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Affenpinscher breed of dogs. Description, features, care and price of affenpinscher

Affenpinscher in literal translation from German means «like a monkey.» Representatives of this breed are among the most ancient domestic dogs that were bred in European countries in the seventeenth century.

Initially, the breed was created on the basis of Belgian griffins and dwarf schnauzers specifically for confronting rodents. However, in addition to its main purpose, the affenpinschers coped with the task of protecting the stables, for which they for a long time remained incredibly popular among cabmen and horse owners.


Despite their small external resemblance to monkeys, dogs of this breed are loved by breeders from all corners of the globe, and you can see them even on the canvases of such famous artists as Durer and Van Drake.

Affenpinscher breed description

One glance at the affenpinscher’s image makes it easy to determine that the dog is completely harmonious. The average height of animals ranges from 24 to 29 centimeters, and the weight varies from 3 to 5 kilograms.

Muzzle — short, somewhat narrowed to the nose, with round shining eyes. Affenpinscher is the owner of a tough and coarse wool, which can be both long and shaggy, and short and thick. The great advantage of the breed is the fact that its representatives do not need special care for the wool and practically do not shed. It is enough to comb and comb the pet with a brush and comb not more often than once a week.

Based on the official description of the affenpinscher, the breed standard is considered to be an animal with brown, yellow-red, red or black color. Black with gray hair, two or three-color color are also acceptable, with the exception of white color or the presence of light spots on the dark coat.


The nose of the nose should be black, and the lower lip slightly protruding forward. Despite the fact that the wool of affenpinchers is often stiff and short, it actually does not cause allergic reactions, therefore the breed is suitable for the absolute majority of people.

Features of the breed affenpinscher

The affenpinscher dog is a devoted and loyal friend and at any time of the day and night is ready to follow his master on his heels. Despite its modest size, the animal can safely attack the enemy several times larger than himself in the event that the owner will need protection from the aggressors in the form of people or dogs.

It is for the same reason that it is recommended to walk the pet in a quiet place or on a leash, otherwise it can easily get involved in some kind of brawl. Since the affenpinscher was removed as a Pied Piper, he would probably not tolerate the presence of hamsters, rats, decorative mice and other rodents in the house. Also get along very well with cats.


Affenpinschers are owners of a noisy, fun, playful and extremely mobile character. At the same time, because of their stubborn disposition, they are often difficult to train. To ensure that the pet is the best way to master all the teams, you will have to stock up with a lot of patience and tasty rewards, since affenpinschers are very «mercantile» in this regard.

For this breed, a large number of outdoor walks with a high level of physical activity is important. Those who have too little children, it is worth a little to delay with the acquisition of a dog affenpinscher breed, because it is not uncommon for a child to accidentally step on or sit down on a dog, and that in response bites or scratches the baby.

In general, affenpinchers perfectly get along in fact in any family, becoming favorites and the center of attention of children and adults. Animals like communication very much, and they are ready to play and have fun from morning till night, but they endure loneliness and indifferent attitude with great difficulty.


To the strangers affenpinchers are treated with great vigilance, and for family members are ready to stand with a mountain. By the way, with the monkeys of the representatives of this breed are related not only the general features of the appearance, but also the ability to climb trees, as well as fences and bushes. Being born mountaineers, dogs can overcome an obstacle above 1.5 meters in height, and this despite their more than modest growth.

Care and nutrition affenpinschera

Care affenpinchera very simple and straightforward. For complete happiness, pets need regular walks, attention, full nutrition and weekly combing. Despite the fact that it is quite difficult and expensive to buy an affenpinscher, the dog costs quite a bit in keeping, because it is distinguished by strong health and extreme vivacity.


To address to the veterinarian it is necessary only in the event that the pet has received a trauma because of the irrepressible character and excessive curiosity. Bath affenpinschera is not more often than once in ten days with special shampoos designed for rocks with hard wool. Also, animals can sometimes wipe their eyes with a cotton swab dipped in a weak tea brew and brush their teeth.

Ears are cleaned with a damp cloth several times a month. After walking in the cold season or in rainy weather, it is worth to wash the pet’s paws and clean the muzzle and wool from dirt and dust. Affenpinschers are very unpretentious in food, and they can be fed both with natural food and with balanced fodder. It is recommended to exclude from the diet of their pets flour, spicy dishes, smoked meat, raw pork, potatoes, beans and to minimize the consumption of salt and sugar.


Affenpinscher puppies

Vegetables, cereals, cottage cheese, fruit and meat are the best products for affenpinchers, except for semolina and millet. The average life expectancy of the breed is approximately eleven to twelve years.

Price of affenpinscher

The price of affenpinscher today is quite high, because the breed is considered rare, and the female brings in one pregnancy usually one to three puppies. At the moment the affine puppy puppy with a good pedigree and all necessary documents from official breeders can be purchased at a price of 30,000 Russian rubles and above. In the Internet and «with hands» the cost of thoroughbred affection starts at the mark of 17 000 rubles.

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