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Wyandot chickens. Description, features, care and price of Wyandot chickens

If you are the owner of the backyard plot and there is an opportunity to keep poultry, then it is best to choose a breed of hens «viandot». It has excellent quality meat and eggs, not whimsical in the content. Perfectly gets on with other breeds, it is possible to contain in open cages.


Wyandott is from America, more precisely from Indian tribes. The name of the breed received from the same name of an Indian tribe. In 1883 the first standard of this breed was registered — silver viandot. Chickens are distinguished by a caring attitude towards incubation of chicks and are very attentive to the offspring.

Description and features of the Wyandot breed

Breed of hens «viyandot» is bred by selection of several gene types (Brama, Leggorn, Dorking, Bentheim-Seabright, Orpington, Cochinchin) As a result of crossing, a fairly calm and hardy subspecies appeared.

The color range of plumage has more than 15 shades. The most common: pale yellow, light brown, fully blackened, white, golden and silvery.

Wyandot chickens have a rounded torso of medium size, females smaller from males. The body is compact, planted on strong legs. Scallop, earrings and earlobes are colored red.



The beak is strong, short, slightly bent. Round mobile eyes have an amber shade. The wings are shortened, because the ability to fly at Viandot is very low. The tail is set high, of small size, fanned like a fan. The plumage deserves special attention, it is abundant, it thickly covers the body and is notable for its pomp.

The advantages of a vyandot are many, the prevailing one — they tolerate frosts perfectly. The room where they are kept may not be particularly heated. Chickens start to be born early, from about 8 months of age.

Friendly nature allows you to place them in a pen with different breeds. In females, the instinct of brooding is well developed. The meat has excellent taste.

These chickens do not fly, they are far from leaving the fence. Practically there are no drawbacks; Wyandot chickens are sometimes prone to obesity. Also can trample garden plantings (strawberries, bulbous flowers, greens).

Care and maintenance of the Wyandot breed

In order to breed viyandot chickens for meat and eggs, one must observe a balanced diet. Also important mode and systematic issuance of feed. But this breed is inactive and quite voracious, because the content must be combined with the paddock.


The more space, the better, the birds will be busy, constantly moving. The optimal weight of the Wyandot rooster is 3.5-3.8 kg, chicken — 2.5-3 kg. The coop can be equipped at no extra cost, even without warming it.

Wyandot chickens tolerate cold weather, but they need good lighting.
The room should be spacious and always with windows for the penetration of sunlight. It is clear that lighting directly affects egg production.

The room is equipped with perches of strong wood. Since the Wyandot chickens are gaining weight quickly, the rods must be resilient. They are placed along the walls in a horizontal position.

The floor is covered with dry material (sawdust, chips, husk, dry foliage). The litter is changed every two weeks. It is advisable to put a box with dried sand. The procedure of bathing in it is important for birds (prevention of parasites and help during the molt).


Silver iandot and its varieties are susceptible to infectious diseases. Therefore it is necessary to cover the open pen with an additional net on top so that wild birds do not fly in. Drinking bowls are important, both indoors and on the run.

Wyandot chicken nutrition and breeding

The main diet of the breed is grain mixtures. In the offseason, add greens and concentrates, rich in vitamins and trace elements. Feeding is distributed 3-4 times a day.

The bird will not overeat, the chicken can be traced high egg production. The productivity of pullets is 180 pieces per year, in the recut — 150 eggs. The average weight of a Wyandot egg ranges from 50-60 g. The surface of the egg turns golden, light brown or milky.


For broods, enough nests are built around the perimeter of the chicken coop. There are already ready to buy seats, and you can make yourself from improvised means (boards, drawers, bedding). The optimal location of the socket: not above 60 and not less than 30 centimeters from the floor.

Wyandot chickens are derived both naturally and in incubators. The method of obtaining chicks depends only on the desire, because they have a high degree of survival. Chickens grow and feather quickly.

Until the age of one month, babies are fed with chopped boiled eggs, mixed with semolina. Then greens, dairy products, mixtures of meat and fish waste are mixed.


Dwarf Wyandot is a reduced copy (approximately twice) of the original, the approximate weight of a bird is: a rooster about 1 kg, a chicken — 0.8-0.9 kg. The subspecies productivity is 120 eggs per year, the approximate egg weight is 35 g.

Wyandot chickens price and owner reviews

The most beautiful photos are the Wyandot rooster with white or golden plumage. You will surely admire these handsome men, they look gorgeous with thick plumage. The price of an adult rooster is about 500 rubles, and for a chicken it is asked from 200 to 400 rubles.

Incubation eggs can be purchased from 40 to 50 rubles per piece. Buy viyandot chickens best in nurseries or specialized farms. There is a guarantee that you will sell this standard.


Ekaterina from Bryansk: — “In the spring I always get two dozen chickens, I like black-bordered wyandot. They grow quickly, they carry a lot of eggs, they are large, like goose. The meat is of excellent quality, soft, tender, quickly cooked. I recommend this breed to everyone. ”

Alyona: — “I always buy from one farmer fresh chicken meat of the“ Wyandot ”breed. I have two small children, they love cooked meat dishes. Moreover, it is dietary, easily digested and not annoying. Meat can be used to make salads, first and second courses. ”

Evgeniy: — “I am the chef of one of the metropolitan restaurants, I can say that chicken meat of the vyandot breed meets all the requirements of culinary characteristics. From myself I want to note that, baking it in the oven, the dish turns out fragrant, juicy, loses a minimum of useful properties.

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