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Monkey howler. Monkey howler and habitat howler monkey

The monkey howler (Aloautta senikulus) is a monkey with wide noses, belong to the family of arachnids. This species of monkeys had the glory of a natural alarm clock, its roar can be heard early in the morning at the same time. The look of the howlermen is too good-natured, it is impossible to look at them without a smile.


Piercing, almost human eyes, as if penetrating into the depths of the soul. It seems that the animal understands the interlocutor without a single word. They are suitable for home maintenance, but they feel hurt and often just grieve. It is better if the monkey howler will live in a flock of full life, and not in a cage.

Features and habitat of the monkey howler

Monkey howler — one of the largest monkeys in Brazil. It received its name from the heart-rending cry , which is audible for many kilometers around. Depending on the habitat , the coat may become red, light or dark brown, black in color.


There is no hair on the muzzle, the jaw is rather wide, advanced slightly forward. Primate has impressive canines, allowing you to get coconuts and drink milk or juice.

The lower part of the face is framed with a neat little beard. Each paw has five tenacious claws. The end of the tail is bald because of its frequent use, along the entire length there are scallops and patterned patterns.

Homeland is considered to be Central and South America . The monkey lives in dense rain forests. Loves to huddle among the branchy thickets. He is an excellent acrobat, and a moving tail plays the role of the fifth paw.


Most of all they love to sit on a branch and play loud parts. Thereby, plunging the listener into shock, and giving a signal to the congeners about their territory.

The most numerous species of howler monkey are Central American (dwelling in the North, South America and Mexico) and red (Guiana and Venezuela). Body length ranges from 40 to 70 cm, the tail has a length of 50-75 cm, weighs about 10 kg.

The entire body is covered with thick shiny wool. The color may be reddish, sometimes turning into black. Males often have a beard, which they like to stroke, as if thinking. Females are a little smaller from males.


The howler monkey’s special cry is due to the presence of throat sacs. Saliva and air collect in them, they inhale during inhalation, and on exhalation a shrill roar is obtained. Something similar to the resonators of natural occurrence.

The nature and lifestyle of the monkey howler

The monkey is a howler by nature a calm animal, active in the sunny time of the day. Their day cares are a detour of the territory, and latently it is possible to be nourished with tasty. At night, they fully sleep, but some males do not stop screaming at night. Primates live in family communities, which number from 15 to 17 individuals.


Male monkeys howler have a beard

There is always one dominant male and his deputy in the group, there are several females at their disposal. The lady herself gives to know about the readiness for copulation. If the main male is not ready, then she switches to the assistant.

It is precisely with the roar that the male howlers make it clear that this is their territory. Yet there is no clear division, often battles arise between the heads of groups. In such unequal contractions, many male individuals die.

Sometimes fights occur due to the fact that the female paid attention to the male from a neighboring group. The fights are very tough, and the winner always finishes the sacrifice.


Scientists recently published the results of research throat roar of howler . They say that the hyoid bone acts as a resonator. The larger it is, the stronger the roar.

Also, scientists have traced the tempting relationship between the amount of sound and the size of the genitals of the primate. If the animal baws for a long time, then it only speaks of not very special abilities, like a male. And with a constant roar, he invites the female once more.

Food monkey howler

The basic diet of a howler monkey is the deciduous green of trees, flowers, fruits, fruits, young buds and shoots. Sometimes you can watch how primate shoves soil into your mouth.


With this he tries to neutralize the poisonous properties of some plants. Soil minerals collect toxic substances and, without causing harm, are eliminated from the body. Since these monkeys are vegetarians, and vegetable food does not provide much energy, they do not move over long distances.

All power cherish for everyday concerts. You can observe how monkeys make micro holes in the trunk of a tree and suck out juice that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

Reproduction and lifespan monkey howler

The female after mating leads a slightly solitary lifestyle, she tries to protect herself as much as possible. Bears fruit 190 days, rarely twins.


On photo baby monkey howler

Immediately after birth, the baby clings to the mother’s fur and literally lives on it. The matted cub is still not in a hurry to leave the parent and can accompany her from 18 to 24 months.

The female feeds the baby with breast milk, she is an excellent mother — caring and attentive. If the baby has been away for a short time, then the parent constantly has something in common with him.

When the cub reaches puberty, the mother resorts to aggression to ward off him. The sight is not pleasant, as the monkey is constantly striving to return, you can even see the tears.

Often young malemonkeys of a howler monkey are simply banished from their home group, so that there is no incest. It is also not uncommon for young animals to die in cruel fights.


The lifespan of a black howler in natural conditions reaches from 15 to 20 years. In captivity, there were cases when the primate lived to three dozen. Every photo of a monkey a howler attracts with its magnetism. It is the intelligent look of almost human eyes. Facial expressions, movements, reactions to words and sounds — all this only proves once again that they are our distant relatives.

The primates express their favorable attitude and love by stroking their long tail. They use it in courtship and as a care for a naughty baby. A fascinating spectacle — in a row sitting multicolored monkeys howlers , with their mouths open, giving a morning concert.

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