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Brabanson dog. Description, features, leaving and price of breed

The dog with slightly exotic and easy look already throughout a long time enjoys general love. In parallel with the person the dog Brabanson for many years was engaged in self-improvement and development in the course of evolution.


At the moment such unique and unique representatives of the dog world are integrated under the general name a griffon Brabanson. The breed homeland Brabanson is Belgium and today the similar version is considered the smallest of all community of griffons.

Character and features of breed

At the official level this lovely breed of dog most often is called pt Brabanson . Small Brabanson  originates during a Middle Ages era therefore absolutely no wonder that heredity of these delightful creations is presented in the form of sets of different blood.

Their marvelous image served as inspiration for many artists of Renaissance who with great pleasure drew strange beings on the cloths.


On a photo dog of breed barbanson

For the reason that people who the first were engaged in cultivation of this surprising breed, didn’t keep accounts, today the uniform theory which fully could tell where and under what circumstances there was a breed barbanson, doesn’t exist.

These four-footed pets, for quite short period became objects of undisguised interest and sincere admiration from many monarchs. The similar attention of most august persons formed a basis for further promoting of breed.

Literally for some years practically all representatives of nobility of Foggy Albion considered for need to have near themselves such wire-haired pet. Charming doggies became constant and integral companions of women of fashion.


On a photo barbanson

At the end of the 18th century the griffon, for the first time became the participant of an exhibition where made the real furor. This event served as a starting point in further mass cultivation of this freakish breed.

During World War II these beautiful kids appeared on the verge of total disappearance. As the main representatives concentrated in Belgium by the end 45-го years of a pta of a brabansona practically disappeared.

After war in result of various selection completions and genetic sovershenstvovaniye there were griffons whom conditionally divided into 3 look:

  • the Belgian griffon – black color with rather long wool;
  • the Bruxelles griffon – a dog of a red color with dense, long wool;
  • a sleek-haired species of a dog with a black or reddish color.


The 19th century is considered the official period when pt Brabanson , by means of monarchical blessing I became not simply a dog, and the present business card of Belgium.

Despite of enough active lifestyle, the pet has no tendency to bother the owner, giving preferences to unostentatious contemplation and remote control of the events around.

To this breed special degree of suspiciousness which in many respects is necessary desire to learn environment is characteristic. As already earlier it was told to these four-footed prankishes the monkey muzzle by which mimicry it is possible to determine an internal spirit of a pet unmistakably is inherent.

Pti barbanson in relation to other dogs is very reserved and in most cases even is tolerant. Cats to whom at these dogs quite quiet perception, and in special cases between them can arise even friendship also can count on the special relation.


Brabanson the good little rodents hunter and, despite the modest sizes the responsible security guard. Accompanying the owner everywhere, this is an interesting dog becomes object of general admiration and genuine curiosity.

The following regularity is interesting that at appearance of the new person, the little security guard will show at first special vigilance and even suspiciousness, but after a while, having got used to the stranger, will generously present it with the arrangement.

Description of breed barbanson (requirements to standards)

Despite the small size, at a dog quite athletic constitution. Thus It should be noted especially that the breed of dog in itself barbanson differs in quite peaceful temperament.


Being quite devoted dog, vital activity and total absence of any signs of aggression or various manifestations testifying to unbalance of character is peculiar to her.

Physical parameters of a pta of a brabanson can slightly vary and this feature, is in many respects caused by heredity and specifics of selection works.

Many experts recommend strongly to examine previously upon purchase of puppies of a brabanson parents. In the absence of opportunity directly to see parents, the option is possible will examine a photo of the father and mother. According to standard indicators the dog has to have weight from 4 to 6 kg.

The description of a brabanson needs to be begun with the head which in relation to a body is quite big size. Thus for a muzzle characteristic features peculiar to many primacies are inherent.


On a muzzle there is a nose of a roundish form with obviously expressed nostrils. Widely placed expressive eyes of a roundish form. On the head there are triangular ears which are slightly broken closer to a top and lowered to a muzzle.

If ears are stopped then they have an upright and peaked appearance. Well developed case with rather powerful breast passing in rather small on length, but a massive neck in volume.

The body of a dog is quite organically developed on the relation to brawny extremities. The tip of a tail is slightly inclined to a neck. The dog of a pta barbanson possesses well developed wool which length doesn’t exceed 2 cm.

Color range can vary from black to a red shade. Especially it is necessary to allocate that at this breed the black color of a mask on a muzzle remains, isn’t dependent on primary color of wool.


Leaving and maintenance of a brabanson

Pti brabansona aren’t whimsical in leaving. They will be ideal partners for the bachelors living in small apartments. As any dog, pta barbanson needs the high-quality and balanced food.

According to experts because of tendency to excess weight the food allowance has to be based on a dry feed. It is necessary to exclude feeding by fried or smoked food.

Water procedures need to be carried out as required. Abuse of this process can cause attacks of an itch or emergence of dandruff in a dog. Due to the evolutionary features the dog has a tendency to various eye disease therefore each 7 – 8 months it is desirable to visit the veterinarian.


On a photo puppy of a brabanson

The special attention should be paid to regular weighing for control of body weight. Daily walks, and also as much as possible active lifestyle will only promote strengthening of health.

Price of a brabanson and responses of owners

To get this miracle of the pet doesn’t make big work as breed of a pta barbanson is rather widespread in all territory of the CIS countries. Practically in any city it is possible to buy a brabanson.

Price range can fluctuate from 350 to 1200 dollars. On the Internet there are numerous photos of a brabanson with the detailed description of physical parameters.

Noting responses of owners of this breed of dog it is possible to note that dogs perfectly get on with other animals, don’t impose the attention. The only minus is an excessive suspiciousness.

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