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Yakut laika dog. Description, features, leaving and price of breed

Features of breed and character

The dog the Yakut laika appeared in the conditions of the Russian North and lived in these territories for centuries. Unpretentious temper of an animal, high adaptive abilities and functions was so fostered. The first likes hunted on a big and dangerous game.


Hunting with the Yakut laika originates in Neolithic times. This traditional occupation for the northern people. But modern not too competent owners provoked deterioration of the main qualities of a dog. In the 70th years of the last century лаек started disturbing with other breeds. As a result breed almost disappeared.

According to archeological finds, breed totals over 8 thousand years. These dogs steadily accompanied inhabitants of the North everywhere, to this fact there is a mass of proofs. Ancestors лаек saved human life more than once. Besides, dogs were used for transportation of goods.

Some time the Yakut laika replaced the name on Kolyma, but it proceeded not too long. As separate breed appeared rather recently, in 2005, and the official standard appeared only in the 2013th at all.


Character of the Yakut is hazardous and purposeful. Besides, it is patient and devoted to the owner. Very sensitive and obedient. It is important that the Yakut doesn’t divide family members into the and the others. The dog treats all adults equally kindly. Doesn’t consider children for authorities, but willingly nurses them.

The animal is inclined to domination. Especially, if it is a dog. But at due training this line is corrected. Boughs are more counterbalanced but if to anger them, they will inspire fear not worse than dogs.

Inherently the hunter and the guard, a laika shows these qualities practically from a shchenyachestvo. Dogs willingly protect also a family in which live, and property even if didn’t receive similar team. But especially for protection of like won’t approach. The dog rather easily distracts and gives in to deception.


Yakut лаек consider as a hunting breed of dog

Not difficult to train the four-footed pet, the beginner, the inexperienced factory owner will cope with this task even. But the whip method won’t suit a dog. The valid address in quiet tone will approach. Also it is worth stocking up with endurance.

Standard of breed

With a growth to 58 cm dogs weigh to 30 kg. With a height in withers at a bough to 55 cm weight doesn’t exceed 27 kg. The dog looks compactly, has the strong developed muscles. The head roundish, is proportional to a trunk. Stop is well expressed. The nasal lobe large, has a black or brown pigment.

Lips have pronounced pigmentation. They dry, densely fit the equal white teeth closed in a nozhnitseobrazny bite. Ears of a triangular form can be both in semi-standing and in standing provisions, are put highly.

Eyes at лаек unusual — celestial-blue with a black border at the edges. However also black and brown colors, and also raznoglazy are admissible. They have direct wide посад and an almond-shaped form.


The brawny neck flows in the strong brought-down trunk. The weak waist belongs to defects. A breast deep and wide, and the tail which is fervently bent in a ring is highly put. Feet parallel, brawny and direct. Paws are collected in whom, and small pillows possess a dark pigment.

The hair to the touch rough and dense, with the developed underfur, shines on the sun. The color can be any, including combinations of black, white, gray flowers. Besides, the dog can have red burn marks. Any monochrome coloring belong to defects. However, the white Yakut laika — this exception, it too is entered in the standard of breed.


Leaving and contents

The Yakut laika on a photo reminds a plush toy of the huge sizes. Such association comes in connection with a rich fur coat of an animal. Except esthetic it has good protective function. Thanks to a dense skin, these dogs can sleep on a snow crust.

That wool looked beautifully, it is necessary to look after it. Few times in a year the dog fades, losing an underfur. During these periods it is necessary to comb out a dog a special chesalka with iron teeth. It is also necessary to watch that koltuna weren’t formed constantly.

Bathing isn’t recommended as frequent procedure. There is enough one-two times in half a year. But after walks, especially on pools, the dog should wipe small pillows of paws and paws.

Eyes and ears have to be under continuous supervision. It is possible to wipe their usual tampon moistened in warm water, and it is possible — solution of boric acid. As a rule, it becomes several times a week. However at desire or on a situation such procedures are carried out more often.


The standard the Yakut laika as the hunter, the watchman and a draft dog characterizes breed. It is clear that any of specifications means good physical activity. The owner also has to provide it. And optimum conditions for this purpose — a country house with a site on which the dog will be able to frolic or protect the territory.

