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Korat cat. Description, features, care and price of the cat Korat

Features of the breed and the nature of the cat Korat

The korat cat is a domestic breed. Its homeland is considered to be Thailand, where the indigenous population attributes its magical power to it: to bring happiness. Therefore, her name is associated with legends and ancient customs.


It was impossible to sell the cat, but only to give. She became a traditional wedding offering to the newlyweds. This ancient breed was a household favorite of people of simple classes, while as a Siamese breed lived only in royal persons.

Representatives of this breed are very beautiful. They have silver-blue fur that shimmers like a diamond and huge olive-colored eyes. In size they are small, but heavy, about 4 kg.

They have a well-developed wide chest, so the distance between the legs is quite large. The paws themselves are developed in proportion to the whole body of the cat, the hind ones are slightly longer.


The head of a Korat cat is of medium size. The big ears located on it, are highly placed. The ends are round, with almost no wool inside. Stunning eye colors, distinguished by depth and clarity. Large fangs of cats indicate a close relationship with wild ancestors. The owners say very lively facial expressions of their pets.

Korat cats are real companions. They love to be the center of attention and take part in all the affairs of their masters. They do not like strangers and will not go into their hands.

But with all the inhabitants of the house cats will find a common language, even with dogs. They do not like long trips or walks, prefer to stay in their familiar home environment.

Korat can easily charm and fall in love at first sight. These cats are very loyal and bored if left alone for a long time. Feel bad mood of the owner and start to caress to lift him.


In cats of this breed the hunting instinct is very strongly developed. During such games, it is better to stay away from the karat. So that in the heat of the struggle he could not accidentally hurt. Another weakness of the nature of the cat korat is a great curiosity. Therefore, to keep them better in the apartment than in the house.

Description of the breed krat (requirements for the standard)

Like any breed has its standards and krat. It is worth knowing that the breeding of these cats is limited by strict rules. According to them, only representatives of the breed who have Thai roots in the pedigree receive a passport. It is impossible to knit with other breeds of krates.

Following the WCF system standard, the cat should look like this. A medium sized body, must be muscular, flexible and strong. In proportion to its size, muscular legs with oval legs should be developed. The back is slightly arched with the middle tail narrowed towards the end.


The head in shape should resemble a heart with wide-set eyes. The supraorbital region forms the upper part of the heart, and two symmetrical lines up to the chin complete the whole picture. Without pinch. Proportional nose in profile, must have a small hollow. Well developed cheeks and chin.

Wide at the base of large ears, on the tips should be rounded. Inside and outside should not be covered with thick hair. Eyes should be round and wide open. Brilliant green, amber can be tolerated. If the representative of the breed is not four years old.

Wool should not be thick. The length can vary from short to medium length. The sight of it is brilliant and thin, tight. The only correct color is blue with silver on the tips of the hair. No stains or medallions are allowed. Purebred korat cat can be seen in the photo.


Care and maintenance of the cat breed Korat

Cats of this breed grow slowly and reach adult size by the age of five. Then they have a beautiful silver-colored fur coat, and their eyes are bright olive-green.

Therefore, taking a kitten, do not pay attention to a slightly inappropriate look. Over the years, he will turn into a real handsome man. These rare cats live for about 20 years.

Pet grooming does not cause any trouble. They do not form mats, due to the fact that there is no undercoat. Therefore, simply enough from time to time to comb them.

The frequency of this procedure is once a week, the combing itself is performed against hair growth. At the end of her hair need to iron with wet hands. It should be remembered that the tail should not be combed unnecessarily.

This is an independent and intelligent breed, so the cat will report all its desires itself. In addition, they are not picky about food. And they will be happy to eat from the table of the owner.


But it is necessary to limit such food so as not to harm the health of the animal. It is better to give preference to high-quality dry cat food or canned food. Always in easy accessibility should be a bowl of clean water. You need to feed several times during the day. Adults — 3 times, kittens — 5.

Puberty comes at the corats early enough in 8 months. Then it is worth sterilizing a cat or a cat, if you do not plan to use them for reproduction. If this is neglected, then the males will actively mark the territory, and the females will look for a partner.

Cat teeth should be cleaned every 10 days to avoid gum and teeth diseases. Pasta should be special for animals. You can use special sprays or wipes.

Once a month you need to inspect the ears of cats. In the formation of sulfur and dirt, you need to use a cotton swab to gently clean them. Eyes are wiped once a day with a smooth, clean cloth dipped in boiled water.


The movements must be from the outer edge of the eye to the inner. Claws are treated with a claw cutter as needed. The description of this procedure is in any directory, it is also suitable for the cat korat.

Korat cat price and owner reviews

This breed is very rare all over the world. In Russia, only one nursery is engaged in their breeding. Most likely to get this handsome man in the US or England. The approximate price at which you can buy a real cat, can not be less than $ 500. If we are talking about the class brid.

Therefore, all offers to buy such kittens in Russia are suspicious. Before purchasing, you need to inquire about the seller. A very big chance to get a Russian blue for a high price instead of a kore cat.


Svetlana M. Moscow — “I have always disliked cats and was a real“ dogmaid ”until my husband brought home our charm — Murka. She breeds korat. I had never seen them before, and had never even imagined that a cat could be so affectionate and tender. She has been with us for four years and has become a faithful friend of my dachshund, Angela. ”

Elena K. Samara — “My friend brought an unusual cat from England. It turned out that he is a rare breed of corat. I was eager to start the same for myself. This case was very troublesome, but after three months I received the long-awaited — Venya! My joy has no limits even now. I have never had a more devoted pet. ”

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