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White tiger. White tiger lifestyle and habitat

The origin and description of the white tiger

Once, a long time ago, around 1951, a man decided to hunt, and accidentally stumbled upon a tiger’s den. There were a few tigers, among whom lay a very white little tiger cub.


All but the little white tiger cub were ordered to destroy. Belenky male tiger cub the hunter took for himself. For several years he lived next to the lord, admiring everyone with his exquisite beauty. People could not get enough of such a valuable copy.

Sir, no doubt, he wanted to get tigers from a gallant tiger and, finally, he received, having reduced his ward forest master and a beautiful red tigress. Soon, the whole palace was filled with white tiger cubs. And then, the gentleman was visited by the idea of ​​selling tigers with an extraordinary color. Tigers were sold outside of India.

In India, a decree was issued — to recognize the animal white tiger property of the nation. In this country, they treat with great respect to the white tigers.


n very distant times, predators very often attacked the inhabitants of India. But despite this, many activities were held in India to protect these beautiful animals.

White tiger habitat

The white tiger is an animal that lives in Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal and, directly, in India itself. This predator has a tight-fitting white fur with stripes. The predator inherited such a pronounced color as a result of the congenital mutation of its color.

Their eyes are green or blue. White tigers, in principle, are not the largest species of tigers. Orange forest owners are much larger than whites. The white tiger is very flexible, graceful and its muscles are developed just fine, it has a dense constitution.


In the photo are white tigers female and male

The tiger is not very big ears, which have a certain rounded shape. In the tongue, tigers have bulges that perfectly help it to separate meat from various bones. Such predators have 4 fingers on their hind legs, and 5 fingers on the front paws. White tigers weigh a lot, about 500 kilograms, and body length reaches 3 meters.


Predator teeth are enough — 30 pieces. The health of the white tigers wants the best, because, as you know, the crossing of completely different breeds does not lead to anything good. Such tigers have health problems, namely:

— kidney disease;
— strabismus;
— poor eyesight;
-the spine and neck are rather curved;


In the photo the battle of two white tigers males

White tigers are a very interesting specimen. Not all zoos may contemplate these striped cats. A lot of people from all over the world come to zoos to look at the graceful white tiger.

The lifestyle and character of the white tiger

Tigers — loners in life. So they have laid the nature. They, of course, stand a wall for their territory, they mark it, not letting anyone. Fight for her to the last. The only exceptions are females of striped predators, they only allow females into their conquered territory and are ready to share dishes with them. In principle, females also share food with males.


But, usually, white tigers do not live in a normal environment, but in captivity. It is very difficult for them to survive in such an environment — after all, their color is rather white and very noticeable when hunting. The tiger swims well and can even climb a tree, no matter how strange it sounds.

Before hunting for prey, the predator tries to wash off its smell, so that the prey cannot feel it and run away, leaving the tiger hungry. Tiger by nature, likes to sleep, in no way inferior to our domestic cats.

White Tiger Eating

Like all predatory animals living in their natural environment, white tigers prefer meat. In summertime, tigers may be a little fed up with hazelnuts and edible herbs. The main food is deer. But, in some cases, a tiger can eat fish and even a monkey. Males are very different from females, even in taste preferences.

If the male does not accept the fish, the female will gladly taste both the fish and rabbit meat. In order for the tiger to feel saturated, it needs to eat about 30 kilograms of meat at a time.


White tigers, like all predators love meat

A tiger is a lone hunter. He used to attack before quietly tracked down prey. By mining, moves in small steps on bent paws very imperceptibly. The predator gets food both day and night, there is no specific time for it. The tiger is very cunning in the hunt, he can imitate the cry of that animal he is hunting for.

Interesting fact. During its fishing, the white tiger can jump up to 5 meters in height! And at length, and even more so, at 10 meters. It can carry prey, even reaching one hundred kilograms.

Reproduction and life expectancy of a white tiger

Following nature, white tigers mate in December, or in January. A female should have only one suitor. If suddenly a pair of males starts caring for a female, then there will be a battle for this female. The female gets the strongest of the males. The female is ready to give birth in 3-4 years. Only once in 2-3 years the female can produce offspring. And carrying tigers about 100 days.


In the photo are white tiger cubs

The female gives birth to tigers in March or April. In total, the female bears tigers — about three. The cubs are all near the mother, it is very dangerous to be near the male, he can easily kill them. For about six weeks, tiger cubs eat only breast milk.

The female tiger is first and foremost a loving and caring mother. She teaches all her tigers: how to get food, protects them from dangers, teaches how to quietly and silently attack prey. The tigress will never leave their tigers in trouble — will fight to the last.

When the cubs turn 18 months old, they can be considered completely independent. The girls (females) remain close to their mother, and the males disperse in search of a happy life. Striped predators live about 26 years.

It should be noted that the white tiger is listed in the Red Book of Russia. Hunting them is strictly prohibited. There is an opinion that white predators can breed only in captivity and, therefore, their species can simply disappear. The white tiger is a very rare species.


In a country like China, this animal is a symbol of military prowess. Figurines depicting a tiger are able to cast out evil spirits. On the forehead of a white tiger is a very interesting arrangement of stripes — they are derived in the form of Chinese characters, which mean power and might. Take care of white tigers!


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