There are large breeds which not bad transfer conditions of the city apartment. But the Yakut doesn’t treat them. She won’t be able to live in the constrained conditions, will start withering. Even regular walks with physical activities by it won’t be able to be realized even half. At due care the animal is capable to live 8-10 years.


These canine friends of the person adapted for severe climate and the simplest food long ago. They are absolutely unpretentious and eat that will offer them. It is only important to be defined from the very beginning, what type of food will suit the pet — natural products or dry feeds.


Usually the puppy of the Yakut laika taken from nursery eats a factory forage. Already the owner solves houses, to leave the favourite on such food or to transfer to other type of food.

If everything suits a dog and the owner, it is possible to leave as is. The main thing — to remember that the dry food demands a soaking until the animal doesn’t replace milk teeth with the radical.

In case the owner has time for daily preparation of fresh portions, it is important to learn by heart a number of rules. First, it is impossible to feed up a dog between meals.

To anything good it won’t lead. If the desire is so great, it is possible to give to the pet dried fruits, but only as encouragement to the executed command or after training.

It is required to feed an adult individual not more often than couple of times a day. Certainly, puppies eat more often. In case the dog didn’t eat up, contents of a bowl are removed. To give the same food the second time, for dinner, it isn’t recommended. But drinking clear water has to be in an animal review constantly.

The basis of a diet of a laika is made by animal protein — meat of low-fat grades, an offal, sea fish. These are sources of protein, calcium, phosphorus and other useful substances. But products can’t fully provide the pet with vitamins. Therefore it is recommended to give food additives as a dokorm.

Except protein the Yakut laika has to receive cellulose in the form of vegetables and fruit, and also difficult carbohydrates — rice and buckwheat. But it is better to avoid bones, it is equal as sweets, smoked, fat and salty. Sausages and other products many food additives and amplifiers of taste aren’t recommended.

Possible diseases

Breed the Yakut laika concerns to the dogs who are the extremely seldom ill. Such is specifics of places of origin of the first лаек. Conditions of the North tempered dogs, created strong immunity, presented a warm fur coat thanks to which the dog well transfers frosts. Thus owners need to remember that the dog negatively reacts to hot weather.

Despite excellent health, there are some diseases, peculiar to breed. The part from them touches a digestive tract. And the stomach cancer is in the lead among these illnesses.

Besides, likes are inclined to eczema, and also have such feature as weakening of a pigment of a nasal lobe. Other name of an illness — «a snow nose». Also problems with eyes can disturb Yakuts. It is connected with genetics. As many large breeds, they suffer from articulate diseases, on the first place among which displaziya.



On a photo puppies of the Yakut laika


The price of the Yakut laika depends on several factors. The sex of a dog, a class association, a family tree, existence of medals at puppy parents, an acquisition place, compliance to standards of breed, etc. are considered. There are also minor factors, but they are less important.

Dogs of any breed share on pet-, brid-and show classes. The first class is located at the lower step of hierarchy. The dog conforms to all standards of breed, however isn’t suitable for further cultivation and participation in exhibitions. This is a so-called dog as a hobby, the partner.

Brid-klass it is possible to part and be engaged in sale of puppies. Its cost will be higher. And the show class — is elite of breed which was given green light on any actions — participation in competitions, exhibitions, cultivation of puppies, etc.

Show class — rather unusual occurrence for any breed. Therefore to buy the Yakut laika of this class cheap it won’t turn out. Cost will make from 50 thousand rubles and above. Average price category for puppies of this breed — 35-40 thousand.


One more component when forming the price tag — a place where the animal is got. If it is nursery Yakut laika, the price will be higher, than purchase from the official factory owner.

And the official factory owner, in turn, will ask for a puppy more, than neofitsiala. But in the latter case there is a high probability to get instead of a laika of not purebred dog.

The nursery is good that here the puppy is transferred to the owner already vaccinated. It is possible not to worry for its family tree — with it problems won’t arise, the owner will be sure that received a thoroughbred laika.

However the nursery has to be checked. It is possible to read about these institutions on the Internet then to support information with own impressions.

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