and expensive breeds in the world. Her brindle color is sure to delight. The house where she lives, such a cat gives a special chic and is a sign of the wealth of its owners.

Some people call them tigers, which is wrong and distorts the meaning of the word. Toyger is nothing more than a cross between an ordinary cat and a Bengal cat. However, outwardly it looks like a real tiger, only several times smaller in size. The graceful, aristocratic type of cats brindle color finally emerged in 2007, after a long search for the ideal parents.


If you look at the photos of cats brindle color, you will notice that they have a rather curious body structure. They are large, weighing up to 6-8 kg, with a long thin tail and small paws. Their muzzle is elongated and has a wide nose that is unusual for cats. Also, toygers have a powerful neck, with standard ears and big blue eyes. Although selectors at this stage of time work on reducing the eyes and above the ears. They want to make the ears more rounded.

Tiger cat in the photo looks exactly the same as in life. Her color really exactly matches the tiger. Tiger stripes are both black and brown, and even auburn. The coat is short and smooth. Her paws and the tip of the tail are black, and in addition to the strips there are spots and sockets on the body and the muzzle.


Home toyger extraordinarily calm and affectionate. He does not need much attention. In addition to the usual language for cats, toygers make other sounds that look like birds. Kittens are playful and active, like other breeds. Adult cats are loyal and intelligent.

American shorthair cat known since the beginning of XX century. She is quite peaceful and is a real long-liver among cats. Her life span can reach 20 years. Her tiger stripes can be a variety of color. The short-legged munchkin is one of the most mischievous breeds among tiger-colored cats. Its wool is short and thick, it can be absolutely any color, but with a tiger pattern. The breed appeared in 1991 and has very short paws. These cats are more like dachshunds.


On the photo cat breed Munchkin brindle color

The Siberian cat also became popular at the end of the last century. She is not inferior in devotion to dogs. Its wool is of medium length and its weight can reach 12 kg. The British tiger cat is known for its special character. If she does not bring up her childhood, she will do only what she wants. She needs a lot of personal space and a place for solitude. Her coat is rather short, and the brindle color has various variations. The British are a bit like a Cheshire cat from a fairy tale.


In the photo is a kitten of British breed of brindle color

The Scottish tiger cat has a marble tabby on the back and dense broad stripes on the tail. On the head they have a characteristic mark in the form of the letter «M» of the same color as the pattern on the body. Their eyes are large and yellow, and the ears are smaller than those of other breeds.


On the photo is a kitten Scottish tiger cat

Wild tiger cat lifestyle and habitat

Tiger cats in nature live mainly in the jungle. The main habitat of their habitat is South America. They are in the trees all the time. These cats do not live in packs, but one by one. Their lifestyle is poorly understood. In general, oncillae are most active at night. Their color allows you to hide in dense forest vegetation.


Cats feed on birds and animals. Oncilla are born predators, their ancestors are wild ocelots. They can even hunt small primates. But mostly wild cats hunt small rodents.

Reproduction and longevity

About how oncilla breeds, at the moment there is no information. They are monitored only in inanimate nature. A cat at a time gives no more than two kittens. She has been bearing them for almost three months. In the wild ontsilla can live no more than 15 years. In captivity, her life expectancy is equivalent to 20 years.


On the photo tiger kitten

Tiger cats prices

Toygers neutered or sterilized cost 1-2 thousand dollars. The price of a tiger cat, which can give offspring twice as much. This is one of the most expensive breeds in the world. Lop-eared tiger cat of the Scottish breed costs about 25 thousand rubles. She has a rather calm and good-natured character.

British tabby color is much cheaper — up to 10 thousand rubles. If, of course, there is a desire to get a kitten from parents who have a title and a good pedigree, then it will cost 30 thousand rubles. Munchkin short-legged can be purchased from 5 to 20 thousand rubles.

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