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To Malteza breed of dog. Description, features, leaving and price to a malteza

«It who such here lokhmatenkiya, at whom here eyes-vinogradinki?» — the text of this playful song as well as possible describes emotions at the sight of a puppy to a malteza or a maltes.


Features of breed and character to a malteza

According to well-known Charles Darwin who once researched this breed, the history of a maltese began in the 6th century B.C. Images to a malteza are present on ancient Ancient Greek amphoras, mentions of them are and in ancient texts of Egyptians.

There is all a familiar expression: «A dog – the friend of the person», concerning this breed it needs to be paraphrased: «To Malteza – the friend of the rich person». They lived in mansions of aristocrats of Ancient Rome, decorated with themselves life of the Egyptian nobility.

The unambiguous opinion on an origin of these dogs isn’t present, however it is considered to be that the history of breed is connected with Meled’s island in Adriatic Sea. Malta carried in those days the same name and thereof by mistake of such dogs began to call malteses or a malteza.


During breed formation, according to experts, didn’t do without tiny spaniels and that poodles. These lovely fluffy creatures with snow-white wool and beady eyes, as if the recovered toys descended from a show-window of children’s shop.

There is an opinion that the more small a dog, the she sklochny. But this statement doesn’t work concerning a maltese. Its character surprisingly appeasable and friendly. To Malteza are cheerful and mobile, love various games both with similar, and with the owner.

At the modest dimensions breed to a malteza differs in fearlessness if it is about protection of the owner. Thinking that dear person is threatened by danger, the lap dog to a malteza starts barking impetuously and can even snatch the offender.


These white angels are very attached to people. Malteza – dogs partners, to them needs continuous presence of the person. It isn’t recommended to leave them for a long time alone, the pet in this case can strongly start missing. To Malteza – sensitive and vulnerable doggies. Cases when the lap dog simply started crying are known if on her raised the voice and abused for faults.

You shouldn’t get a maltese if in the house there live small children. By nature mobile and inquisitive, these small doggies can be injured at game with kids. Will be ideally suited for Malteza for elderly people as the partner. Owing to the small sizes such dog will comfortably feel in the conditions of the small-sized apartment.

Description of breed to a malteza (requirement to the standard)

According to the charter of the International film logical association the standard of this or that breed is established in the state which is considered as the homeland of these dogs. So, for a malteza, the description was formed in Italy.


So, to a malteza – the small doggie having the extended body covered with smart dense wool to a floor. Wool has a snow-white shade, also color of an ivory is allowed. Hair long, direct, silky to the touch.

Length of a dog surpasses its height, the head wide with well designated frontal ledge three times. A nose and lips – black color, as well as eyelids. Clever live eyes have dark-brown color, they it is slightly more, than at other dogs if to look from the point of view of proportions.

Triangular accurate ears are put highly, have a little raised appearance. A back direct, a thorax wide, without convex edges. A tail at a maltese thick at the basis and thin on a tip. Tail deviations sideways are allowed.


Back and forepaws — identical length, they have the developed muscles and wide strong bones. Paws of a roundish form with densely squeezed fingers and black small pillows and claws. Extremities of a lap dog are located in parallel each other, why her movements differ in smoothness and speed.

Dogs to a malteza in withers don’t exceed 25 cm, boughs – 23. Such fur treasure on average of 3-4 kg, as average sizes a cat weighs. Exist to also mini malteza, they differ from usual in only more modest sizes and no more than 2-2,5 kg weigh. Life expectancy of a maltese – average for dogs of her parameters, it makes 14-16 years

Leaving and contents to a malteza

Looking at a photo to a malteza, involuntarily you understand that care of such magnificent wool – business difficult and laborious. Such long-haired beauties need to be bathed at least once a week.


For washing special dogs shampoos are used, best of all proved the American and European brands. The means for care of hair intended for people don’t suit dogs and can only worsen appearance of wool therefore you shouldn’t experiment them.

Combing – an integral part of everyday life of a lap dog. For this purpose there are special brushes. If wool got confused, it needs to be sorted accurately fingers in anybody a case, without using a pukhoderka and a koltunoreza.

For simplification of leaving ringlets of malteses wind on hair curlers, especially if the dog prepares for an exhibition. To six malteza grows rather slowly therefore, at desire to cut the pet, it is necessary to address to the checked and proved groomers.


Each two weeks it is necessary to cut off wool on paws between fingers as it is most of all subject to rolling, and also round anal pass. The bang of a lap dog isn’t cut, and tied on an elastic band or a bow that it didn’t disturb the review.

The separate attention is demanded by an eye of a lap dog. They are in the habit to water often therefore in eyes there is an ugly brownish spot. That to avoid it, it is necessary to wash out regularly to a malteza eyes, using a napkin and the clear boiled or distilled water.

Claws – one more point in the list of compulsory procedures for a maltese, as, however, and for other breeds. They need to be cut regularly with the nippers which are specially created for this purpose, or to use services of the professional.


The long, twirled claws can cause discomfort in a dog, it spoils both appearance, and health of a dog as can cause inflammatory process or injure paws.

The maltese easily gives in to training. Appeasable and bright to a malteza can learn to dance on back pads, to be turned and jump in a ring.

The diet to a malteza without fail has to consist of boiled meat of chicken and beef, vegetables, fruit, fermented milk products, fish. It is useful to give them an egg yolk and polished walnuts.


Price to a malteza and responses of owners

Being going to get a puppy of breed to a malteza, it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons at first properly. It is important to understand that at the toy look, this living being who is completely depending on the owner. Only having studied features of behavior of breed and all nuances concerning leaving, the malteza can choose a puppy.

It is simple to buy a malteza today, their heaps if it is so possible to be expressed, expose on it is wound at the price from 15 to 50 thousand rubles. However it is more reliable to take a dog in specialized nursery even if the price to a malteza in nursery is higher.

Puppy cost also depends for what he is got if for the house and soul – from 35 thousand, in cultivation and for exhibition career – individually for everyone as it is considered not only an exterior, but also a titulovannost of parents.


Reading reviews of a malteza, all owners unanimously go on about kindness and appeasable character of the pets. These dogs are in the company of the person day and night: rise with it, walk, have dinner, have a rest and sleep. It is simple not to find more devoted friend.

So before making such responsible step as purchase to a malteza, it is worth taking a detached view of the life. If the person in the days and at the nights vanishes at work or goes to frequent business trips, it is possible to tell with confidence, a maltese – not for him.

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