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Rattlesnake. Description, features and habitat of the rattlesnake

Description and features of the rattlesnake

Rattlesnake, as a rule, can be found in North America . Most often it settles in burrows, it can live among stones. This species of snake belongs to the family of vipers and the subfamily of the pitheads.

If you scrutinize closely, it will become clear why such a rattlesnake is referred to as a boonhead, the photo will be told for themselves — you will see several dimples between your nostrils and eyes.


They help snakes to find the victim, because there are thermoreceptors that analyze the temperature of the environment. They quickly catch the slightest change in temperature, if a victim appears nearby.

It is like a second vision, which helps to quickly find and attack the victim. Rattlesnake is poisonous . She has several elongated teeth, from which the poison is emitted upon being bitten.

Why is a snake rattling? This name comes from several species that have a “rattle” on the tail. It consists of moving scales that make sounds when the tail is swinging.

Rattlesnake habitat

These snakes easily and quickly adapt to any terrain. There are species that live in the jungle, others in the deserts, some even in the water or in the trees. Rattlesnuts do not like direct sunlight, so they try to keep nocturnal.


During the day, they often hide in burrows or under stones, but at night they begin a period of hunting. Small rodents, birds , as a rule, become victims . Moreover, according to research, rattlesnakes constantly improve their hunting skills.

That is, they are developing, progressing. For years they can return to the same place of ambush for hunting. For the winter, the snakes hibernate, and they usually gather together to warm each other.

Rattle snake bite danger

Who has not watched the movie «Rattlesnakes» ! It was with him that the panic fear of rattlers began. The invasion of rattlesnakes really became frightening people. After all, a rattlesnake bite is poisonous, and serum on hand may not be. If we talk about the danger of being bitten by a person, then it depends on many factors.


Undoubtedly, qualified assistance of doctors and serum, which is produced on the basis of poison, are necessary. It is believed that the closer the bite is to the head, the more dangerous it is for life. The bite should not be treated with alcohol, as it will only accelerate the effect of the poison. In general, it is better not to apply anything to the wound, you need to wait for help. Everything will depend on the site of the bite, on the amount of poison, on the speed of medical care.

However, it should be said that in small doses I use snake venom as a medicine. For example, in such diseases as leprosy, when it is necessary to stop severe bleeding. Despite the fact that snakes are poisonous, they still often become victims of other animals.

Many animals and birds are not exposed to poison, for example, pigs, weasels , ferrets, vultures, peacocks , crows. Yes, and a man with his activity reduces the population of rattlers, because in many countries they are even eaten, and bags, wallets, shoes are made of leather.

Life expectancy and reproduction of the rattlesnake

The life expectancy of a gremuchnik is usually 10-12 years. However, some individuals can live much longer. In serpentariums, where they collect poison, snakes live very little, and the reasons are unknown, but in a zoo with proper care, life expectancy is the same as in the wild.

In essence, it is believed that the smaller the snake is in size, the more it lives, mainly the average size of individuals ranges from eighty centimeters to a meter. True, there are snakes that reach one and a half meters.


Gremuchnikov viviparous, the offspring hatch from eggs almost immediately, as their mother laid aside. And an interesting fact, serpents are already born with a bright rattle on the tail. She attracts victims to her, although at first she is not so big.

With each molt, the size of the rattle will increase, however, the scales will not be able to determine the age of the individual, as they are lost, and the number of molts in the snakes is different.

Interesting facts about the rattlesnake

These snakes are non-conflicting. The first person they do not attack, usually only defend. However, every year about a hundred people die from the bites of these animals. Individuals overheat and die already at +45 degrees. Her teeth are very sharp, they easily pierce leather shoes.


Scientists have noticed that when the snake dies, then it begins to behave very strangely. She rushes at everyone, tries to bite everything that comes her way, even her body. It is assumed that the snake is trying to commit suicide, but this is not proven, perhaps she is trying to cure herself with the help of her own poison.

Rattlesnakes are amazing. Watching them is a pleasure. Now a lot of various films and programs about these amazing animals have been shot. In order to watch an interesting, informative film, it’s enough to drive a key phrase into the search bar: “ Rattlesnake video ”.

Among the options offered, everyone can find a cognitive film about rattlesnakes. We can only find these snakes in zoos, which undoubtedly pleases. It’s good that these insidious predators are not found in our area, and you can admire them in the zoo, or watching a movie on TV.

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